Mending Your Broken Heart

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Mending Your Broken Heart

Are you lonesome tonight? Did the love of you life get up and leave? Or maybe she just wants a time out? No matter what your particular situation might be, chances are you are currently nursing a nasty broken heart. Let’s face it – nothing hurts more than a broken heart. It doesn’t get easier with age, and if it happens too often some of us get a little gun-shy about dating.

An optimist might say – good! A broken heart shows that you have the capacity to fall in love, to feel love, and to understand what it means when love goes away. But everybody hates those people, and nothing anyone says to you right now will make you feel better. But break ups are not all gloom and doom, and there are ways to mend your broken heart so you can move on with your life.

This article will explore ways to cure the blues, patch up your broken heart, and help you move past your failed relationship. So keep reading and try out some of these tips – all guaranteed to work! But if they don’t work, at the very least they will distract you for the next ten minutes.

Remember The Good Times AND The Bad Times

Feeling maudlin? Lots of people gravitate to the photo album when they get dumped – and why not? All of your favorite memories are stored there. Videos, DVDs, jpeg files – yes – each one more poignant then the last. But wait a minute.

What about the times that weren’t so great? Where are those pictures? So your first tip is to remember the good and the bad, as you might soon realize that they love of your life probably had a few flaws. And the chances are your relationship was in trouble, and you may have been overlooking all the problems that led to the break up.

Time Heals Most, If Not All, Wounds

Every one of your friends will be sympathetic to your plight, followed by offering you the classic advice – “eventually you will feel better.” As bad as that advice is when you are drunk and crying your eyes out, those friends of yours are right.

Every day that slides by will take some of the pain with it, and eventually you will wake up and feel normal. You might even get to the point where you wonder why the hell you wasted so much time being depressed about her, but that stage might take some time.

Do Not Become A Lonely Hermit!

Fight the urge to sit alone in your dark apartment, nursing your wounds with 80s love songs, Meg Ryan or Hugh Grant movies, and a big bottle(s) of your favorite beverage. Even though you feel like crap and the last thing you want to do is explain to al of your friends what happened, consider going out.

Even if it’s just for a walk to buy more booze, get out of your house. Getting away from the memories and pictures will help you get back to that normal place where you need to be.

Clean Up The Clutter

Some guys like to burn all pictures of their exes, while others like to post the racier ones online. Clearing out those memories is a good way to visually change you environment, and to help shift your focus off of what you have lost. Rather than burning them, you might want to pack the pictures and other memorabilia away in a closet.

Who knows? One day you might be able to look back at that time in your life without feeling the pain. So don’t do anything drastic that will only make you feel worse somewhere down the line.

Change Your State Of Mind

Feeling sad can lead to depression, which will only make things worse. Try getting mad. Try going to the gym. Try anything; just don’t sit around feeling sorry for yourself. Yes, there are plenty of fish in the sea, so odds are you will one day meet another love of your life.

So your sadness at losing her should be replaced with a ‘screw you’ attitude. Nothing violent, but try and turn your heartache into something more productive.

Hang Out With People Who Care About You

Your friends and family will always be there for you, and now is the time when you should lean on them for support. They will listen to you if you go on and on about wanting her back, but don’t torture them with a never ending series of ‘why?’ or ‘why me?’ We all know how much it sucks, but nobody needs to hear about it repeatedly. But hang with your friends, let them try and cheer you up, listen to their stories of heartbreak and recovery – all of it will do you good.

Go Ahead And Cry

Guys often take the high road emotionally, but letting it out every now and then can be very cathartic. So don’t feel bad about having at least one emotional meltdown, but don’t end it by calling her at 4 AM.

Fate, Anyone?

As corny as it might sound right now, maybe this has happened for a reason. Maybe she really isn’t the right person for you, or vice versa. So mourning over something that wasn’t meant to be might not be such a good game plan, especially if you ever want to meet the person you were meant to be with.


Instead of renting sappy, sad chick-flicks, go get some funny movies and get drunk with your friends. Laughter cures all evils, and it will help distract you from your current situation.

Get Back In Circulation

You don’t want to rebound your way right into another relationship, but some good clean fun might just be what they doctor ordered. Start looking around, check out the local dating scene, and find out what you need to do in order to get back into circulation. Walk before you run, but don’t waste years mourning about the one that got away.

Final Thoughts

Broken hearts suck, but they get better and they get wiser. So don’t be afraid to fall in love again because it is pretty sweet when it works. And if heartbreak is a potential side effect, just know that if you survived it once you can survive it again – but here’s hoping that the next time it lasts forever.

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