Sensory Deprivation & Sex: Together at Last

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Sensory deprivation has a long and sordid history, from its use as a torture method by various militaries, to a new age form of health and mental restoration. So using sensory deprivation to enhance your sex life is the next obvious link in the chain. Remember, the point behind sensory deprivation is to clear the mind, enhance your experience, and to give certain senses a rest, while enhancing the capabilities of others. When you try this out with your lover, a whole new-age world of possibilities will open itself up to you. Who knows? You might even end up foregoing that hot tub purchase so you can buy your own float tank!

What is it all about?

Sensory deprivation started to become a popular fad in the 90s, with shops springing up in California offering various sensory deprivation experiences. Typically, you’d pay to enter the shop to be immersed in a float tank. The water in the tank usually had a high salt content, so that the person lying inside would float. In addition, there were no lights in the tank, and all other senses were deprived: hands and feet restrained, eyes and ears covered, and the tank was free of sound and light. The end result was to provide complete and total deprivation (or restoration) of the bodies senses, allowing the mind to wander ‘free’ without interference.

Although the technology was derived from military torture methods, much of the idea behind sensory deprivation comes from meditation practices. By eliminating all external sensory inputs, the brain is free to expand and explore new horizons. People have actually gone into these tanks and freaked out, due to the lack of stimulus. But strangely enough, some of the same ideas behind deprivation tanks can be applied to your sex life, with some very interesting results.


The ability to touch and be touched is an important facet of our senses. When done right, touch can drive a person wild. Here are a few things that you might want to try.

In order to make this work, you have to be able to bind your partner. This can be something as simple and old fashioned as handcuffs, or you can use silk scarves. There is no limit to the ways you can tie a person down, so be creative. But for this to work best, the more immobile they are the better. Remember, tying someone up is a trust issue, so you may not want to spring this on your blind date.

The next thing you need to do is tantalize your partner. There will already be a heightening of sensation due to the anticipation factor, but now you need to turn the heat up; literally. Think of her body as blank canvas, and you are a painter. You don’t want to complete the portrait all at once, you need to paint slowly. Start at her toes and work your way to her face – nibble, lick, bite, kiss – make sure you don’t leave anything out. If she is into it, try dripping hot wax on her nipples, and tickling her – push the limits. Spank her; whip her – pleasure and pain. Use ice cubes, oil and body paint. Remember, she can’t fight back. She is defenseless, and this will only heighten her pleasure.


Taste can be used in combination with touch or sight to create some very exotic lovemaking sessions. Remember 9 1/2 Weeks? In order to charge things up, the best thing to do is be prepared. Have a selection of items for her to taste, and think of creative places for her to lick them from. The trick is not to overpower her, say by smearing yourself in peanut butter. Instead, try some honey on your penis, or smear her body with warm Jell-O. The more creative you are, the more excited she will become. Make sure you include some tingly ingredients like mints. Pop one in your mouth and perform oral sex on her to create some wild sensations, or maybe make her naked body into an all-you-can-eat buffet. Hungry yet?


Once again, sight can be used in combination with deprivation of other senses. Anticipation will be high, so you have to come up with some crazy ideas. Try blindfolding her, and then slowly undressing her. Or try playing nude ‘Hide & Seek’ while blindfolded. Remember, depriving her sight will increase her other senses, so combo up some tactile love. Make her skin ripple with pleasure, by using ice cubes and dripping hot oil.


For a truly erotic time, try sight and sound deprivation together. Then focus on pain, pleasure, heat and cold, in order to make her skin scream with delight. Since she can’t see or hear you coming, the experience will be magnified. Throw in some handcuffs, and you have a submissive, willing partner, who will be so full of anticipation that every touch will feel intense. The trick is not to overload her with stimulus, use it sparingly. She will start to anticipate what you are going to do next, so change things up to trick her. Use a feather, blow on her navel, pour water on her toes – the more you change things up, the crazier she will get.


Believe it or not, smell is often considered the most powerful emotional sense the human body possesses. The problem is we tend to overpower it, or rely on our other senses. Find out what her favorite scents are, and make sure you keep them close by. You can either make sure the scent is in the bedroom prior to making love, or you can look for massage oil enhanced with the scent she loves. If you don’t know her preference – experiment. Try new colognes and body oils until you find the one that drives her mad. Then, she will start to associate that scent with sexual pleasure, which will heighten your experience the next time you make love.

Combo it up!

The keys to any good sensory deprivation experience are:


  • Don’t be afraid to combine things, rather than working on one sense at a time.
  • Figure out which sense – or combination – brings your lover the most pleasure, then you can be more focused in your bedroom play.
  • Take your time! Slapping cuffs on her the moment she walks in will probably freak her out. However, once she knows how much pleasure they will bring her, she will look forward to it.
  • Make sure you try it too! If she sees that you also want to experiment with new things, then she will be more likely to do them as well.
  • Preparation! Spontaneity is always good, but make sure you have the necessary supplies (food, oil, equipment, etc.) on hand to give her the full experience.And one last thing…We know it’ll be hard but please try to enjoy yourself!


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