Are You A Prude? How To Lose Your Sexual Propriety

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Guys often complain about their partners – they aren’t adventurous enough in the sack; they don’t want to try new things; they don’t want to have sex often enough; they aren’t “horny” enough. But what about guys that aren’t that exciting in the sack? Maybe you are one of them – you don’t really like to stray too far from the norm – in fact, maybe your favorite position is the missionary position followed by a deep sleep. Does this sound familiar? Does your girlfriend call you a sexual prude? Then it’s time to keep reading to find out more about how to become a sexual adventurer!

Common Problems

There is a common set of reasons why some men are prudes in the sack. This article will highlight a few different problems that men have and different ways to overcome them:

You Find Cunnilingus Disgusting

Believe it or not, there are a lot of men who don’t like to “go down” on women because they think it’s gross. There’s the old high school rumor that women smell like fish down there which can scare a guy away from there before he even knows what he’s missing. Plus, for guys who have never been down on a girl, it can be scary and confusing because it’s a lot different than a penis, that’s for sure.

If you are afraid of going down on her because you don’t know what to do down there, then that’s simple – look at a picture of the female anatomy and figure out where everything is. All she’s going to want you to do is stimulate her clitoris, so once you find that, it’s just a matter of figuring out what she likes and you’ll be able to tell from her reaction.

If, on the other hand, you think that her vagina is just gross and dirty and you can’t imagine putting your mouth down there, then that’s a whole different problem. It’s going to take a little more convincing to get you over this little problem, but here’s a good start: run a hot bubble bath for the two of you; wash each other while you are in the tub (this is always good foreplay). When you get out of the bath and go to the bedroom for some nookie, start by going down on her. You will know she’s just had a bath, so that might help you get over that psychological barrier which is preventing you from going down on her.

If that doesn’t work, ask yourself this – “Would I like my partner to give me a blow job?” If the answer is yes, then you’ve got no excuse for not wanting to go down on her. Your penis isn’t the cleanest thing in the world, and sometimes, it just doesn’t smell very good either. So consider the ramifications of your decision to not go down on her before you make this hasty decision.

Sex On Her Period

This is another common problem area for men. Lots of women want to have sex during their periods but they can’t convince their partners to go for it because they think it’s messy, smelly and somehow just plain wrong. But from her perspective, she’s raring to go – her hormones are raging and she’s horny. Plus, knowing that she can’t really have sex at the drop of a hat makes the desire to have sex on her period even more exciting.

To get over your fear of period sex, get back into the bathtub. That’s right – get in the shower and wash each other all over. Then when the foreplay has got the best of both of you, turn her around so that you are entering her from behind (this is one of the safer ways to have sex in the slippery shower). Because you are in the shower, you can just wash away any mess that arises and you won’t have to deal with blood-stained sheets or anything else like that.

Another way to enjoy period sex is to engage in mutual masturbation. She can use a vibrator or dildo to pleasure herself and you can masturbate while you watch her. This will help you avoid any direct contact with her vagina while she’s on her period but it will get both of you off, and that’s what counts, right?

Compromise Is Key

Let’s imagine that you were in a relationship where you weren’t having your sexual needs met because your partner was unwilling to even consider engaging in any new types of sexual activity. You would likely become frustrated and annoyed, right? In fact, you might even look for satisfaction elsewhere, right? Well, if you are a prude in bed and are unwilling to change your ways, your partner is probably very unhappy and thinking about finding some excitement elsewhere. To make sure this doesn’t happen, it’s time for you to change your sexual prude ways.

Start with small compromises. If you are very conservative in the sack and she’s a crazy animal, start with an activity that’s somewhere in the middle of those extremes. For example, bring some discrete sex toys into the bedroom which will excite her and arouse you (as you watch her using the toys on herself). Or, start by having her simply ties your hands up while she does anything she wants to your body. She’ll feel powerful and excited and you will benefit from this as well. You might surprise yourself at how much you enjoy trying something new!

Perhaps one of the most important reasons you should try something new is because it can add that little something to your sex life that can improve your relationship overall. So, rather than being unhappy, your partner will be thrilled that you are willing to try something new and this will mean the world to her.

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