Prepare Yourself for a Spring Fling

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With spring in the air, at least for those of us living in the Northern Hemisphere, there is no better time than the present to get yourself prepped and ready for spring love. The snow is melting, the grass is growing, the flowers will be blooming, so why not get out there and try to find a special woman to share spring and summer with?

Before you start asking out every girl you see, you might want to do some spring cleaning of your own. After a long, hard winter, everyone wants to get out and enjoy themselves, but girls won’t be attracted to a guy who looks and smells like he’s been hibernating all winter. So, here are a few tips on how to prepare yourself for a spring romance.

Makeovers for men

Now, don’t get turned off by the idea of making yourself over in order to prep yourself for a spring fling. This doesn’t have to mean that you engage in a flamboyant episode of Queer Eye for the Straight Guy, but it does mean that you have to take care of yourself physically. The image you present to the world will have direct consequences on who you end up attracting.

So, with spring on the horizon, perhaps it’s time to embrace the metrosexual lifestyle. Not sure what a metrosexual is? Well, according to the Urban Dictionary, a metrosexual can be defined as “a straight man who embraces the homosexual lifestyle, i.e. refined tastes in clothing, excessive use of designer hygiene products etc.” Again, don’t be turned off by this definition. Instead, why not think about some of the defining characteristics of gay men and use them to your benefit.

First of all, they smell good. Buy an attractive cologne like “Le Male” from Jean-Paul Gauthier and you’ve got that base covered. Second, gay men are notorious for dressing well. Buy some nice shirts and pants—they don’t have to be pink, but a well-dressed man is ahead of the game when it comes to meeting new women. And lastly, the stereotypical gay man is in excellent physical condition. It’s simple then: join a gym and start to work off that winter fat that you’ve accumulated.

Know where to meet women

There are several different ways to meet women—go to a bar, stare at a group of girls dancing and hope that one finds you attractive and doesn’t simply think you’re a loser who’s too shy to talk to anyone. However, this is really hit and miss, and most often won’t lead to anything other than a quick feel on the dance floor or a few dates.

So, if you are serious about meeting someone this spring, then try your luck with a few different ways to meet women. One increasingly popular way that people are hooking up is via the internet, and while there are horror stories of stalking, there are just as many stories with happy endings. Try a popular site like Lavalife or rather than relying on strange websites that might get you into trouble in the long run.

Another great way to meet someone new is by hitting up your friends—maybe you have girlfriends who have single female friends. Go on a group date to see if there’s a potential match. If it works out, the best part is that you don’t have to worry about introducing your new girlfriend to your group of friends because they are already familiar with her.

Things to do on spring dates

Once you’ve managed to score a date, you need to figure out what to do. Spring is a great time to start dating someone new because it just feels right. The world is refreshing itself and summer is around the corner so why not find someone new to share this all with? Plus, spring dating is much more fun than winter dating, particularly if you live in a very cold climate. In winter, you will end up going to a movie or renting a movie, but in spring, your options are much greater.

Here are some great ideas for spring dating:

  • Get active: Even if you aren’t a fitness buff, you will feel like moving when spring comes around. So, plan a date around getting active. Rather than sitting at home watching a movie, go for a walk in the park, or walk through the zoo to see how the animals coped with the long winter months. Or, get your bike to the repair shop for a tune-up and head out for a bike ride. She will be impressed by your motivated attitude, so get moving.
  • Be seen: If you happen to be lucky enough to have spring weather that allows outdoor cafés to open, spend an afternoon date on a patio with a beer. You can people watch, have a summery drink and get to know each other while you enjoy the outdoors.
  • Go window shopping: This is another great activity that gets you outside during the nice spring weather. Plus, most women love to shop, so she’ll be happy with the decision to stroll down trendy streets, looking for anything that may be of interest. Stopping in between for a coffee or gelato will only make the afternoon better.

Keep an open mind

These are all great spring dating ideas because they are fun, casual and don’t necessarily mean that you are committing your life to your date. Spring is a great time to play the field, so use this time to go one dates with several women. By keeping the dates casual—don’t invite her to your parents’ 25th wedding anniversary—you won’t feel the pressure of having to commit to the relationship if it’s not what you are looking for.

With the sun starting to get warmer and people’s attitudes starting to get brighter, spring is the best time of the year to meet people and to possibly begin a new relationship. Try spring dating and see where it takes you.

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