The Quintessential Summer Date A Picnic!

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There are a few classic ways to romance a girl, and the perfect summer picnic is one of them. A picnic is a great date idea because it involves creativity, romance, the outdoors, and it gives you the time to talk and get to know each other, if you’ve just started seeing one another. And, for those of you who are in a long-term relationship and simply need a unique way to romance your love, the picnic is still a great idea. Here are some tips on planning the perfect summer picnic date.

Carte du jour

Are you trying to figure out where to start in planning a picnic for you and your partner? Well, what’s a picnic without food? Start planning the day by gathering a list of food essentials that you will need to please your partner, and set the mood for romance. Forget the greasy fried chicken and boring egg salad sandwiches. A picnic for you and your partner should be special and thoughtful, so stopping by the local convenience store to pick up some chips, pop and pre-made sandwiches isn’t going to impress her much.

When choosing foods for a picnic, be creative. Keep her favorite types of food in mind, but also remember to pick up some sophisticated foods for the picnic. Your choice of food and drinks will tell her a lot about you; if your idea of a picnic is eating stale sandwiches from an old cooler, then it won’t be a very romantic picnic. However, choosing quality specialty foods such as hummus, aged cheeses, and hearty breads will show her that you know how to throw together a better than average picnic basket.

Finger foods are the best type of meals to pack for a picnic because they don’t require a lot of prep time, and they are easy to pack, and even easier to eat. If you prefer a hot meal to a selection of cold foods, then consider picking up some take-out food from your favorite restaurant. Thai spring rolls, popcorn shrimp and even spicy chicken wings can be stored in your picnic basket as long as you are planning on eating soon after.
And don’t forget dessert—the way to a woman’s heart may well be through feeding her chocolate. Chocolate-covered strawberries make a nice romantic dessert and are easy to transport. Or bring along individual sized desserts such as cookies or cupcakes.


Now that you’ve got your menu figured out, it’s time to choose the right beverages for your picnic. You should make your choice based upon the type of food you are eating, the weather, and of course, personal preference. A good picnic wouldn’t be complete without a decent bottle of wine or champagne. Remember to bring along a corkscrew and 2 wine glasses as well, so that you aren’t stuck drinking out of plastic beer cups or worse yet, are unable to open the nice bottle of wine you picked out.

For a hot summer picnic, forgo the red wine and bring along sangria instead; this is the perfect summer drink and will keep you cool and refreshed while you lounge in the sun. And, if you’re the adventurous type and are picnicking in cold or damp weather, be prepared by bringing along a thermos of coffee or hot chocolate—and don’t forget the marshmallows!

What else will you need?

Once you have the menu sorted out, you are almost set for your picnic, except for one thing: a picnic basket. That old beer cooler you have stored in your car for camping won’t suffice if a perfect, romantic picnic is your goal. So, go out and buy a proper picnic basket—many of them come with reusable dishes and cutlery inside, so that also eliminates the need to find or buy dishes for your picnic.

You should also bring along a nice blanket to place on the grass, so you and your partner can laze in the sun while enjoying the day. If you are planning on using a picnic table, bring along a tablecloth as well. And don’t forget the napkins and a knife that will help to cut up your cheese or bread.

Location, location, location

Now that you’ve collected all of the necessary tools, it’s time to figure where you should take your girl for the perfect picnic. That depends a lot on where you live, whether you have access to a car, and how long you want to spend on the road. If you just want to make a day of it, then choose a location that is close to where you live. And even if you are stuck in a large urban city, do some investigating in order to find a nice green spot to lay down your blanket for a picnic.

For the more adventurous, consider driving to a lake or park that can offer you beautiful views while you enjoy the food and each other’s company. Anything will do as long as both of you are excited about the prospect of going on a picnic. Even going a few blocks to a park near your home will seem unique and special to her if the right amount of effort is put into getting ready for it.

And if the weather isn’t cooperating…

It happens to the best of us. You plan a day in sun, but in the morning, the weather station tells you that they were wrong (again), and showers or cool temperatures are expected. Don’t worry; there are lots of ways to improvise if the weather isn’t suitable for a picnic.
Before she gets home from work, place lots of pillows and blankets on the living room floor. Prepare the picnic food and even use a picnic basket for setting the mood. When she comes home from work, she will be shocked and pleased to find a house picnic awaiting her. And, the good thing about having a picnic inside is that you can add romance by using candles.

There you have it, guys. With these tips, you will be able to plan an excellent picnic that she will be thrilled with! Enjoy!

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