Man-Made Sexual Aphrodisiacs

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If you have ever wondered what an aphrodisiac can do for you, then you just found the right article. Aphrodisiacs have been around for centuries, mostly in the form of herbal or animal remedies. But times change, and as science advanced beyond the leech-phase, medicine has been developed that helps to enhance pleasure, without requiring you to buy a pestle and mortar to grind up your very own personal supply of rhino tusk.

This article will focus on some of the most commonly consumed man-made aphrodisiacs. What they are, what they do, and why you should or shouldn’t use them. So whether or not you need to boost your mojo today or tomorrow, this article will try to give you the low-down on what keeps you up.

What Are They?

Named after the ancient Greek God Aphrodite, aphrodisiacs are designed with one specific purpose: to get your motor running (again!). In general, most who sell them usually claim they offer increased pleasure, performance, and desire. But the underlying goal of aphrodisiacs is to reignite passion, so that your body can get back to business as quickly as possible. This is why aphrodisiacs can range from everything from a poem to a potion, as lovers will try anything to increase their ardor.

What Do They Do?

Aphrodisiacs can be broken down into some pretty basic categories: animal, mineral, and other. Animal is a category that often contains animal components that are supposed to increase sexual drive, usually for men. The animal in question is often either very strong (Rhino, Tiger, etc.) or it physically resembles a sexual organ (oysters) or comes from the sea (birthplace of Aphrodite). Animals that tend to have voracious sexual appetites are also high on the list, like rabbits.

How they function is unclear, as most scientific studies draw no link whatsoever between ingesting animal parts and an increased libido. However, depending on the diet of the person ingesting the supplement, the increase in certain types of minerals and vitamins could lead to an increase in sexual performance.

That being said, most people these days have very healthy, well-balanced diets, so they wouldn’t derive a benefit from ingesting rhino horn. However, sexual performance has always been linked to the mind, so the powerful psychological effect of taking one of these aphrodisiacs shouldn’t be dismissed out of hand.

Mineral is a much larger category, and it includes many of the prescription drugs now available on the market (Viagra, Cialis, etc.). But before the pharmaceutical companies realized what a goldmine sexual performance drugs were, herbal medicines were there to offer people a wide range of options.

Ginseng was often touted as an aphrodisiac, and now it is used as an herb in everything from tea to chewing gum. There is also a plethora of ‘cures’ that involve potions and creams to be administered to the penis prior to sex, which are supposed to help stimulate an erection. Again, results vary from product to product, so you might have to try a few different types before you find one that works on your body.

Other covers everything from sexy music, scents, poetry, satin clothing, erotica, sex toys, and porn. If a couple begins to experience a cooling of their passion, they often turn to this category first. Setting the mood might become the prime way to increase desire, using candles and romantic music to create an atmosphere of sensuality.

Many will work their way through items in this category, as change itself can be a powerful aphrodisiac for many. Some might settle on a combination of new things, which might be enough of a shift in the regular pattern to help sustain a new freshness to the lovemaking for years to come. Again, there is no scientific study that will prove one method is better than the next, but the psychological effect of these changes and innovations can be very powerful.

How Do They Work?

As we mentioned above, depending on the category of aphrodisiac, the way it works on your body will vary. Animal parts and extracts tend to be related to the performance of the animal itself, its shape (rhino horn = penis) or its texture (oysters). Minerals and herbal remedies are usually shrouded in thousands of years of history and usage, so we normally just take their claims to be true. Items in the other category tend to appeal directly to the senses, often involving memory or fantasy.

While today’s pharmaceuticals tend to work in a more scientific manner, focusing on the body’s physiology in order to create a reaction. However, it is important to note that prescription drugs do not necessarily improve your passion. They are focused on helping the average man achieve an erection, leaving the sensuality, passion and foreplay up to you and your partner.

Here are a few common prescription medications that are designed to enhance male performance.


Touted as a remedy for erectile dysfunction (ED), Viagra was the first oral prescription drug on the market that helped men achieve an erection. Prior to Viagra, men who were incapable of achieving an erection (due to surgery, cancer, or injury) could get relief with something like Caverjet, which is directly injected into the penis and often works when pills won’t. Viagra works by opening blood vessels in the penis, allowing more blood to flow into the penis. The end result is a harder, longer erection, which usually kicks in about 30 minutes after the pill is taken. According to their website, Viagra works best when accompanied with sexual activity.


Cialis entered the market after Viagra, but it is holding its own against the first ED drug. Although they work in a similar way, Cialis claims that their drug lasts as long as 36 hours. The benefit here being that men won’t have to deal with performance anxiety heightened by time constraints if their partner does not want to make love 30 minutes after the pill is taken.

Final Thoughts

No matter which drug or remedy you decide to try, keep in mind that your state of mind prior to and during sex can make all the difference in the world in your ability to attain and maintain an erection. Unless you have a physical reason why you are having problems maintaining an erection, chances are a combination of stress, anxiety, and fear can lead to ED. Aphrodisiacs are there to help you with your performance before, during and after sex, and will help you to become a an overall better lover.

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