The Oversexed Single Man

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Imagine getting laid without trying, week after week. Think what it would be like to always go home with the hottest girl in the bar, without using any of your finest moves, or buying condoms at the bulk store once a month and refreshing your wallet stash daily. You have just imaginarily lived, if only momentarily, the life of the oversexed single man.

Does this man exist? How does he achieve and maintain such a lifestyle? More carefully than you think, and without as much effort as you might expect.

The oversexed man is a bit of a mystery. He does not kiss and tell all of the time, and most of his friends are unaware of how he became so lucky. However, without knowing it, you are likely in the presence of an oversexed man almost all of the time.

The oversexed single man is no fool. He is sexually desirable to a wide range of women, and uses this to his greatest advantage. What is at the root of his sex-filled life? Confidence. We’re not talking about the confidence that comes with the purchase of a hot new sports car, or from a flashy shirt and new bottle of cologne. A truly confident man carries himself differently than others, and that is why women throw themselves at him every chance they get. He reeks of sexual energy, yet nothing about him suggests that he needs, or even wants that badly, to have sex with a woman. The oversexed single man plays hard to get without even trying. So how can you master the skills of this man and land a life like his?

First impressions are everything. A woman notices a sexy man the first moment she sees him. Once she has decided that she wants him, there is little that can change her mind. Making a good first impression is largely based on appearance and visual stimulation. A man who wants sex needs to present himself in a manner that suggests he really is not that interested in sex. This can be achieved through wardrobe and attitude adjustments. A man in his work clothes, for example, can be sexy no matter what type of clothes they are. A plumber or carpenter, for example, with stained overalls and dirty fingernails, can exude pure sex appeal if he wears his clothes like a real man. Alternately, a man in a slightly wrinkled suit, just off a hard day at the office, can be equally as attractive to women. The key is to own your outfit, no matter what it might be comprised of.

The other factor involved in making a sexy first impression is attitude. The key is to bring just enough attitude or personality to the table. Not too much that you come off cocky, but not too little so that you come off as desperate. Balance your personality with a whole bunch of yourself, and a little bit of everyone else around you. If you are meeting friends at the bar after work, be social and enjoy the company of friends, whether they be new or old. At the same time, make an effort to casually assess your surroundings. Making contact with attractive women as soon as you enter a situation or environment will get you off on the right foot. Even if you do not initiate contact, eye contact will lay the foundation for good things to come.

Having made a strong first impression, your ability to become an oversexed man then rests largely on your delivery. Again, you need to balance how you want to present yourself with the impression you think a woman wants to have of you. The best advice is to be funny. A smart and funny man is irresistible to women. Secondly, be flirtatious enough for her to know you are interested, but not too much to scare her away. Remember, the oversexed man does not need to ever have sex with women; it is them who need to have sex with him.

Becoming a master of the world of casual sex will take some practice. But it is important to remember that if you always go out looking for sex, chances are you will not find it. Sex is to be considered the bonus prize at the end of the day, or at the start of the day – should you be so lucky. The lucky life of the oversexed man, however, is not without its trials and tribulations. Women who you meet during your escapades and adventures will sometimes expect more from you than one night of sex adventure. It is best to portray yourself as a sexually adventurous man at the outset of the encounter. Women will be attracted to you because of your sexual energy, yet they will not want to form a relationship because they detect your intention to avoid committed relationships.

The best way to distract woman from wanting to form a lasting bond with you, is to reveal as little about yourself as possible. If she tries to glean personal information from you and really “get to know” the man behind the mystery, your job is to remain her best kept secret. Instead of answering all of her questions, turn them back on her and let her open up to you. Instead of talking about your work, hobbies, interests, or family, tell her funny stories about “this guy you know” or ask her to tell you about the funniest thing that happened to her recently. In order to keep your casual sex experience as casual as possible, laugh and enjoy the moment and encourage her to do the same. Heavy talk is for heavy relationships, and you want as little as possible to do with either one.

Some oversexed men have to work to attain and maintain their enviable life. For others, it just comes naturally. If you meet a natural “Don Juan” you are well advised to get to know him as best as possible. Sexual success often rubs off, or in the very least – you can try to borrow some of his lines and moves.

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