Picking The Right Chick Flick!

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This article will give you the lowdown on the very best chick-flicks of all time, and offer you advice on when to use them. For example, you drink red wine with meat is the same as watching ‘Love Actually’ with a one-night stand. Why? Because the short, romantic, episodic clips allow you plenty of time for foreplay, that’s why! Plus, there are so many different combos of guys and girls that you cover all the bases.

You need to start using the chick flick strategically, so keep reading and learn what you need to know to catch put her in the right mood at the right time.

Stage 1 – Pre-Movie Analysis

The last thing any man should do is to let the woman in his life choose the movie. If you give up that right, she will always pick a romantic movie that means something to her. And by that we mean something to her past love life. Even if the movie just came out on DVD, she might want it because it reminds her of a movie she with her ex. So you need to do some preemptive planning and get the movie before she comes over, even if the plan wasn’t to go back to your place to watch one. Think of it this way.

The whole goal is to get her back to your place as it is, so having the movie there already doesn’t tell her that you were planning on luring her back all along. Instead, it shows you are a sensitive guy who hoped she would come back to your place, and you rented a movie because you didn’t presume that she would come back just for sex. Of course we know that the whole point of this exercise is sex, but let her think whatever she wants.

Stage 2 – Picking The Flick

Knowing a little something about the person you are dating helps, but you can always use the movie you rent to show your sensitive side as well. (Chicks love that stuff!). She may not be a sappy romantic, but she might like more classical love stories. Or maybe she loves the kind where the two lovers are separated for some reason, but they end up together in the end. Here is a list of some classic chick flicks and they kind of person they match up with.

Movies With Long Lost Loves

Good for ex-girlfriends, older woman, and coworkers. Great for rekindling an old relationship, or maybe starting a new one with someone you have know for a while.

This movie is considered to be the most romantic film of all time. On the plus side, there is some killing, a war, and a plane crash.

The Remains Of The Day
Classic movie about repressed desire. Hopefully she will get the message that waiting too long might end up with nobody getting laid.

Love Story
If you don’t cry during this movie, then you are a hard, callous man. The two lovers meet, fall in love, get married, then it all falls apart. They meet years later, but can’t make it work.

Same Time Next Year
This one is about an affair that last for decades, but the two are married so they never stay with each other.

Movies Where The Two Lovers Are From Different Social Classes

There are so many movies in this category, that it is hard to just pick a few. Rent one of these when the two of you are from different sides of the track.

The original is better, but the new one is also worth a watch. It is the classic ‘rich guy falls in love with the maid’ story, but the acting makes it superb.

Pretty In Pink
Another classic, full of teenage angst. The poor, hip girl is attracted to one of the cool rich kids. Will they ever make it work?

Pretty Woman
A very popular movie in France, as well as the rest of the world. It follows the classic ‘hooker with a heart of gold’ storyline.

Bridget Jones’s Diary
Another great flick, that just happens to be funny while trying to sell you a love story.

The African Queen
There is more guy stuff in this film than chick-flick content. It even has leaches!

I Want To Sleep With My Female Friend(s)!

Lucky for you, there are lots of great movies where the guy and girl happen to be friends and by then end of the movie realize they are madly in love.

When Harry Met Sally
This is the all-time favourite sleep with your friend flick. It starts off with Harry & Sally as college kids, and follows them over the next several years until they finally fall in love (Awww).

This is a family love fest, but it still falls into this category. It involves a sister falling in love with one brother, but ending up with the other one.

I Want To Sleep With My Sister!
We are assuming here that your sister is only your sister through marriage, not biological. But we can recommend movies for both!

The House Of Yes
A somewhat creepy, yet funny flick about newlyweds and incest.

The Royal Tenenbaums
Involves some love between an adopted sister and her non-biological brother. Plus, this movie has lots of laughs, so it makes for a good night.

People always get more emotional around the holidays, so here are a couple of classics to add some chestnuts to your fire.

It’s A Wonderful Life
The ultimate Christmas movie that is standard for any DVD collection. It not only makes you feel good, but the bad guy loses out in the end.

All I Want For Christmas
Although this movie leaks into the family genre, it does offer a few romantic moments.

Movies That Will Make Her Cry

Romeo & Juliet
There are many versions, but try to get one of the older classics. The two kids are so darn much in love that they commit suicide at the end.

Four Weddings & A Funeral
This movie has both happy and sad moments. It is hard to find the woman who won’t like it, and it is particularly effective for the ones that claim they hate romantic movies. Just tell her it’s a comedy, then get ready to hold her doing the sad parts.

Last Thoughts
We only touched on a few films here, but there are many, many more to choose from. When in doubt, take any of the old classics staring Cary Grant or Robert Redford, or check out the American Film Institute website. They keep a list of the top 100 romantic movies of all time. Good luck!

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