Private Dancer: Her Best Striptease Ever

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What’s better than a night out with the boys, with beers on the table and naked ladies on the stage? Very little – that is, until you have encountered the pleasure of a private striptease in the comfort of your own bedroom. If you have yet to enjoy a private dancer in the midst of your home, then you have been seriously neglected by the women in your company. The truth is that most women love to dance, and almost all women like it when men give them their undivided attention. So how do you encourage a woman to perform the ultimate striptease for your eyes only? A few small efforts on your behalf and she will soon be dancing her way right into your arms for the evening, and you may never have to pay for a stage show again.

First of all, before you go fantasizing her dance routine make sure that you have the right kind of woman in mind for the show. Prudish, insecure, high maintenance or selfish women will likely scoff at the very idea of a private striptease. However, most women who are comfortable with their body and sexuality only need a little encouragement. It’s a good idea to explore the idea of a striptease by first witnessing one together. Try taking her to a high class gentlemen’s club, or renting a movie that includes some sexy dances in it. If she appreciates the art of a good dance and the beauty of the female body, she will get excited by the very idea of dancing for you. Sharing a striptease together also allows you to broach the idea with her. Suggest that she could do better than the woman on stage or in the video, and she will likely accept the dare. The more time you have spent in bed with a woman also increases your chances of a private dance. A woman whom you have just met will likely be more tentative about sharing an intimate striptease along your terms.

As you get to know her, you should also try to enjoy music together as much as possible. See what type of music she really likes to groove to, and play it often. Put on sexy music during all of your make out sessions, so that she associates time with you being naked with the feeling of music in the background. Dancing together is also a great way to build her confidence around you, and get her in the mood. Whether it be at a dance club, lounge or around the kitchen table, sharing a sexy dance or two will set the mood for a striptease down the road.

Next comes the ensemble. Take note – all women love to receive lingerie as a gift from men. A sexy outfit is crucial to her performance and will likely secure the chance of a private dance from a lady. When it comes to picking lingerie, take some hints from the type she already wears. Is she a frilly pink and white lace kind of girl, or a black leather bustier kind of woman? For the first shared dance together, you may as well get her something that is within her comfort zone. You can work up to stockings and crotchless panties in no time. It is important that a woman who is taking her clothes off feels like she is revealing something beautiful. If she knows that you took the time to pick her a sexy outfit, and that your dream is to see her striptease down to it in your midst, then she will likely to be just as excited by the possibility.

If you have done all of these steps but still feel like she is tentative, you might have to put something more on the line. Maybe you make a bet with her that she has to fulfill with a private dance. Or maybe you promise to take her on a romantic weekend getaway in exchange for just one fantasy dance in your company? You never know what will be the final motivator that makes her slyly start to dance around the room. You may as well put it all out there and see what you get in return. If you are comfortable with her and want to encourage her to greatness, your efforts will be worth it in the end.

So what if the moment has come, your woman is eager to dance, the music and lighting are perfect, but she is just not quite pulling it off? Maybe she is nervous and needs some final encouragement? Or maybe she needs a little glass of bubbly to help her relax? Whatever the reason for her shortcomings, make sure to be supportive. Remember, you are used to watching professional dancers on stage, not amateurs in your bedroom. If she looks like she is losing her timing, maybe ask her to take something more off, or play with her hair, or better yet – with herself. She may just need a little direction if she is feeling her nerves or excitement rising.

If her clumsy dancing and poor timing are cooling you down more than they are heating you up, than you should really intervene. Maybe take in upon yourself to share the dance with her. Or demand that you just can’t wait any longer and throw her down on the bed. Whatever the response from you, remember that she might not have that much experience with the striptease, and might just need some practice. If she wants to practice on you, then really – what is the harm in that?

Lots of dance studios are now offering sexy dance classes for women, including pole dancing classes. If your woman is open to the idea and will not be offended by it, then purchase her a few classes as a gift. They will help her gain confidence and she will come home feeling ready and in the mood. The better she feels about dancing in front of you, the more you will both gain from a personal erotic dance in each other’s company.

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