Real Life Wedding Crashers: How To Meet Girls At Weddings

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Ever since the movie Wedding Crashers came out, every single guy with an eye for hot girls has been trying to find a way to meet girls at weddings. Is it really as easy as the movie made it seem? Believe it or not, there are ways to meet girls at weddings and it’s a great place to meet them. Read on to find out more on how to become the next real life wedding crasher.

Why are weddings a good place to meet girls?

First of all, weddings are basically a party. There’s good food, dancing, liquor, and a lot of happy people. What better atmosphere than this to meet girls, right? Second, the bride usually has a bevy of beautiful bridesmaids beside her, many of whom are always bridesmaids and never a bride. There’s always at least one single lady in the bridal crew so can scope her out and then try to get a chance to talk to her alone. Third, everyone’s usually dressed in their finest attire at a wedding (unless perhaps it’s happening on a beach somewhere), so you will get to see the ladies looking their best.

Do you have to crash the wedding to meet girls?

Crashing weddings and meeting girls are really two different things. You certainly don’t have to go to the length of crashing a wedding to meet a girl you find attractive. In fact, crashing weddings is probably a lot harder than you think. So, all you have to do is attend all the weddings you are invited to each time wedding season rolls around. And make sure you don’t bring a date, of course!

Look Your Best

You know how there’s always a guy that shows up to a wedding wearing a bowling shirt or jeans instead of a suit? Try not to be that guy. Make sure you look your best at all times. If you don’t own a nice suit, go buy one because it’s a good investment. And don’t wear one of those stupid cartoon ties either. Get a grown up tie without a zipper. That will surely impress her.

Figuring Out Who’s Available At The Wedding

The tricky part about picking up women at a wedding is figuring out who’s available and who’s not. It’s not like a singles club where you can almost presume that everyone you meet is single. The good news is that it’s easy to find out who’s available by asking around. Ask the groom or the bride, assuming you know them, if the cute bridesmaid has a boyfriend. Or, you can choose to watch people interact after the ceremony to see if that certain someone you have an eye on is in fact available. Whatever your move, try to be subtle. Try to make it look like you didn’t think in advance of how to meet someone at the wedding.

Planning Your First Move

Figuring out how to approach a girl at a wedding can be tricky. Here are a few tips on finding ways to talk to her:

  • If she’s sitting alone during the reception while others are dancing, simply ask her if she would like to dance. If she’s at all interested, she’ll probably say yes. And if she says she doesn’t like to dance, try striking up a conversation with her instead. You should be able to tell right away if she’s interested in you or not.
  • Ask her if she wants a drink. Whether it’s an open bar or not, be a gentleman and get the lady a drink. You’ll look considerate and she’ll realize you are hitting on her.
  • Strike up a conversation as you are waiting in line beside her to get a drink. If you don’t know her at all, ask her how she knows the bride and groom and explain how you know the couple too. Chances are good that you will end up knowing some of the same people if you are at the same wedding.

If You Are In The Wedding Party

If you are a part of the wedding and the girl you’re interested in is also part of the wedding, picking up just got a lot easier. This is because you will likely have more than one opportunity to get to know her. There’s the engagement party, the obligatory Jack & Jill shower, the rehearsal dinner and then finally, the wedding. If you haven’t gotten up the nerve to talk to her during at least one of those occasions then you don’t deserve to get a date out of the whole thing anyway.

Getting Her Number

Let’s say you meet someone at the wedding that you find interesting and attractive. You chat her up during the wedding, you dance a bit with her, and at the end of the night, you want her phone number. If things are going this well, chances are good that she’ll have no problem giving you her number, especially since it’s likely that you have mutual friends at the wedding – this will make her feel like she can trust you with her number. But once you have the number, you’ve got a responsibility to call her.

The last thing you want to do is cause a rift in your group of friends. If she’s the bride’s best friend and you’re a good buddy of the groom’s, being a jerk about calling her is only going to cause trouble down the road.

Gentlemen, you don’t need to think of a crazy story to crash a wedding and pick up a girl. All you need is a good suit, a little tact, and a great personality, and you’ll be smoking hot at any wedding you attend!

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