Pros and Cons of the Standing Sex Position


This article is going to give you all the pros and cons of the standing sex position, a passionate and well-known position that’s good for any number of occasions.

What’s the standing sex position and why is it called that?

There are no tricks to understanding what this position is all about. It’s simple – the standing sex position involves two people having sex while standing. It works best when her back is against the wall and he’s pressed against her. But, there’s also the variation where the woman is pressed against the wall while facing the wall and the man enters from her behind.

No matter which variation you choose, this position does require a bit more work than, say, the missionary position, but it’s well worth the effort if you can get it right. And, with this position, you can mimic all those great love scenes from movies where two people can’t keep their hands off of each other and are forced to have sex in the elevator or elsewhere.

Getting started with the Standing Sex Position

This position will work best if the man is bigger than the woman because he’ll need to lift her up and hold her against the wall during sex. It can be a bit tough to figure out the right angle and to get your balance, but once you’ve figured this out, this position can be lots of fun. She can wrap her legs around his waist to keep balance and he can use his hands to balance himself against the wall.


I’m not going to lie to you – there are some disadvantages to this position. But if you can get it right and figure out exactly how to get the perfect angles, then this might turn out to be one of your favorite positions.

  • It works best if the man is bigger than the woman because he’s going to have to hold her up against the wall for what may be a long time. This can be tiring, so if you are looking for hours of lovemaking then this isn’t the best position for you.
  • Finding the right angle can be difficult especially since most partners aren’t the same height. Assuming the woman is shorter, the man will have to lift her up a bit and then enter her from this angle. This is going to take significant leg strength to lift her and then hold her in this position while inside her.
  • This position is about aggression, power and passion. That means that it’s not appropriate for all occasions, and you won’t want to press her face against the wall and force yourself on her if she’s not expecting it.


Even though this position may be more work than other positions, there are still lots of pros that make it worthwhile. Check out the pros for yourself:

  • It’s fantastic for hot passionate quickie sex. During those times when the two of you can’t keep your hands off of each other and can’t wait until you get to the bedroom, this position offers a great deal of passion and spontaneity. If she’s wearing a skirt, you can even have sex in the elevator or at your office without too much hassle.
  • We’ve all seen this position in some of our favorite movies, so there’s lots of fantasy role-playing potential to be had using this position. Imagine you are strangers who just met somewhere and you’ve decided to go home together. For example, think of the movie Fatal Attraction, without the insanity and death of course!
  • When she’s facing the wall, there’s the added feeling of spontaneity and excitement. She doesn’t know what you are doing because she can’t see you. You can even act out a “bad cop” scenario, pretending to frisk her before you finally push her against the wall for sex.
  • When she’s facing you, she can use her leverage against the wall to change the speed and angle of penetration. This will give her some control over the position which will, in turn, improve her experience.
  • Your face may be perfectly aligned with her breasts which can be even more fun. She can rub them in your face and you can nibble on her nipples while banging her against the wall.

Give it a try and you won’t regret it

Because this position requires a bit more effort than other simple positions like the missionary position, too many people dismiss it as not for them. But this can be one of the most exciting and passionate positions ever and it might just change the way you look at sex altogether. Not only does it let you play out your most passionate fantasies, it can also be a good way to achieve deep penetration which is good for both partners. Give it a try and it might become a favorite for both of you!

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