Oral Sex: When, Why and How?


Oral sex consists of all sexual activities that involve the use of the mouth, which may include use of the tongue, teeth, and throat, to stimulate genitalia. Cunnilingus refers to oral sex performed on a woman and fellatio refers to oral sex performed on a man. Analingus refers to oral stimulation of a person’s anus.

People may engage in oral sex as part of foreplay before intercourse, or during or following intercourse. It may also be performed for its own sake.

Oral sex is practiced in both heterosexual and homosexual relationships. In heterosexual relationships, oral sex can be a method of contraception and may be chosen as an alternative to intercourse for this reason. It is important to note that oral sexual activities are not effective methods of preventing sexually transmitted diseases (STDs), although some forms of STD are believed to be less easily spread in this way.

If a couple is uncomfortable with cunnilingus or intercourse during menstruation, they may engage in fellatio. If a couple is uncomfortable or unable to perform intercourse during pregnancy, they may engage in oral sex. While it is often used for these reasons, oral sex is also commonly used among heterosexual couples because they consider it pleasurable, or they use it as foreplay. Many women who are situationaly anorgasmic can only achieve orgasm through oral sex. They often prefer it instead of or in addition to sexual intercourse.

As with mutual masturbation and other forms of outercourse many people do not consider oral sex to be “sex” in the same way as penetrative intercourse and regard it as “third base.” Thus, for many people, oral sex can be seen as one way of experiencing sexual pleasure before losing one’s virginity.

Oral Sex! We all love it

Men or women, doesn’t matter, we like to sit back and have our naughty bits serviced. For women the reasons seem to be because a good percentage of the ladies can’t reach climax without the direct clitoral stimulation that comes from oral sex by their man. For the men the enjoyment seems more psychological. Men like the fact that they are in control and have power, they also are just lazy and sometimes the fact that there is no pressure to please their partner can let them relax and simple enjoy the ride.

The truth is that there are lots of ways to give your partner that special kiss. From multiple types of 69ing to positioning different ways to insert the penis in the mouth, or more efficient ways to access the clitoris, there are a million ways to get that special someone to “suck you off”.

The most important part of trying different oral positions is that it can make an “oral” lover out of your “normal” lover. Some women dislike the way a penis feels in their mouth and the same is true for the guys out there. By trying different ways to put your mouth on that special someone, you may not only find different ways to give and receive pleasure, but also to overcome a general dislike of the act itself.

What’s the secret to giving and receiving great head? Here’s what you can do for the man in your life, making sure it’s good for you both.

Oral Sex Tips For Him:

Keep it clean

Anyone who’s gone down on an uncircumcised penis will tell you that there’s nothing worse in this world than an unwashed dick. Smegma bacillus, or knob cheese, is a waxy white deposit naturally secreted by the penis glands. Failure to wash underneath the foreskin can lead to smelly bacterial growth, not to mention serious problems securing a blow job. Keep it clean using unscented soap and water. Also be sure to dry the head thoroughly afterwards to prevent bacteria from thriving.

Don’t force the issue

So you’re sharing an intimate moment. You’re both turned on like the National Grid, and sex is on the cards. So guys, don’t ruin the moment by placing your palm on the crown of her head and slowly pressing. If she feels comfortable going down there, she’ll venture south on her own accord. As so many women have told us, there’s nothing worse than a bloke who expects a blow job.

Be fair

If your partner does feel comfortable with oral sex, then consider returning the gesture – male or female. The more you share, the more rewarding it’ll be for you both.

Praise the performance

Tempting as it is to lie back with your eyes squeezed tightly shut, your partner will appreciate some recognition for their efforts. Be encouraging. Be respectful. Be the one who leaves them feeling as good as you.

Leave them to call the shots

Just because your partner has consented to give you a blow job, don’t assume it means they want to go all the way. It may be a dream come true for you, but not if it leaves them gagging or nauseous. So talk it through with them, even if it is a running commentary. If you’re about to ejaculate then tell them, or at least signal that it’s about to happen. Always let your partner decide whether to stay down there for the main event.

Oral Sex Tips For Her


If you spend lots of time giving him oral sex, it’s only fair that he should do something pleasant for you too. It’s your turn to be spoiled, so just relax and enjoy it.

Keep it clean

By clean, we mean having a daily shower and using unscented mild soap. A healthy vagina has a natural mild musky smell, but don’t let pathetic playground stories upset you. It doesn’t smell like rotting fish down there, so don’t feel self-conscious.

Play fair

If you want your man to go down on you, just ask him to. If you feel a bit shy, try getting into bed upside down – he’ll probably get the message. If he really isn’t in the mood, or the idea upsets him, just respect his decision and don’t try to force the issue. There is nothing wrong with having oral sex during a period, but a lot of men really don’t like doing it at that time of the month.


Let him know how much you like what he’s doing. If he hasn’t quite got the hang of it, gently suggest a different way of doing things, and be sure to tell him when he’s getting it right.

The most important thing about oral sex is to know when to ask for one. You shouldn’t force your partner to give you an oral after just two dates, or worse, after the first date. You should be patient and wait for your partner to do this step by himself/herself. If you see that it is taking too long, you should have an open conversation on this topic and try to explain to your partner the benefits of oral sex and the great pleasure it will bring both of you.

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