Nothing But The Sex: Handle Your Not-So-Perfect Lover

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ugly-girlfriendSo you just had sex with the best lover you have ever had, but you are too embarrassed with her to take her out in public. What do you do? No matter what the reasons, there is an art to dating a woman you are afraid to be seen with, especially when she is an amazing lover. There are places you just can’t be seen, but you don’t want her to get suspicious about why you are being so selective.

This article will give you some tips and strategies on what events to take her to, what friends to introduce her to, and the right lies to tell her so she won’t cut you off in the bedroom. So keep reading and learn how to handle your not-so-perfect lover, so you keep things hot in the sack.

The Problem: I Can’t Introduce Her To Anyone I Know!

It happens to everyone at some point in their life. You meet some girl at a bar, at a dance, at a friend’s – usually there is alcohol involved. You go back to your place and have amazing, kick-ass sex. Then in the morning you roll over and scream!

Now, you may not be screaming because she is ugly or fat, the scream might be due to her cultural background, the fact that she is too young or old, or maybe she is a sister or ex-girlfriend of one of your friends.

Whatever the issue – you shouldn’t have gone there, but you did. And to make matters worse (or better) she is the best lay you have ever had. So now you have to break things off, come clean to with your friends, or take your chances and keep her hidden from prying eyes.

Step One – Laying The Foundation

The first thing you need to do is make sure she understands that you are not available 24/7. If you give her the impression that you can see her anytime anywhere, she will start to wonder when you start making excuses.

If you lay the groundwork early, then she will understand that your job, family, or other commitments make your schedule tight, so you will have room to maneuver around key events – like holidays, New Year’s Eve, birthdays, etc.

You also need to make it clear that your relationship is sexual, and that you want to move slowly in the love/relationship department. Do not let her equate lots of sex with lots of love. She needs to know that you are working towards something, but don’t tell her you love her every time you are bumping ugliest.

Remember – the less lies you have to tell the better. If she realizes that you are moving slow and that your time is premium, she won’t push you to take things to the next stage – at least not right away.

Step Two – Dealing With Your Friends And Family

The family may not clue in right away, but your friends will notice something different about you – especially if you are getting laid regularly. The trick is to be non-committal without raising suspicions.

If you start bragging about this amazing chick you are banging, then they will all want to meet her. Plus, they will start asking you a lot of questions, as guys like to know the details. If she is unattractive, you can’t start by telling them that. But you can’t be so vague as to draw suspicion.

If you take her out early in the week that will free the weekend up with the boys – that way they won’t know you are dating someone on the side. If you start canceling out on everyone on Friday and Saturday, they will know that this girl is more than just a friendly fuck.

And that will lead to questions or invitations to bring her out, and when you don’t they will wonder what’s up.

Step 3 – Where And When To Take Her Out

No matter how good the sex is for the two of you, she will want to be seen in public with you at some point. Meeting her friends first might be wise, but be careful you don’t drift into being labeled as a serious boyfriend.

They might begin to pepper you with questions about your friends, what you do, etc. Just counter everything with how the two of you just met, and that you are a busy guy. As long as you don’t come off as a player, her friends won’t smell a rat. But if you are clearly out of her league for whatever reason – age, income, looks, etc – then be on guard for some suspicious queries.

The best time to meet her friends is several months into the relationship. You can buy time until then by being busy with work and other things, and that way you will look like a hero when you finally agree to meet them.

Prior to that, you need to take her out on a few dates. Here are some suggestions:

Best Times:

  • Sunday night, Monday – Wednesday.

Best Locations:

  • Keep it close to where you live, but avoid any place where you might bump into your friends, coworkers or family.
  • Pick bars and pubs you know cater to crowds that are older or younger than the ones you normally go to.
  • Do things your friends normally wouldn’t do: plays, Vietnamese foods, etc.
  • Go for walks, runs, ice skating – couple things where you can control the location by suggesting places you heard were good, that are far away from your usual locales.

What To Avoid:

  • Shopping malls
  • Movie theatres
  • Beaches
  • Holidays
  • Sporting events

Step 4 – The Final Step

If she is still in your life after several months, then you are going to have to start taking her seriously and get over whatever it is that you are worried about or you have to break up. If she isn’t nagging you by now about why she never meets your friends and/or the status of the relationship, you can bet her friends and family are pressuring her.

Do a trial run. Introduce her to your favorite sibling or friend and see how they react. It might not go as badly as you think. As long as you haven’t been insulting her behind her back, then all is good. If you are still planning on playing her, then skip the family and only introduce her to your friends. Remember – guys always appreciate amazing lovers, no matter what they look like.

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