Pros & Cons Of Oral Positions

oral-sex-position We know you’ve been waiting for yet another installment of the pros and cons of different sex positions. For those of you who have missed out on some of the other articles in this series, here’s what you have been missing. The first article delved into the pros and cons of the 69 position; the second article gave tips on the advantages and disadvantages of the female superior position.

The third article reviewed the missionary position; the fourth article provided readers with what’s good and bad about the doggy style position, and the fifth article, you learned about the pros and cons of the spooning position.

In this article, you will learn a lot about oral sex positions, including the pros and cons of different oral positions. People tend to forget how creative they can be while engaging in oral sex and that’s why we are here to help you learn more about how to make oral sex more exciting for both of you.

Pros And Cons Of The 69

Because the 69 position was covered in a previous article in this series, this will be short. The best part about the 69 position is that you and your partner are pleasuring each other simultaneously which is great any time, and it makes this position unique among oral sex positions. As for cons, the position can be a bit awkward because of the angle you have to set yourself in, especially if there is a height differential between the two partners.

Pros And Cons Of The Standing Blow Job Position

Okay, it might not be technically called the “standing blow job position” but you get the idea – the man is standing and the woman is either sitting or kneeling on her knees. This position is great for her to have easy access to the entire package and she will feel quite comfortable in this position because she will be mouth level with his penis instead of trying to bend over it (if he was lying flat on his back), straining her neck.

Plus, since guys also enjoy it when their partners play with their packages while giving them head, this position is good for facilitating that since it “frees” up everything and makes it easy to access. Another reason that this position is popular with guys is because it’s a common porn movie position – the guy is standing while the woman is kneeling with her mouth on his penis. So, for guys that have been fantasizing about getting in on the action that their favorite porn stars made famous, then here’s a good way to start.

There aren’t really any cons of this position except for the fact that only the man is being pleasured in this position, unlike the 69 position where everyone’s happy.

Pros And Cons Of Rimming

Rimming, in case you don’t know, refers to oral to anal sexual stimulation – that is, one partner licks and sucks the other’s anus. This is usually performed in one of two ways – either one partner is on all fours with the other partner behind them performing anal oral sex, or one partner is on their back with their legs in the air and their partner is bent over them performing anal oral sex.

Either way, if you hadn’t even heard of rimming before this, then you might want to talk about it before initiating this with your partner. Because it involves anal stimulation, not everyone will be keen on trying this out. But, for the more adventurous folks, rimming can be very stimulating and exciting for both partners.

The pros of rimming are simple – it stimulates an area that is often ignored and that area is full of nerve endings that can make for very exciting stimulation. The cons, on the other hand, are more significant. People are wary of this position because it involves anal stimulation with one’s mouth. Because there can be bacteria and other germs in the area, this can really act as a turn off for many people. In order to combat this factor, you should simply make sure your partner washes thoroughly before engaging in this activity. For example, start the night out by bathing each other and then proceed to oral sex and rimming.

Pros And Cons Of Deep Throat Positions

There are a couple of different ways to achieve deep penetration during oral sex. In one position, the woman lies on her back with her head hanging over the edge of the bed and the man stands or crouches to insert himself into her mouth. In this position, he controls the speed and depth of the movement which can be very good for him but requires careful planning for her sake or she might end up gagging and choking.

In another position, the woman lies on her back and the man straddles her as though they were about to have sex in the missionary position. He then moves up her body so that he can insert himself into her mouth. Again, he will control the speed and depth of movement here, so be careful before you end up choking her.

Road Head

“Road head” is the slang term for a man receiving head while he’s driving a vehicle. The cons of this position are obvious – this might cause an accident because of the lack of concentration the guy will end up paying to his driving. Plus, it’s an awkward position in most vehicles, so it may be uncomfortable for her. The pros? Well, I guess he’ll be happy anytime he’s getting head, right?

Oral Sex Variety

Most sex positions focus on the actual act of sex and not oral sex which is a shame because with a few small changes, oral sex positions can be just as exciting as other sex positions. In order to figure out which ones work best for you, try a few different angles and positions. You will soon learn which ones work and which ones are best left to the porn actors.

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