How To Prepare for Your Sexy First Night In

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There’s no easy way to plan that first night together – in fact, the spontaneity is half the adventure. Maybe it’s the culmination of a terrific first date, maybe it’s a friendly cup of coffee that turned into something more, or maybe it’s just a surprisingly good bar hook-up. But just because you can’t anticipate the event doesn’t mean you shouldn’t be prepared for it. Rest assured, we’re not suggesting you leave your apartment on 24-hour alert for the possibility of a sexy female visitor – but there are some ways you can easily ready yourself for the event without seeming as though you’ve been waiting for it.

The best part of all of these tips is that none of them will break the bank, and none of them are time-sensitive. If things don’t work out, or if she turns out to be not at all your type, better luck next time – at least you’ll be that much more prepared.

In the bedroom

The first thing on your bedroom list should be a few must-have supplies. The most obvious of these would be condoms. However, this can also be a bit of a danger-zone. Some men like to have a lot of different types of condoms on hand, but you don’t want to have too much of a good thing. If your condom collection looks more like a museum exhibit, chances are you’ve got too much variety. And if you give her the choice of five types of protection, there’s a good chance she’ll get one of two impressions of you: 1) that you do this sort of thing all the time (which may or may not be good for the situation), or 2) that you’re desperate. Your safest bet is to have one or two types of condoms, maximum.

Next up are a few other sensual supplies that show you’re thoughtful without being needy. The first up is a bottle of lubrication. This isn’t something you’re going to announce when giving the grand tour of your home, but it’s definitely a good idea to have on hand just in case. If you don’t end up using it, no problem, but if it’s required in the heat of the moment, she’ll definately be glad you’re prepared.

One easy supply to have handy is a candle or two. Now, we know what you’re thinking – don’t worry, we’re not expecting a full-blown romantic candlelit evening. But as most women can vouch, nearly everyone looks better in candle-light. If you’re leery about filling your apartment with the scent of strawberries, pick up a few basic travel candles. They’re often unscented and come in standard metal containers, as well as in a variety of neutral colours. If you’re still worried about how she’ll respond, keep the candles in a drawer along with a lighter, just like any other supplies you’d have on hand in case the power went out. Before hopping into bed, offer to light one or two. She’ll likely appreciate the gesture.

In the bathroom

In an ideal world, your bathroom would be perfectly clean before anyone walked into it. In the real world, this would mean more cleaning than most men are prepared to commit to. Still, there are a few ways to quickly clean up without investing a lot of time or effort.

If you’re feeling somewhat dedicated, rinse out the soap dish and wipe off the counter with a towel.. You might want to do the same thing for the shower – at the very least, wipe off the ledges. We’re not suggesting you haul out the cleaning supplies, but a quick once-over is the easiest way to make sure that grime and hair are nowhere to be seen.

Here’s one item you might not have thought of – an extra toothbrush. Now, based on the women we surveyed, this is a surprisingly controversial option. Some women like the idea of a thoughtful man who keeps an extra toothbrush in the bathroom cupboard. Others thought the idea seemed a little too considerate for a spontaneous night together. IF you like the idea but are worried about a response, here’s a happy medium – buy an extra and keep it in the box, in your bathroom cabinet. If you want to offer it the next morning, tell her you just bought it for yourself but that she can use it if she wants to.

Another bathroom necessity is clean towels. Of course, it’s always good to have a relatively clean bathroom before letting a visitor use it, but if you don’t have time to do a thorough cleaning (or if the idea seems like too much effort), at least throw a clean towel or two on the rack. And while you’re at it, throw that grimy yellow one your mother gave you when you moved out into the hamper. It’s not the first thing anyone wants to see when entering a stranger’s bathroom.

In the kitchen

While we did promise that our items didn’t come with an expiry date, we had to stretch the truth on that one just a little. While some of these items won’t last you long, they’re nothing you won’t be able to use on your own.

What we’re suggesting is a handful of items that would make a quick and easy breakfast if things go well. The first suggestion is some fresh fruit. Bananas and a carton of strawberries would do the trick. Pick up a container of yogurt and a carton of orange juice, and you’re set to go. Another necessity is coffee. The average person probably has this on hand already, so it’s not a concern, but you might also want to pick up a box of tea bags. They’re inexpensive and keep for a long time, so if they go unused, they can always be saved for later.

With all this in mind, assuming you still like each other in the morning, you’ll be able to whip up a surprise breakfast – fruit and yogurt, a glass of juice and a mug of coffee. This is a pretty fool-proof meal, but if you make a mean omelet, by all means, pick up a carton of eggs. And once again, if the only thing you want at the crack of dawn is to be far away from each other, nothing lost. Just eat it all yourself!

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