Recovering From A Long Sexual Dry Spell

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Your new friends pity you for it. Your old friends will not stop bugging you. Your brothers are losing respect and even the dog seems to smirk in your general direction. You are the victim of a long, long sexual dry spell. The good news is that you are not alone. Plenty of bachelors go months and months without sex and survive relatively unscathed. However, if you want to properly recover from your prolonged dry spell, there are a few initiatives that you must take.

Throwing yourself back into the game will require some effort on your part, but the results will justify the means. So step up to bat, follow these valuable instructions, and you’ll be hitting homers in no time at all AND wondering why you let this dry spell last so long to begin with…

First of all, you need to pull up your socks – you know, snap out of it! You have brought this era of diminished sexual activity upon yourself and now it is time to go get yourself some. Ask yourself if your dry spell was brought on because you simply couldn’t be bothered to pursue women? Were you generally feeling discouraged by love, sex, dating games or relationships? Almost all men and women go through stages of life when they feel somewhat frustrated with others and these periods of introspection can be good for you in the end.

The key is knowing when and how to get yourself back in the game, which will likely require at least a few small personal adjustments. The first key is learning to manage your frustration with others. In other words, don’t let other people, i.e. women, be a source for your own energy and motivation. Also, do not dwell on the past, your regrets or any past negative incidents involving women – you deserve a healthy sex life, no matter what type it might be: casual, or relationship-oriented. Attitude adjustment complete? Now it’s time to work your magic on the ladies…

Getting back into the world of sex and dating will require you to look AND feel like the eligible bachelor that you are. While your shoes, clothes and hair will be important factors in winning over the ladies, your face is the real masterpiece of your mojo. Do you know, for example, how to give a woman the eyes? You know – that dreamy eyed, sexual look that says “I want to have you now, and I will take you oh so tenderly”. Women love that look.

How about a winning smile – the one that is filled with confidence and personality that woman just crumble for? If you have not yet mastered the art of the eyes and the smile, you must practice immediately. While you might tire of smiling and looking at yourself in the mirror, it is the best place to start. Afterwards, take your newly-honed facial techniques out and try them on the ladies. You should also take note of how other men give a successful look and smile, they might already know something that you don’t! Remember that it never hurts to look or smile at a woman – they almost always find it flattering.

The next step in your dry spell recovery strategy is location. To meet women, you must be in the right place at the right time. You will also have to start going out more often, and making the most of your adventures in the world. It’s ok to stay home and relax one or two nights a week, but until you have truly broken free of your prolonged state of celibacy, it’s best to limit home time to a minimum. So where are you to go to spread your wings, and of course your eyes and your smile…? A better question is where will you not go? Pubs, clubs, parties, barbeques, dinner parties, dances, movies, sporting events, concerts, festivals, and on and on. There are a multitude of things to do and see in your city – so start making the most of them. The more diverse settings you are involved in, the more ladies you will meet, and before you know it – your dry spell will be no longer.

The only step that remains in your road of sexual discover is your delivery. When you meet a woman, you can’t let on that you are eager, determined, or desperate to get with her. You must be much cooler than that, while still expressing interest. Your best way of getting to know her and getting her to like you is simple – ask lots of questions about her, and make her laugh. A funny or entertaining conversation will allow you to use that killer smile and make her feel comfortable around you. More importantly, it will make her see how comfortable you are with yourself. While still in the initial stages of dry spell recovery, it is not the best idea to sweep in on the first semi-attractive woman that you meet. Hold out for someone special, or at least someone memorable, so that your sexual come back is one that you both will remember, and maybe repeat!

Do not allow small hurdles to overcome you when it comes to meeting and dating women. Women are a mystery to almost all men. However, skills, practice and timing will win you a satisfying sexual encounter in the end, you just need to be patient. If patience is not a virtue that you currently possess – understandably – it has been months and months… then you might try the no-holds-barred approach. If you meet someone who is obviously interested in sex, tell her the truth: that you need to get some and that she is looking mighty fine to you. If you are lucky, she will appreciate your honesty and candor and will share the same desire and longing. In this circumstance, you will probably both be running pretty high on adrenaline, so consummate relatively quickly, before the high wears off!!

No matter who you meet and what the final results are, if you are determined to recover from your dry spell you will do so eventually. In the end, a dry spell is not the worse thing in the world, it gives you time to yourself, and time to plan your sexual comeback. Oh boy… what the ladies have been missing.

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