What Really Happens at Bachelorette Parties: An Insider’s Guide

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There are two situations that most men fantasize or wonder about, but rarely (if ever) actually find out the truth about: sorority parties and bachelorette parties. The infamous bachelorette party or “stagette” is rapidly becoming an institution, and most men have no idea what really goes on, except for the occasional glimpse of a group of drunken girls covered in lollipops stumbling into a club.

So, if you can put aside your Hollywood induced fantasies, then read on and get an insiders take on what really happens at a stagette party.


The Beginning

The main focus of a stagette is – like any good party – to get drunk. Once the night has been selected, the girls usually meet to get ready and to start drinking. The getting ready is the standard showering and hairstyling, only multiplied by the number of women that are going out. They always try to look fabulous, so the outfits tend to be very sexy. The next stop is the restaurant, where the fun really begins. The bride-to-be is now subjected to the ‘rite of humiliation’, along with lots of alcohol.

She is usually forced to wear some silly articles of clothing, and given a few tacky gifts, normally involving the penis in some way – penis straw, penis nose, penis drinking cup, etc. Multicolored condoms are another popular addition, normally stuck to a veil, hat or shirt. Another great favorite is when her girlfriends get a white t-shirt and stick several suckers, lollipops or lifesavers to it.

The bride-to-be is then forced to wear it, and later on at the bar her ‘friends’ convince men to suck one off of her body for a buck. Most guys have either seen or participated in this fun tradition, and sometimes it can get pretty out of hand. If the girlfriends play the game right, they can have men bidding for the suckers on the breasts, making the bride enough money to ensure no one pays for a drink the entire night.

Male Dancers

Strippers, long the icon of bachelor parties, are starting to make their way into the stagette party. Most women won’t spend the night at a male strip club, but they will make sure to drag the bride-to-be to one. Another favorite is to have the stripper come to the house during the prep party, making sure the bride-to-be has one last naked man to look at before she takes the plunge. And if you have never seen a group of drunk women watch male dancers, then you have no idea how wild some of these ladies can get.

Club Stagette

By the time the ladies pour into the local dance club, they are usually drunk. Single men seem to have radar for stagette parties, or it may have something to do with the balloons and penis hats, but whatever it is, they always spot the girls when they come in. If the bride-to-be is festooned with the infamous sucker shirt, then it is not long before those same men are circling her like a pack of sharks around an Australian surfer with a leg wound.

If the men don’t come quickly enough (rarely an issue) then the girlfriends will start rounding them up for a suck. Depending on how reserved the bride-to-be is, this can either be a fairly raunchy event, or a tame display. The men come over and pay the buck, and then they decide which sucker they want. This normally involves the strange men getting down on their knees and holding the bride-to-be’s ass, or grabbing her breasts as he sucks the one over her right nipple.

On any other day, the bride-to-be would charge all of these guys with assault, but today it’s okay! The money they make is used to buy a steady stream of shots, and the girls all ‘hooch’ it up on the dance floor. No matter what, a good stagette will always take things up a notch at a club.

Coming Home

If the bride-to-be is still standing at this point, the girls either take her back home or to a hotel room they rented. Now for those who fantasize that this is where the girls get naked and slutty, then jump ahead to the next section. For the rest of you, the truth is the drinking keeps on going. Some crazy after-club parties might involve bringing a few lucky guys back from the club or maybe a late night stripper, but for the most party it is only a few more drinks before passing out.

But for the randy bride-to-be…

If your fiancé likes to push the limits, enjoys seeing and touching naked men, and you aren’t the jealous type, then you should know that the latest craze in bachelorette parties is referred to as the CFNM party. The Clothed Female Naked Male party goes far beyond the typical ogling of a male stripper. This is all about getting with the guy and humiliating (and pleasuring) him.

Just type CFNM into Google and you will get a number of sites bragging about the greatness of CFNM—complete with graphic pictures. Think your fiancé is an angel and wouldn’t give a stripper a blowjob or handjob? Think again! Her mug is probably on one of these websites.

CFNM defines itself as an activity that is practiced by both men and women. In the case of your fiancé, she will be fully clothed (unless she desires to take her clothes off) with one or more naked men. It starts out as your regular stripper routine, with lots of teasing and maybe some props like whipped cream and oil. But, in many cases the women—at bachelorette parties, the bride-to-be is usually the first one to have a go at the guy—end up giving the men blowjobs or handjobs.

While it can start out as women finally gaining some “power” over the men, teasing them until they want to cry for mercy, in the end, he’s going to shoot his load, and probably all over your fiancé. The audience is encouraged to grab their cocks and with a little booze thrown in, a lot of sucking and wanking occurs in no time. It can get pretty graphic and intimate, so if you think your fiancé is into this sort of thing, you might want to talk to her about it, at least so you get a warning before your dad spots her on a website jacking some guy off.

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