Noisy Sex: Your Guide To Success Within Earshot

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Most of us know what its like to be the victim of noisy sex neighbors – frustrating. The panting, the moaning, the banging of the headboard against the wall – it’s enough to make you want to move your place of residence. But they say “if you can’t beat ‘em join ‘em”, and in this case they’re right! You too can enjoy fantastically noisy sex by mastering your own noise factor, becoming familiar with the types of sex noises that women make, and learning how to encourage sexy sounds from your partners. Before long, you will be the host of the noisiest nights of sex on the block, and your nasty neighbors will be the ones wanting to move out.

The first key to noisy success is knowing your own sex sounds and sex noise preferences. For example, do you like slow, quiet, intimate sex? Or loud, boisterous and rambunctious fornication? The good news is that it’s okay to like both. However, when it comes to perfecting the latter, it may take a little more practice. As your sex life develops with time, different partners, or experimentation, your capacity for sex noise may also change. Maybe your grunting will increase in volume, your moaning will increase in frequency, or your desire to create those fantastic skin-slapping sounds will develop into a full fledged fetish!

Regardless of these noisy (and nosy) details, it is always important to know yourself and your own capacity and preference for sexual sound. It is also crucial to be aware of your comfort level with women, and how that affects your sex noise factor. You may find that when you are at your most comfortable, your sexual volume is at its highest. Alternately, you might realize that your most intimate sexual experiences occur in virtual silence, with your most favorite lower. Whatever your personal sex noise factors are, there is something else you must always take into consideration – your partner’s sex noise factor.

No matter how many women you have been with, you can never predict a woman’s range of sexual sounds. So what’s the secret to interpreting the sexy noises that women make? First of all, you need to learn to listen very, very carefully. Is her moaning coming from deep inside? Does she seem conscious of making such sexy noises? Do her noises change when you shift positions and try different maneuvers?

Remember that when women are really enjoying sex they usually can’t stop themselves from making sexy noises, even if it is the quietest of moaning. Sometimes they are not always conscious of making noise, or they are shy about sexy sound-making – and that is where you come in. As you learn about women’s noises, you can also learn to encourage them.

Some women are naturally very “low volume” lovers. However, others just need a little encouragement in order to realize their own capacity for sexy noise making. Encouraging noise from a woman requires that you manage your own sex sounds and bring them as closely in tune with hers as possible.

You might gradually increase you own noise level as the encounter heats up, and allow her to follow suit. Or you could be more obvious, and simply declare your interest in hearing her communicate her enjoyment. No matter how you get her moaning and groaning, chances are that once you do – you will hardly be able to shut her up. Most women appreciate the opportunity to experience sex at its highest volume and intensity, no matter what day of the week.

One final tip for encouraging sexy noise from women: create sexy background noise. A women will likely feel more likely creating sexy sounds if she feels like there is some other source of noise in the room. If you know what type of music she likes to “get down” to then you are probably quite safe to play it over and over again, within reason of course. If you are still learning your preferences for sexy music, you will definitely have to experiment with different types of music in the background.

The type of music that you choose for any given night can set the mood, or ruin the mood, for the evening. While everyone’s tastes in music vary, some general comments can be made about the affects that different musical genres may potentially have on sexual encounters.

For example, rock and roll will likely create an atmosphere for rambunctious intercourse, while classical or jazz music will encourage more intimate love-making. African drum, tribal, or house music, on the other hand, may encourage wild animal-like fornication (warning – proceed with caution!). The type of background music that you play will surely impact the sexual “music” you create with your partner, so choose your music wisely…

You are now well equipped to create a “sexual symphony” with your partner. Just a few more things to consider…

Don’t expect to achieve sexual success within earshot the first time around. Sexy noises cannot be forced or imitated, because you partner will almost always know the difference. Follow these tips towards achieving successful sex within earshot, however, and soon you will experience some of the most fantastic sounding sex of your life.

Also consider what other sexual noises may transpire from your encounter, and plan to incorporate or avoid them. For example, you might want to turn the ringer on the phone off, or lock the dog outside of the house. You also might want to invest in a squeak free mattress or bed-frame. Or maybe just keep the old noisy one forever – whatever turns you on!

One final warning – if you do plan on having the noisiest sex on the block, be prepared for some potential repercussions. Best case scenario, your sexy sounding encounters spark the interest and desire of your neighbor, who begin to engage in an equally as exciting sex life. Worse case scenario, the police arrive with a noise complaint when you are a minute away from climaxing. Whatever the risks, successful noisy sex will be worth ever bit of satisfaction for the trouble that ensues within earshot. So enjoy!

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