Multiple Orgasms for Men

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Multiple Orgasms for Men

It’s common knowledge that women can, and often do, have multiple orgasms during sex. The female clitoris is a magical mound of pleasurable nerve endings that allow women to come over and over again. This is one of the reasons women have been deemed “insatiable” throughout history.

Watching your girlfriend have orgasm after orgasm has probably got you both jealous and curious. Can men have multiple orgasms too? What techniques are involved in the quest for continuous pleasure? Read on to find out more about how you can control your ejaculation in order to enjoy multiple or continuous orgasms too.

Getting to know your body

Many people wonder whether men can have multiple orgasms, or whether this is just another sexual myth. After all, most people associate male orgasms with ejaculation—once you’ve “shot your load,” it’s pretty much over and you aren’t going to have any more orgasms at that particular moment. Women, on the other hand, can experience several orgasms during intercourse. In order for men to have multiple orgasms, they need to reach their climax without ejaculating. This is where the issue of male multiple orgasms gets tricky, since most men are unaware of how having an orgasm can occur without ejaculating.

According to certified Tantric Instructor Mare Simone, the key to having orgasms without ejaculation is through adopting a particular style of lovemaking called Tantric sex. So, rather than a man climaxing once during sex, “Tantric practices offer a man the ability to maintain a level of heightened arousal with numerous peaks and multiple dimensions of exhilarating pleasure” (Mare Simone). And rather than feeling exhausted after sex, multiple male orgasms through Tantric sex can leave you feeling energetic and revived.

How to have multiple orgasms

According to Eastern sexual philosophy, it is possible for most men to have multiple orgasms. However, it probably won’t come to you as easily as multiple orgasms come to most women. In order for men to have multiple orgasms, a change in the way they view sex and climaxing is required. Often, both men and women are consumed with the need and desire to ejaculate during sex, and this is the focus of their lovemaking. Multiple orgasms through Tantric sex techniques will shift your focus to full-body pleasure that comes through withholding ejaculation. Most importantly, you need to be able to separate ejaculation from orgasms.

There are several stages involved in learning to have multiple orgasms. Called the “Sexual Arousal Cycle,” this includes the “Excitement Phase,” the “Plateau Phase,” the “Orgasm Phase,” and the “Resolution Phase.” The basic premise of men learning to experience multiple orgasms comes through withholding ejaculation. In order to do this, you must learn to stop yourself from coming and reduce your stimulation before you ejaculate. Once you have composed yourself, you continue to have sexual intercourse, increasing your pleasure until you are about to ejaculate again. You must postpone ejaculating again, using your PC muscles to gain control over your arousal.

Learning to breathe again

Tantric experts will advise you that breathing exercises are an important part of learning to withhold ejaculation. Here are some breathing tips so that you too can experience multiple orgasms.

First, you need to be in a comfortable seating position with your shoulders relaxed. Placing your hands on your stomach below your belly button, you should inhale deeply through your nose, followed by a full exhalation. If you are doing this correctly, it will feel like your pelvis and testicles are moving up somewhat. Repeat your breathing exercises frequently, as only practice makes perfect.

Find your PC muscle

Second, you need to acquaint yourself with your PC (pubococcygeus) muscle. You’ve likely used your PC muscle many times for other things, but not for sex. For example, ever made your erection move simply by squeezing a muscle? Well, that’s the PC muscle. Or perhaps you’ve managed to stop yourself from urinating mid-way through the process. This requires a developed PC muscle. However, you can also use it to slow down or stop ejaculation in order to prolong sex and enhance the likelihood that you will have multiple orgasms.

A good way to practice using your PC muscle to prolong ejaculation is through masturbation. Finally, you’ve got a legitimate reason to get yourself off! While masturbating, you should try to stop before reaching your orgasm by using your PC muscle. Keep repeating this—the longer you prolong this, the better your orgasms will be in the end. However, you also have to stay in tune with the greater state of your sexual arousal and feelings. Then, once you start masturbating again and are about to ejaculate, hold it in (using that well-developed PC muscle). You will likely still feel very stimulated and you can keep masturbating until you reach another orgasm. Again, you should try to use your PC muscle to stop from ejaculating, resulting in multiple orgasms without being spent from “spilling your seed.”

Benefits of multiple orgasms

Being able to have multiple orgasms as a man is a remarkable feat. It will elevate you into the same category as Sting, whose sexual prowess has women aching to be with him. Better yet, you will be able to have several orgasms in one sitting. No more waiting to get another erection so you can go at it again. Practicing so that you will be able to have multiple orgasms is also a good way deal with premature ejaculation. Some men have difficulty with coming too quickly, so practicing your breathing exercises combined with flexing those PC muscles will definitely benefit you in this area.

Perhaps the most important benefit of being able to have multiple orgasms is knowing you are in full control of your body, and can make it behave exactly as desired. Women will be impressed with your ability to have sex for more than 10 minutes; in fact, proper techniques will allow you to have sex for hours, if you desire.

Finally, having multiple orgasms will mean that you and your girlfriend are finally even. She won’t be the only one writhing on the bed in ecstasy any more. Learning how to perfect Tantric exercises such as breathing and PC muscle development will make your lovemaking that much better. So what have you got to lose?

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