The Sensual Approach: How to Turn Your Pad into a Tasteful Sexual Playground

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What if you could live in an environment where your senses were always being stimulated in a sensual way? What if the colors, materials and scents you incorporated into your home decor actually heightened your sensual awareness?

These ideas might seem crazy, but they do work. In the same way that you might use caffeine to stimulate your system into being more awake, you can transform your living space into a mood changing sensual stimulator. And we aren’t talking about hanging velvet posters on the wall, installing shag carpeting and buying red light bulbs for your lamps.

The trick is to be subtle, yet aware, and create the stimulating living environment that will have a positive affect on you and your guests. Why bother? Well, a heightened state of sensual awareness seems like a much nicer place to live in, compared to a boring, cold, uninspiring home.

Getting started…

Colors to choose

Colors are essential to creating the right kind of sensual environment. A common mistake most people make when decorating is to apply a neutral base color for their walls. The advantage of a neutral color – like off white – is that any accessories and furniture you add in will not clash with the walls The disadvantage is you have a vast space of neutral color, which has little or no effect on the senses. Selecting colors that are ‘warm’ or vibrant will help to enhance your sensuality. Colors like muted reds, yellows and browns, create warmth in a home. You want to avoid stark, jarring contrast as well, but don’t be afraid to change colors from wall to wall within a room. The wall colors should be more than a bland backdrop for your furniture.

Types of furniture

Like the walls, your furniture should be an extension of a good sensual vibe. This means that comfort is crucial, and nearly every piece of furniture should have the ability to be used as a bed or lounge. Try to find over-sized couches, or couch units (sectionals) that can combine to offer a bed-like sitting area. Avoid leather, since it tends to be cool and stiff to the touch. Choose a fabric that feels good on bare skin and encourages your female visitors to want to strip down and roll around naked. Make sure there are lots of throw pillows on the furniture and on the floor, and once again avoid jarring or overtly bland color schemes. The furniture needs to draw people in and then hold them in place.


Icy cold floors will kill any sensual feelings your guests (or you) might have going, so covering portions of your hardwoods with soft throw rugs is key. Avoid stiff, Berber-type area rugs, since you just might end up sprawled out on the floor. Again, think of what would feel good on bare feet and other body parts, then choose a color scheme or pattern that will flow with the rest of the room.


The key to classy sensual artwork is to not go for the obvious items – like pictures of naked people. That being said, the image or silhouette of a naked female or male form can be very stimulating. The trick is to find the right balance between nudity and art. The artwork should draw the observer in, intriguing them to take the time to really look at a painting. Overt sexuality might be a turnoff for some, while making others feel downright uncomfortable. If you can find the right balance between subtleness and sexuality, you will add another layer of sensuality to your room.


The right aroma can make or break your sensual creation. Obviously, you do not want any unpleasant odors permeating this space – like the smell of fried onions, or a weeks worth of garbage. You also want to avoid overpowering your guests with overly strong incense or aroma candles. The scent should just be strong enough to acknowledge itself in a room, without overpowering the possibility for other scents. Avoid cheap electronic sense dispensers, and instead go for the more expensive scented candles or potpourri. You can use various scents in different rooms, but try not to have the scents clash and overpower each other for attention.

Window Coverings

Blinds seem to have less of an effect on a person than do sheer curtains. If you can mimic the idea of a sheer material hanging from a canopy bed, you might help to trigger ideas of silky softness in the minds of the person staring at the window. Also, a gauzy window covering creates intrigue; since you can’t quite see what lies on the other side, save for a few indistinct shapes. Conversely, light and shadow have more play when a sheer material is used.


One sure way of ruining a sensual environment like the one you have just created is by playing music that contradicts it. This environment is not for hard rock, country or top forty, nor is it for classical. Sexy jazz or blues, and even selected types of ambient dance music will help to complete the vibe you are seeking. The music should be the background to your room, like the way water is for fish in a fish tank. It should support what you are trying to create, without letting those in the environment slip away into another less desirable space.


It is truly amazing how good an old lamp can look with the advent of a new shade. If you do not want to spend the money on a new shade or can’t find the perfect color scheme to match your room, then get a plain shade and paint it using the colors from your walls. During the day, you will want natural light to permeate your space. At night, however, the more muted the room the better. Do not have lights so bright that they detract from the soft atmosphere you are trying to create, but don’t have the room so dark that your guests stumble on the way to the bathroom. Strike the right balance between form and function, and don’t be afraid to light up a lot of candles. That being said, make sure the extra candles are unscented, or you will cause the scent element to lose its focus.

Don’t Forget to Relax!

Remember – you are trying to create a sensual environment, not a place to watch football with the boys. It may take you a while to get it right, but don’t give up. Immersing yourself in this environment everyday will do wonders for your sensuality, and make others feel your sensual vibe the moment they walk into the room.

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