What She Really Wants In The Bedroom

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what-women-want-in-bedroomLet’s face it – guys are always thinking about sex – how to get it, how to get it again, and how to keep it coming after that. Girls too think about sex a lot and want to move past the usual bedroom play to something more exciting.

Lots of men want to spice up their sex lives, but are often afraid they might offend their girlfriends by suggesting new and improved moves, as though they are bored with their current relationship. Girls are sometimes afraid to tell their partners what they’d really like to do in the bedroom too because they might look “slutty” or “sex-crazed.”

Well, you are in for a treat because this article contains some sex fantasies that many women would like to experience, but are sometimes too afraid to talk about. Of course, not all of them involve these women having sex with their boyfriends, but that’s role-playing is all about, right? When you’re done reading it, email it to her so that she knows that you are finally on the same page!

Fantasy Number One – The Younger Man

It’s common for women to imagine having sex with a younger man and by younger, we’re not talking the 45 year-old woman having sex with the 28-year-old man. There’s something to be said for 18-year-olds! Ask your girlfriend, if she wasn’t involved in a relationship with you, if she would be up for a sexual encounter with a younger man and chances are she’ll say yes! It’s the idea that she will be the one controlling the action because he’s not as experienced as her. Plus, the younger guy will look to her as a sort of goddess, which is going to make any woman feel sexy and aroused.

Fantasy Number Two – Getting Caught In The Act

Another common fantasy that women share is getting caught while having sex or being watched. This doesn’t mean that your girlfriend wants her mother to walk in on the two of you; quite the opposite, but having a stranger walk into the elevator when you and your girlfriend are engaged in a quickie is a very exciting experience.

Similarly, having someone watch you having sex makes you more aware of your body while you are doing it. Maybe your girlfriend even fantasizes about having one of your good friends watch the two of you. This doesn’t have to mean you are going to engage in a threesome; rather, the two of you could have sex while a third party passively watches. The idea of having another person in the room who is getting turned on as much as the two of you who are having sex adds a real element of excitement. Plus, your girlfriend will want to “show off” in the bedroom when she has an audience and that will guarantee that you are going to have fantastic sex.

Fantasy Number Three – The Stranger

Here’s an easy one for role-playing couples. Let’s say the two of you are staying in a hotel room. Your girlfriend will dress in sexy lingerie and pretend to be alone in the room. You, playing the part of the horny stranger, will sneak into the hotel room and “overtake” your girlfriend, who resists at first and then surrenders to a night of lovemaking. It might sound cheesy, but there are many women who fantasize about meet a tall, dark and handsome stranger somewhere and letting their inhibitions go out the window and let their bodies take control for a night of mad passion. But, such a scenario is not practical for many people, especially those in committed relationships. So, adding this element of role-playing will certainly turn her on and ensure a night of hot sex.

Fantasy Number Four – Taking Charge

Sometimes there’s nothing more satisfying to a woman than being taken over in the bedroom. When you go over to her place, don’t simply greet her at the door with a kiss on the cheek. Instead, drop your coat on the floor and grab her. Kiss her hard on the mouth and when she’s trying to find out what has gotten into you, carry her to the bedroom, throw her on the bed and take her clothes off as quickly as possible.

Don’t talk at all; just let her know through your body that you are taking control for the evening.

Grab ice cubes and rub then on her nipples; then bite her neck while you flip her over onto her stomach. Proceed to lick her from top to bottom, stopping only to insert yourself into her. Tease her by thrusting in and out, and then when she’s just about to cum, stop, pull out and start all over. She’ll be begging you for more by the end of the night!

Fantasy Number Five – Swinging With Another Couple

Believe it or not, lots of women like the idea of being together with their partner while swinging with another couple. Of course, this isn’t a practical fantasy that everyone can play out, but if you and your girlfriend are the adventurous type and are interested in sharing this adventure with a close couple, by all means, indulge yourselves.

Plan an evening where the four of you get together for some drinks and a hot tub party at someone’s house. Gradually, you will each switch partners all the while watching the other getting frisky with someone else. She’ll be excited watching you getting turned on by another woman, and you will feel the same about her. Then, before you go any further, come back together as a couple and have sex with each other instead of your swinger friends.


There are a lot of things that women would like to have happen in the bedroom but are too afraid to talk about. These fantasies are just a sampling of what women really want, so instead of trying to read her mind, you should just come out and ask your partner what she’d like to do in bed. Encourage her by telling her about your fantasies – especially the realistic ones that the two of you can experience – and she’ll suddenly let you know about all of her secret fantasies too.

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