New Year’s Eve For Lovers

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If you have been dating or married for longer then a year, then the chances are you might be considering a romantic New Year’s Eve this year. Nesting is all the rage these days, as more and more couples turn to the home as their prime entertainment site. And New Year’s Eve is no exception, as couples would rather plan a romantic night together, as opposed to shelling out $1000 to get drunk with a bunch of strangers at a bar. This article will give you some tips, advice, and suggestions on how to bring your new year in with a bang… and some romance!

Convincing Her This Is A Good Idea

You might have the kind of partner who likes the idea of staying in, so she will probably jump at the idea you propose. However, if you are with a party-girl, then you might need to do a little convincing. Here are the main arguments you should use:

If she wants to go out…

  • Remind her about all the bad New Year’s parties you have been to over the years.
  • Cost savings. Most clubs charge you triple on New Year’s Eve for the same thing you get the other 364 nights.
  • Getting there and getting home. Taxis are hard to get after midnight on New Year’s Eve, and drunk driving is not an option.
  • No matter what party you choose, it rarely meets your high expectations of the night and there are always people there you loathe.
  • If you go to a club, bar, or party, you are stuck there for the night.
  • Vicious Jan. 1 hangover.

Why you should stay in…

  • Private and romantic.
  • You control the location and price.
  • No strangers, only lovers.
  • No weather worries.
  • Sex and nudity opportunities!
  • What you see is what you get! So your expectations are not raised too high by New Year’s Eve hype.

What To Do At Home…

Dinner And A Movie
Although you may watch a lot of films most of the year, you can still take this as an option for New Year’s Eve. Pick out a very romantic movie to go along with a very romantic meal. Make a special dinner, not the usual fare. Try cooking the meal together and make sure you set the table and dress appropriately. Don’t sit in front of the TV eating pizza! Treat this like a romantic date, and make sure you buy her some sexy lingerie to wear after dinner! When you pop in her favorite Hugh Grant film, she will be ready for anything by the time the credits roll!

Nothing But Sex!
For those who crave the carnal, then you should propose a night of sex games – truly bringing in the New Year with a bang! Your goal here should be focused on romance and sex, with an eye to the new. So forget your standard tricks, try some new sex positions to spice things up. You should also forgo lights, and rely on candles and firelight. For the truly adventurous, spread out a plastic tarp and cover it in olive oil. Or maybe a bathtub full of jello? Or why not reenact sex scenes from classic movies? The possibilities are endless, so use your imagination.

Hot Tub Fun!
Rent a hot tub and spend your night naked under the stars! About every 20 minutes you can run and jump into the snow, refresh your drinks, and have a bathroom break. For a little different variety, try renting a sauna.

Indoor-Outdoor Combo
There are lots of ways to have a great night at home utilizing both the indoors and outdoors of your home.

Outdoors: Snowshoeing, bonfire, cross country skiing, snowmobiling, skating, walking, and mountain-biking. You can always rent equipment you need, but buying her the equipment might be a nice touch.

Indoors: Roast marshmallows, watch DVDs, dance, Jacuzzi tub, hot chocolate, sexy lingerie – his and hers, and body massages. Surprise her with a sexy gift, and give it to her at midnight.

Small Party
Whether you plan on a party for two, or for a group of close friends, your home is the perfect location. Buy some cool party favors, or come up with a theme (ex. Pimps & Hos). Use your iPod to set up a cool music mix, or have your guests each bring a 30 minute selection. Have a potluck dinner so you don’t get stuck with all the cooking and costs, and then enjoy a great night with your best friends. During dinner you can all explain what New Year’s resolution you are going to attempt this year, and at midnight you can all toast each other. The best part is you do not have to worry about how you will be getting home later. You might also consider lighting off fireworks at midnight, if they are legal in your area.

Times Square & TV
Another tradition is to watch the New Year ring in on the television. Although you might not think it, this is how most people spend their New Year’s Eve. The classic is Dick Clark’s New Year’s Rockin’ Eve, but there is usually something on every channel. You might also want to consider buying each other a small gift, one that has significance for the New Year. Then at midnight, exchange the gift, a kiss, and hopefully a lot more!

Games People Play
Whether you have a small get together, or if it just you and your partner, games can make for a fun night. Boards and card games are the standard, but you might also want to consider an MMORPG (massive multiplayer online role-playing game) that you would set-up for you and your friends.

Final Thoughts

You don’t have to feel like a loser if you stay in this New Year’s Eve. And if you decide to invite a few friends over, you will be surprised just how many of them agree with your assessment of how bad those expensive New Year’s bar or club parties always end up being. You always end up spending a fortune, and all you have to show for it is a bad hangover the next day. So start the new trend this year, and make the transition to 2007 from your home, rather than a club.

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