Raising the Bar On Your Sexual Standards

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Do you continually “settle” upon women to sleep with? Do you have a “take what you can get” attitude towards sex? Then the time has come to raise the bar on your sexual standards. Plenty of hot, attractive, sexy women are willing to have sex with less than perfect men. It all comes down to your sexual persona and energy. There are several surefire ways to increase the level of your sexual attractiveness to women. It may take some effort and grooming on your part, but it will pay off in the end. Once you raise the bar on your sexual standards you will never go back to taking what you can get again, and women will be taking you as much as they can get instead!

Women are attracted to a wide range of men. The truth is that you don’t have to be a male model in order to get a woman who looks like she could be a bikini model. While some women have a “type” of guy that they like, others will date a wide range of different men. The key here is not to be any one predictable “type” of guy. If you are self-proclaimed geek or jock or suit, it is time to change your ways. Why not try “geek chic” – become a sexy smart guy with an attitude? Or change your strictly sporty ways, and take up an interest in a different art or hobby that adds to your appeal. If you are a professional type of guy in a suit, why not become more edgy and adopt or “suit gone sexy” type of persona? The key here is being different, unique and creative. Women are attracted to men who are unlike any other that they have met. So look at the men around you and figure out a way to make yourself stand out from the crowd. You’ll see – women will take notice in no time at all.

While women are not as fixed on physical attraction as most men are, looks do still matter. By putting a little effort into your level of attractiveness to women, you can raise your sexual standards in an instant. Start with your external packaging – have you changed your clothing style, hair or image lately? Women always notice a man who takes care of himself and his appearance. Next time you go to a woman hairstylist, ask her what she thinks of your look. She would probably be happy to give you a new, improved one as long as you tell her that you are open to change. Similarly, the next time you go shopping take a female friend with you, or get an opinion from another woman on your purchase. Just as important as your clothing and style is what goes on underneath. Take time to work out, exercise and eat well. It will show and make all the difference when it comes to attracting a higher standard of women.

Perhaps the most important aspects of your physical attractiveness to women are, however, more than skin deep. The sexiest women in the world are attracted to men who are unique, charismatic and confident. If you feel good about yourself – it shows. If you do not – you need to learn to fake it, and eventually it will come naturally! What make a confident and charismatic man stand out in a crowd??

A confident and charismatic man thinks he is “the man” in a crowd, but does not need to overtly exhibit his manliness. In other words, he is the guy who is funny and witty without trying too hard. He shows interest in women without throwing himself at their feet. And most importantly, he does not need any other person’s approval to make him “the man.” Confidence comes more easily to some men more than others, but if you make a concerted effort to be yourself, appreciate yourself and celebrate yourself, women will notice the positive energy that you exude. So start refining your charisma as soon as possible and you will begin to notice a new level of attraction from women. Believe in yourself, and expect great things and before you know it great things – in the form of women – will come!

In order to raise your sexual standards you also have be sure to surround yourself with a higher standard of women. If you rely on the same bar in town to pick up ladies, or if your best friend’s friends are the sole source of your dating pool, then it is time to branch out. Go to new places with different people. Expand your social group to include old and new friends. The best way to meet people is through people that you know, so the solution here is simple – get to know more people! Don’t be shy about talking to new people – even if it is the receptionist in your doctor’s office, or the girl who styles your hair. The worst that can happen is that they won’t appreciate your energy, in which case you’re better off not knowing them! Once you have established a solid group of friends and acquaintances host a party or event and create a fun and welcoming atmosphere around you. This is your time to shine and be known as the guy who hosted that great party…

The final tip towards raising your sexual standards is this – appreciate hot women. Don’t just gawk from the other side of the bar or street corner, appreciate their beauty with a lingering glance and then communicate your interest to them. You can start off with just a simple head nod or smile, and work up to an approach. Compliments are always a good idea, as long as they are original and don’t come off as desperate. Also, if you pose your flattering comment as a question, you are more likely to illicit a response. For example, rather than saying “You are the most gorgeous woman I have ever seen”, why not try “Do you look this gorgeous every day or is it my lucky one?” Be gracious, well mannered, smart and funny around hot women and they will have a whole new respect for you. Final tip – don’t be nervous, just enjoy the company of your new standard of women. Forget about that guy who used to “take what he could get” in bed, and become the man that she will want to take as soon as she can!

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