Making The Most Of Break Up Sex

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It’s finally done. It’s finally over. The date has arrived for the break up that has been building for weeks. Mentally and emotionally – you are so ready. But what about sexually? Are you ready to face the fact that the two of you will never sleep together again? As the song goes, breaking up is hard to do. However, it becomes even harder when your sexual appetite gets involved. Is break up sex worth it? In most cases it is, but in others – no way! What you need to know is how to approach this very delicate matter in order to make the most of break up sex and your final performance in bed with a woman.

In reality, break up sex can be one of two things. It can mean having sex with the intention of breaking up afterwards, or it can mean the coming together of two recent ex’s for one final experience of sexual satisfaction together. Both of these encounters can become fairly complicated and problematic if they are not negotiated very carefully.

The first factor to consider before planning to engage in break up sex is the nature of the break up and previous relationship. A wild, steamy sexual relationship that lasted a few weeks or months is very conducive to break up sex. Both parties know that sex was at the top of the agenda during the relationship, and that one last romp may serve as a final farewell performance. However, if the relationship was longer term and aspects of love and serious commitment were involved, break up sex can be a much more dangerous undertaking.

In either case, break up sex should only be entered into if both parties recognize it as sex, and only sex. If one party confuses the break up sex with make up sex, than the entire encounter will cause way more trouble than it is worth. So how do you approach the topic of break up sex with the recently or soon-to-be departed girlfriend?

Here’s one approach. If there are discussions of a break up or separation, throw out some hints for just one more roll in the hay together. Don’t confuse her by indicating that you want it to be an ongoing or long term thing, but suggest that a quick physical bout of satisfaction sure would be a great way to end the affair. Be sure to pay attention to her signals, if she seems angered by the suggestion – drop it. But if she seems at all amused, it is probably safe to further pursue the topic of break up sex.

In most cases break ups are a one-sided encounter, and this may make the topic of sex somewhat more problematic. If it is you initiating the break up, plan ahead. Try to make it quick and painless and talk about your future as friends. Pick an appropriate time and date when she will not feel vulnerable, i.e. not her birthday or the day she got fired from her job. As for the venue, a public place can is probably the easiest for you. However, in order to spare her feelings, you might want to let her down easy at her house. The in-house break up can also easily facilitate “getting down” immediately prior to, or following, the break up.

There are several potential reactions that a girl may have to the break up – some are break up sex friendly, and others are not. For example, if she is in shock or denial, there may be a small window for a final sexual encounter. Unwilling to accept the fact that it is over, she may desperately want to prove herself to you one more time. This is a tricky situation. It could turn out to be the hottest sex of your entire affair; however it also has the potential to only make things worse for you in the days to follow. Proceed with caution.

If your ex shows signs of anger or immediate sadness or depression, sex is probably the best option at that point in time. Give her a day or two, and then send a sexy email or voice message. Reminder that the end of the relationship is the best thing for both of you, then drop a hint about how much you will miss her hot bod. If you are lucky, she will realize that a final steamy session of break up sex may provide closure and help the healing process of the relationship.

The best opportunity for break up sex comes when there is acceptance and understanding on the part of both people. If you are both mature to realize that you learned something from one another or that you just had a good time and were not meant to be together in the long run, your break up will likely be very conducive to a final farewell performance in the bedroom. In fact, the understanding shared in the relationship may even lead to several break up sex encounters! If you are lucky, the two of you could form a casual “sex friend” bond down the road – but if you are not, casual sex may create future confusion over the real feelings involved in the relationship. Be careful not to ruin an open and understanding relationship with an ex just because she is as horny as you are! Make the most of break up sex, and choose an appropriate time to move on – completely.

Unless the woman you are dating is unusually accepting and understanding she will likely not have a good reaction if you chose to initiate break up sex immediately prior to dumping her. She may feel used, hurt and angry. So test the waters and figure out if she is the kind of girl who can handle an easy split and a satisfying recovery, or if she will be high maintenance and unforgiving in the wake of the break up. It is never a bad idea to wait a few days before suggesting the idea of break up sex to an ex. Letting the bad news sink in might help her to realize that it is really not such bad news after all. Who knows, she might even have time to make plans for a session of break up sex of her own!

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