Pros And Cons Of The Reverse Cowboy Position


Here’s the latest in a series of sex articles dedicated to giving you all the pros and cons on different sex positions. If you are new to the series, here’s what you have missed: the first article outlined the pros and cons of the 69 position; the second article delved into the advantages and disadvantages of the female on top position; the third article looked into the missionary position; and the fourth article gave readers a heads up on the doggie style position.

The article gave you information on the pros and cons of the spooning position. This article is here to provide you with everything you need to know about the Reverse Cowboy Position, a variation of the female on top position/missionary position. If she likes being on top and you want to try something new, then check out all the details on this exciting sexual position.

What’s the reverse cowboy position and why is it called that?

The reverse cowboy position is pretty easy on the man. He just has to lie on his back with an erection – how difficult can that be, right? The woman straddles the man but faces away from him. This means that your view will be a backdoor view as she moves up and down on your penis. It’s called the reverse cowboy because the woman is facing away from the man while riding him like a bucking bronco. And, with a name like that, you will likely understand that this isn’t a sensual, slow lovemaking kind of position. This is an aggressive, fun and visually stimulating position (for the men anyway).

Getting started with the reverse cowboy position

If you’ve never tried this position, or if you’ve never heard of it, don’t worry. It’s not one of those intensely difficult Kama Sutra positions that only gymnasts can actually master. This one is easy to figure out which makes it even easier to enjoy. Couples that enjoy and are used to female on top positions will find this an easy one.

All you have to do is turn her around when she gets on top of you. That way, you can enjoy the view from where you are and if you have a mirror on the wall across from the bed, she will be able to enjoy the view from her vantage point as well. At first, the positioning may take some getting used to because everyone has a different comfort level. This will just take a bit of simple experimenting to get used to the exact angles that work best for you and her.


Now that we’ve got your full attention, it’s time to break the bad news to you – the cons of the reverse cowboy position. But don’t worry, the cons aren’t that bad. After all, it’s still sex, right? How bad could it possibly be?

  • Some men find this position a bit awkward. This is because the man’s penis has to be bent forward (down) in order to be inserted into the woman’s vagina. Some men are able to bend quite easily; others find it more difficult. Until you try, you won’t know if this is a problem or not.
  • No direct clitoral stimulation – This is another position where the female doesn’t receive any direct clitoral stimulation. This can be problematic for some women who only achieve orgasm through direct clitoral stimulation, and in this position, the man can’t reach her clitoris. However, this can be remedied by encouraging the woman to stimulate herself during intercourse.
  • Lack of intimacy – If you or your partner are looking for slow, sensual sex with loads of intimacy, then the reverse cowboy might not be the best position for you. This position doesn’t involve any eye contact or intimate touching or kissing. You can’t snuggle and hug while you are in this position. This can be remedied by starting sex while you are facing each other and then moving into the reverse cowboy position after a while.


The great thing about the reverse cowboy position is that there are lots of positive features about it. Check out the pros for yourself:

  • It’s different – If you and your partner are tired of the same old positions – him on top or her on top – then this position is great for adding a little variety to your sex lives. It’s a change of view for the man – he gets to enjoy the backdoor view and this may be very stimulating for him.
  • She’s in charge – Women like female superior positions because it gives them a chance to be in charge during sex. In this position, the man is basically passive and the woman controls all the movement, the speed and the depth of penetration.
  • It’s versatile – She can kneel and lower herself onto his penis or she can crouch and then use her legs to power her movements up and down. Plus, to add more intimacy, you can do this in front of a mirror so that she can see what’s happening too and watch how turned on you are getting.
  • Deep penetration at a speed she controls – Women tend to take longer to reach orgasm than men do. For this reason, positions that place the female in charge are very good for them because they can control how deep they like the penetration and how fast too. This will ensure that she reaches orgasm too.
  • She can stimulate herself – Even though this position isn’t conducive direct clitoral stimulation, the female can use her fingers or even break out a small vibrator to stay aroused during sex.

Don’t let the name scare you

Some people are put off by the name alone because it sounds a bit rough around the edges. This position can be great for both partners as it provides visual stimulation for men and control for women. Give it a try and it might become a favorite for both of you!

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