How to Make Love to a Cougar

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Many men have fantasies about being with older women, and there are probably good reasons for that. They are comfortable with their bodies; they have reached their sexual peak, and they want to be with a young, hot man who doesn’t have a beer belly, 2 ex-wives and back full of hair. This could be your lucky day! When older women get together with younger men, they are going to expect certain things when it comes to sex. Here are some tips on having great sex with a cougar.

Your sexual appetites are on the same level

This is probably the best news you’ve heard in your life. When you were 17 and dating a 16-year-old, you may have made out a lot, but the sex probably sucked (at least for her it did). A few quick thrusts just won’t cut it with older women, but the good news is that women only reach their sexual peaks in their 30s. So, if you manage to get with a cougar at the right stage in your life and in hers, both of you will never want to get out of bed.

The fact is, women in their 30s are primed for good sex. They feel sexy, like their bodies, and have learned what turns them on and what doesn’t. And you can be sure that doing it in your parents’ basement isn’t going to get an older woman hot and horny. You’ve got to try a little harder than that. But the good news for you men who are in your early 20s is that you will never have firmer erections than you do right now, so you’d better put them to good use.

She’s experienced

Unlike your young teenage girlfriend that you deflowered after the high school prom, you most likely won’t be encountering any cougars that aren’t at least a little experienced in the sexual department. And too many men are intimidated by this. You shouldn’t be! It’s about time a woman showed you what feels good to her in the bedroom, and chances are good that what feels good to her will simply blow your mind.

Say goodbye to the 2-minute man, and hello to the Tantric man that can make love for hours. But remember, not all older women want to have sex for hours. Quickies are good too, but you will have to read her body to know what she wants from you. You need to learn her style of lovemaking and that means paying attention to something more than just her vagina. Learn to make love to her breasts and drown yourself in her during oral sex. If she touches your anus as you are about to come, you will know that this cougar knows a few tricks of her own, and that you can learn from her.

Emotional maturity

Another benefit to having sex with older women is that they are on an entirely different emotional level than young women are. While the running joke about cougars is that they want to get their claws in you to make you commit, many of them are just out to make an intimate connection with someone. Great sex is one way of doing it. Unless she’s got baggage like ex-husbands and children at home, chances are very good that she just wants to have sex with a young hot stud who will make her feel beautiful and desirable. You’ve been waiting your whole life for women to want to have sex with you, so take advantage of this situation!

Sexual positions with older women

Unless you are some kind of Latin boy-wonder who has mastered the best sexual techniques by the age of 19, you might want to experiment with sexual positions that put her in control. Older women know what they want, what feels good to them, and what it takes to reach orgasm. Don’t simply lie on top of her, twitch a few times, and consider yourself a sex god.

When she tells you to drop your pants, you should drop your pants. If she tells you to masturbate for her, don’t blush and shy away, touch yourself and jerk off like you would if she wasn’t there. And when the time comes to have sex with her, you might want to try out a few positions that involve her being on top. That way, you can enjoy the view and she can enjoy being in control and doing whatever it takes to bring both her and you to orgasm.

With her on top, you can feel free to touch her breasts or grab her bottom when you want to pull her closer. She can lean forward and grind into you for full clitoral stimulation, or she can lean back and massage her clitoris by herself. But whatever you do stay in the game, don’t prematurely ejaculate or she won’t be a happy camper.

What else?

Now that you know all the important information about having sex with older women, you can take this advice to heart the next time an older woman gives you the eye in a bar. Don’t shy away from cougars because your friends think older women are just interested in commitment. The sex you will have with an older woman is probably way better than the sex your friends are having with their 18-year-old girlfriends. Experience, combined with the desire to have great sex is an excellent combination of traits for anyone to have.

But here’s the trick. While you may know how to have great sex with an older woman, you have to first find one that wants to have sex with you!

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