Raw Sex Appeal


What can make a girl stop dead in her tracks, drop her purse and stare aimlessly at a man across the street? What makes him so special and her so mesmerized? It’s called raw sex appeal, and very few men achieve it in its highest form. However, it is easier to acquire sex appeal than you might think. It comes down to three simple factors: strength, confidence and conditioning. If you make the extra effort to exude a strong, confident persona and improve your sexual “packaging”, in no time at all you will find yourself at the receiving end of lustful gazes on every street you cross…

Sex appeal is defined as physical attractiveness, or personal qualities that are found to be sexually arousing. In other words, sex appeal is the power to interest or attract others. Some people believe that men are either born with raw sex appeal – or born without it. But that is simply not the case: a variety of factors contribute to a man’s sex appeal, and the physical attributes that he is born with are only one piece of the puzzle.

The single most sexually appealing characteristic to women is male strength. Strength comes in many forms, and must be cultivated in both the mind and body. Strong arms, rippling abs, and tight buttocks are only the icing on the cake – women are also attracted to parts of men’s bodies that they are entirely unaware of. For example, the back of the neck, the lower legs, and even the feet. Besides strong body parts, raw sex appeal is also a state of mind. If a man is proud of his strength – it shows, and that’s what really gets women’s attention. Take note, it is important that you perceive yourself as strong and sexy, if you expect women to do the same.

This brings us to the second most important characteristic of raw sex appeal – confidence. A confident man knows who he is, what he wants, and how he should go about getting it. A strong, confident man is irresistible to most women; however, he can also be very intimidating. In order to exude confidence that is attractive rather than overwhelming to women, you must be confident in a genuine and unassuming manner. When men do not effectively communicate their confidence to women, they are usually characterized as cocky, conceited, or arrogant. Furthermore, most women can easily see through thinly-veiled male insecurities, and do not consider a lack of confidence or strength to be appealing in the least. In order to avoid making any negative impression on women, it is important to exude your confidence from within and teach yourself to communicate it effectively.

The question that remains is how do you master the art of communicating a strong, confident and sexy persona to women? It’s really quite simple – practice. This may sound silly, but if you can master a sexy strut, some hot dance moves, or some excellent story telling skills, you will be exuding raw sex appeal in no time. Begin by practicing to communicate your strengths with your close friends and family. Try to be the one who sparks conversation, gets the party going, or makes an entire group of people laugh. The more practice you have with your new confident persona, the more sex appeal you will exude to others – without even knowing it!

The last factor to consider when it comes to acquiring raw sex appeal is condition. This refers to how well you take care of yourself and all of your “packaging.” For example, your skin. Women spend more time washing, scrubbing, waxing and moisturizing their skin in a day, than most men will spend in a lifetime. But clear, healthy skin is just as important a characteristic in the men they admire as it is in themselves. The message is clear – women like a healthy cheek, so buy some facial wash and moisturizer, maybe even a loofah, and go to town!

Women look to a number of other features of men’s condition as well. The mouth, for example, is one of the first things a woman will notice on a man. Soft looking lips and white teeth are a must have, and can easily be achieved through the miracles of science (and a small investment at the drugstore). Hair is also very important to women. Most ladies like soft hair they can run their fingers through and a masculine looking hair style. Sometimes it’s worth spending a little more on some decent hair products and treatments in order to keep your hair in its sexiest condition.

So now you are starting to get the picture about raw sex appeal – it’s mainly about “packaging” and the perception that others have of your mental, physical and sexual condition. If you think you have done all that you can to gain or improve your sex appeal – think again. The sexiest men in the world are those who are always striving to improve on themselves, and whose raw sex appeal never falters. Look around you and take stock of what other men are doing. Chances are, the men with the most gorgeous ladies on their arms are boasting the strength, confidence and conditioning required for raw male sex appeal. Just remember, raw sex appeal does not mean trying to be perfect looking. It’s about making the most of your attributes and showing them off all the time – because you just never know who will be watching from across the street.

And one final word of advice on sex appeal. Once you’ve got it and flaunted it, you must live up to the ladies’ sexy expectations. Remember that the delivery is just as important as the sex appeal itself, so put that extra sexy effort into everything you do with a woman – from kissing and touching to hitting that final home run. She’ll think you’re great, you’ll think you’re great, and just like that you will have mastered the art of raw sex appeal forever…

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