Robbing the Cradle:How (and Why) to Date Younger Women

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The older man/younger woman scenario is one that is as old as humanity. In cultures where women are valued primarily for their procreational value, younger women’s status lies in their fertility. Since men are fertile late into their lives, the match between an older man, especially one of high status, and a younger woman is in many cultures progeny-related. In contemporary Western culture, however, we are, for the most part, less focused on child-bearing than we ever have been in the past. Yet, it is still not uncommon, and certainly not stigmatized, to see a younger (and in some cases, a much younger) woman on the arm of an older man.

While we are not as focused on having children in North America, we certainly do have an affinity for staying children as is exhibited in our obsession with young, nubile bodies, and lineless faces. The models who populate the pages of magazines are old at twenty, some beginning their careers as young as 12 as representatives of the ideal adult female body.

In short, we are drilled with the notion that to worship youth and youthful things is to pursue the ideal. It is not surprising, then, that older men are drawn to younger women. They represent youth, energy, and the idealism and promise of a young life. Many young adults retain the fearlessness of their youth, that sense of immortality, and for someone who is just starting to face some of that mortality, it is refreshing to be around someone for whom that is a distant consideration.

Why Date Younger Women

There are some less academic reasons that show that dating someone younger than yourself is fun.

Less expectation of commitment: As you age, you might find that the people in your dating pool get increasingly worried about their timelines. Biological clocks become deafening and women who you nailed against the wall of a bathroom stall are turning their desiring eyes from your crotch to a nice yard in the suburbs. If you are not ready to take the plunge into marriage and suburbia, or have just gotten out of long-term domestic situation, the constant pressure to define and outline expectations can be exhausting. A younger woman is apt to be a little more easy going about her life. Children are rarely a consideration for this generation of women in their early-to-mid twenties, whose primary commitment is to getting her career on track.

Less baggage: The younger a woman is, it follows that the greener she is in romantic situations. In your early twenties, you may have had some hurt, but you haven’t really been out there long enough to have had any extended run of hurt or disappointment that an older woman may have experienced. As a result, younger women are still prone to romantic notions of love and relationships, to visions of white knights and happily-ever-afters. This makes for a less complex coupling in some ways, as the cynicism or distrust of a more traveled woman can be exhausting and defeatist. On the other hand, romantic notions can lead to certain expectations as well, so try not to be the guy who gives her her first suitcase of grievances.

Status: Like a fine automobile, a beautifully cut suit, or the biggest television screen on the block, there is undeniably a certain level of status given among men to theifriend seems to have duped this beautiful younger lady (who they, of course, can and will now inject into all of their fantasies) into dating a chump like you. Youth is status because it is what we all desire. We would prefer our youth to be eternal, but barring that, we can always settle for living in the vicinity of youth, or at least having sex with it.

Easier to impress: When you date women the same age as you, you will find that being on an even playing field means that women your age are more difficult to impress. They are probably as educated, if not more, than you; their jobs may be similar, or better, than yours; and their experience in the dating world has made them as jaded and guarded as you are. In contrast, a younger woman will, by definition, probably have less education, and most likely less experience than you do. It will not be difficult to appear more sophisticated than the guys her age who are still playing video games for days at a time and think that fine dining is a sit-down restaurant in the mall. You can introduce her to good restaurants and seem worldly when you know the difference between a Chardonnay and a cabernet.

You seem experienced in the sack: Whether you have a ton of experience in the sack, or a moderate amount, you probably have more than her, just based on the mathematics of time. This means that you can pull out a thing or two you have learned and impress her with your range, and your ability to name and actually locate both her clitoris and G-spot. Be careful though: she will most certainly have more energy than you. Take your vitamins and stretch before and after each session to avoid injury.

How to Score a Younger Woman

There are obvious and subtle ways to start dating a younger woman. The obvious way is to go to where they hang out. This will mean frequenting nightclubs with music you will most likely hate. You may stick out as an older dude, but there will be no doubt why you are there. You can try to wheel random ladies, but you might be setting yourself up for rejection, as not all ladies are into the sugar daddies. Be prepared to buy lots of drinks (and not just when you are courting), for the lady who catches your eye and her friends. You will know right away if she is open to meeting you.

A subtle way to meet younger women is to hang out with younger women. If you have some younger female friends, you will not only learn how they work socially, you will be able to network socially. One of the attractions of older men for younger women is that older men have attained a certain level of success. With that success comes confidence. It is primarily the confidence of the older man that draws younger women (although, for some younger women, it is the security of dating an older man with money and status). If you seem desperate or creepy, you will not get far with younger women. Play it cool; let them come to you.

Once you have drawn a younger woman in, treat her in a way that you know men her age haven’t quite figured out yet. Make her feel special and appreciated. Like any woman, this is what she is looking for; unlike older women, the younger ones may still believe you are sincere.

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