Massage Tips (for the man who wants to score brownie points)

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So you have a new girlfriend that you want to impress with your wonderful hands. Or perhaps you want to show your longtime lover that you still know how to use your hands to bring her pleasure. If that’s the case, you need to learn how to give a good massage.

Whereas the way to a man’s heart is through his stomach, the way getting inside a woman’s pants is through a relaxing back and body massage. Spending the time giving your girlfriend a massage shows her that you want to spend time with her and that you enjoy foreplay as much as she does.

The Tools You’ll Need

massage-girlfriendBefore you can even start, you will need to get a few massage essentials. Not lubricated condoms—massage oil! Using a lubricant to prepare the area for massage is key to giving a relaxing and sensual massage. You will want something that can be absorbed by the skin, but not too easily like hand lotion. Pick up a lightly scented massage oil that doesn’t smell like she just got back from a visit to the witch doctor. Something light smelling, but effective.

Next, you will need to set the mood. For this you will have to decide where you are going to give the massage. While a hard surface is better for her than anything (so as to adequately support her muscles), chances are not everyone has a massage table in their apartment. Instead, use something with a firm mattress so that you don’t end up applying too much pressure to certain joints and potentially causing damage. Fresh clean sheets first; then arrange various candles around the bedroom. Everyone looks better in soft candlelight.

After the candles are in place you will need to decide on some soft music to play in the background. Whatever is currently in your CD player probably won’t cut it—you’re trying to impress her and she’ll want to feel relaxed and sexy—so get rid of the 50 Cent and try some light jazz, or something in the neighborhood of Sade or Touch & Go. Have other things like a towel, a glass of water and a pillow ready for her as well.

The Massage

Ok, you’ve got oil, candles and music. Now you need to prep your hands so that you will be able to give her a massage she’ll never forget.

While there are different styles of massage, don’t get hung up on trying to master the Swedish massage or anything like that. Instead, just concentrate on providing pleasure to your partner. In short this means: massage muscle (not bones or kidneys); work large muscle groups (not that tiny muscle behind her ear); and use firm pressure (but don’t poke your fingers into her body).

You should target large muscle groups such as the neck, back, shoulders, legs and even bum because this is the way to relieve the most stress while avoiding potential damage to small nerves and muscles. Use your entire hand, not just the tips of your fingers. Your best bet is to begin with the shoulders and then work your way down, perhaps leaving her buttocks for the grand finale. Or if she’s not a butt girl, then massage her feet. The feet are often neglected when it comes to nice relaxing massages, so surprise her by spending some time down there too.

But, if your “victim” is willing, skip the foot massage and go straight for the naked body massage. Of course this will depend on your relationship, but chances are, if the two of you are interested in each other and this isn’t your first date, what started out as an “innocent” back massage might turn into a naked oily body rub. Plus, if she’s naked it just makes your job of giving her a wonderful massage that much easier.

The Movements

Once you’ve prepared the body for the massage, start with the “fan stroke”—and no, this isn’t a style of masturbation! It’s the gentle touch that helps to prepare the body for a deeper massage. With you sitting astride your girl, place the palms of your hands flat on either side of the spine above the hips. Then, using light pressure, slide your hands (they should slide easily if you’ve applied lube) forward until you reach the shoulder blades.

From there, slide your hands back down near the rib cage until you are back in the position you started in. Repeat this a few times and then move on to a more vigorous rub. You can also use this technique if the person you’re massaging is lying on their back. If this is the case, apply less pressure because she probably won’t want you massaging her heart or stomach…but breasts, well, that might be okay. If fact, this technique also works well on the butt.

There are a million other massage techniques that you could learn, but the overall trick is to be gentle, yet firm. When starting off, don’t immediately apply firm pressure. You need to allow her time to get used to your hands and the way they move on her muscles. Start out with gentler, softer movements.

Once her body is used to your hands and the attention you are giving her, you can begin to knead her muscles. But since this is a rather vigorous rub, don’t do it for long periods of time. And follow it with the gentle touch you started the massage with.

Avoid placing pressure on her spine which will likely cause her pain and worst-case scenario, permanent neurological damage. Not a good way to impress her.

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