The Pros and Cons of 69


If you have never had a 69, then you don’t know what you’re missing – or maybe you do? Whether you are for them or against them, this article will lay out the pros and cons, before you start reaching for her ankles.

What is it? You mean you don’t know?

Okay. We don’t want to just assume that everyone out there knows what a 69 is, so we are going to give you a description. A 69 is when a man and a woman take the trouble, time and effort to perform oral sex on each other at the same time. It is called a 69 because of the way the six (6) and nine (9) face each other: 69. Similarly, when two humans lie down and face each other head to toe, they form the shape of a 69. Get it? If you have never tried one, we highly recommend it.

How do I go about doing it?

If this position is of interest to you, then make sure you check out our website for some tips on how to perform it with gusto. But for the beginner, you need to line yourself up sex organ to mouth. Not your own sex organ to your own mouth – that is another article altogether, entitled “I’m the most flexible, lucky bastard that ever lived.” The odds are you will either do this on your side, so as not to crush or choke one of the participants. Or you can lie on your back, while your female friend lies on top of you. Yes, breathing may or may not become a major issue, but we will get to that in the cons section. Next, begin with the ‘oralizing’ of your partner. It becomes a race to see who comes first—you—and who comes the most often—her—but it is all good, since everybody wins.

Cons of 69

We have to start with the cons to get then out of the way because the pros of any sexual position tend to outweigh the cons.

Timing – until you perfect this technique, the odds are one of you will come before the other. Of course trying to perfect the technique equals more sex, so timing is only a con for a short time.

Positioning – some find the 69 lacks the correct positioning for great oral sex. Maybe this is true, but you are still getting head, which is never that bad.

Location – many a comedian has pointed out the location of the vagina to the rectum. A 69 forces your nose to be in the vicinity of the latter. Remember – she is suffering too, so buck-up and enjoy the ride.

Body type – there is a good chance that one of you weighs more than the other, which might make things awkward. The same goes for different heights, although sex organs always seem to align properly when you are having sex. Our advice is to try lying on your side, which will alleviate most of the problem.

I can’t breathe! So? You’re having sex, dude. Is this really a con? Practice holding your breath. Take up diving for oysters, which will allow you to go several minutes without having to come up for air.

It’s uncomfortable – yes, it is not a perfect way of getting a blowjob, but it is a blowjob.

Pros of 69

Mutual excitement – getting off while someone else is getting off, has an amazing feel to it. The worse thing about getting head is that it means only one of you can have pleasure. Enter the 69! Everybody wins, as you get to feed off the energy and excitement of your partner.

Learning timing – as you get experienced with the 69, you will be able to control your timing so that you both come at the same time, a nifty, enjoyable trick.

You’re getting a blowjob – the best job in the world. Seriously, though. For those that are dating someone who dislikes giving head, then the enticement of a 69 might encourage her to head south of the border on occasion.

It’s exciting! If things are getting humdrum in the bedroom, a cool 69 will add spice.

It’s more personal – that’s right – personal. No more are you staring at the top of her head, now you are up close and personal with her vagina while she is blowing you. Fun!

Time saving – quickies can be overrated and messy, but a 69 feels fine anytime, anywhere. It combines foreplay with real sex, and the result is dual gratification in half the time.

A few final tips

If you want to try out the 69 or make it more prominent in your sexual life, then here are a few final tips to get you started.

First, make sure you learn the timing for a great 69. This, of course, will take practice, as men and women don’t always come at the same time. Learning to feed off of your partner’s excitement can have an amazing effect on your speed of orgasm. Furthermore, you can learn what speed works best so you both come together.

Second, don’t rush! Yes it’s hard to breathe and maybe a little uncomfortable, but it is also an awesome way to get off. Take the time and do her right. Third, make sure you are both comfortable. Try it on the side, or on top, or whatever. If one of you is gagging or in pain, then this will not be a fun time.

Finally, practice makes perfect. No one says you have to be a pro the first time out, so keep at it until you get it right. And don’t even worry if you can’t get it right because you’re still getting a blowjob!

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