Make Love: Slowly but Burely

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Make love. Slowly but confident …on you that you will make her happy. A very common bad faith about erotic life of a couple is that programmed sex acts are not of high quality or that they are not as intriguing as the spontaneous ones. It is time to give up this myth and to find out the truth…

Step 1. Prepare the room

Women are particularly sensitive to ambient. It is an essential element because for her to relax and live the pleasure. Buy her favorite flowers, plus a minimum of 10 red roses. Put the flowers strategically for her to see them, and the petals from the roses press on the bed clothing. Light some scented candles or an aromatherapy lamp (ylang-ylang, orange, rose, etc.). Also prepare specially for this occasion a CD of music in which romantic songs alternate with the passionate ones.

Step 2. Prelude by the book…

The aim of this method is to aware transform the sexual energy into affective energy, in feelings of joy, happiness and fulfillment. Karezza is also recommended in the cases of premature ejaculation, one of its main benefits being the obtaining of a good control of the ejaculation.

“The erotic act has two functions: to unite the souls and to reproduce bodies – and for these two functions there are two types of sexual mergers: the merger of Karezza type for deep love and the merger of regular orgasmic- type for physical procreation. Do not make the mistake to use the second in the place of the first… There are biological reasons to assume that the mysterious functions of feeding and rejuvenation of the sexual act are the oldest and probably the most important functions, preceding a long, long reproductive function”, says Dr. Lloyd.

Step 3. Do slooow movements…

Very slow moves lead to the establishing of a very high emotional and energetic exchange, the obtaining of a total relaxation – physical, mental, emotional, the increase of privacy, the expressing of emotions. Stop concentrating mainly on what happens to the sexual organs, but on what you feel in your soul. Making love so, you can prolong the erotic as much as you want.

After studies of the Austrian psychiatrist Rudolf von Urban (and published in the paper Sex Perfection), an erotic act that lasts less than 30 minutes and finalizes with ejaculation increases the tension in the entire body, even if removes tension from the sexual organs. Von Urban claims that an erotic act is necessary to take a minimum of 30 minutes and not to be completed with ejaculation for it to produce a profound relaxation of the whole body, the increase of feelings of affection, the appearance of the state of happiness and fulfillment of the two lovers.

Step 4. Give her precedence in what you can do together

“As the man rises more above the mere sexual desire towards the delicious perfection of the romantic love, the easier, more natural and without effort gets control in Karezza (see below), reducing the likelihood of failure; and the more the woman loves her man, the more she helps him to improve and to control the sexual strength” claims Dr. Lloyd in the paper” The Karezza Method “. Remember, starting from this moment that love is and will remain the main element of the success of a couple in any area in life

The KAREZZA method

Oriental sexology talks about a method which, together with techniques practiced in yoga (hatha yoga), gives very good results in controlling the ejaculation (sexual continence). Karezza is a word of Italian origin (“caress”) which comes from the Latin carus (“dear, precious”).

It is a love method which involves a slow (very slow!) way to make love. Relaxation breaks are recommended, the sexual organs staying connected and continuing with the tender touches and kisses.

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