Sex Games For Couples

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There are lots of different ways to spice up your sex life and they don’t have to be tedious relationship-building exercises. Instead, start playing some sex games which will not only add some flavor to your sex life, but it will also be a fun way to experiment with new sexual activities. It will add spontaneity to your sex life and you may end up doing things that you never even imagined possible!

Body Painting

If you are looking for sensual fun, then body painting is a great idea. Besides being naked, you get to rub sticky, slippery stuff all over each other’s bodies. What’s more fun than that? Basically, you and your partner get naked and you paint each other’s bodies using just about anything you want. Adult stores will have different materials to use as paints – anything from strawberry-flavored body paint to chocolate body paint. Or, you can just use what you’ve got around your home. Get out the chocolate sauce and peanut butter to create a sticky, sexy masterpiece on your partner. When you are done, you can eat it off! Just make sure that you’ve got old bed sheets on the bed or floor to make for easy clean-up later on.

Strip Poker

This is a classic sex game for couples and with good reason. There’s nothing quite like beating your partner at a game of cards and then with each winning hand, forcing them to slowly and sensually undress right before your eyes. To make the game more exciting, make sure that you are both wearing really sexy undergarments – that way, even if she gets you naked before you get her naked, you can still enjoy the lacy underwear show. To add an extra level of excitement, invite another couple over to play the game with you. The idea of seeing your buddy’s girlfriend naked and vice versa is sure to be extra stimulating.

Pretend You’re Meeting For The First Time

Get dressed up – she should look hot in a low cut dress and you should try your best to look dashing as well. Think James Bond and you should get the look right. Then, head to a classy bar. You should enter first, and have a drink at the bar. Let everyone admire you as you stand there drinking your martini shaken, not stirred. When she enters, everyone’s eyes will be drawn to her automatically and she will pretend not to know you. She’ll seat herself at the bar and order a drink, and that’s when you will approach her. Of course, she will play hard to get and every other guy in the place will be dying to give her a try after you have struck out. After some time, the two of you should engage in a lusty lip lock in front of everyone, which will make this role playing game even more fun. Everyone will wonder how the two of you hooked up so quickly, and then you can leave together, go back to your place, and go at it like bunnies.

Install A Stripper Pole In Your Place

You might not want the stripper pole to be the centerpiece of your home, but if you can install it in a place where all of your guests won’t immediately see it, you won’t regret it! Your partner will want to show you that the strippers you and your buddies check out at the bars have nothing on her, and you should take her up on that offer. Get out your favorite tunes and have her demonstrate her stripping skills for you. For more fun, have your hands tied behind your back so that you can’t reach out and indulge yourself. Let her tease you until you are ready to explode.

Make A Scavenger Hunt For Your Partner

In secret, make a scavenger hunt for your partner. Then, place the clues throughout your place. Make sure that with each clue, your partner has to either remove an item of clothing or put on a sexy piece of lingerie. You can also involve the use of sex toys, lubricants and other sexy toys. For example, have her start out by moving from clue to clue removing the clothes she is currently wearing. Then, when she’s naked, and you’ve had the opportunity to observe her naked body for a while, let her continue the hunt. She can then dress up in the sexy lingerie you’ve hidden for her. When that’s over, let her find the vibrating dildo you’ve hidden and order her to start using it on herself. Once you get to this part of the scavenger hunt, you can just join in for a night of fun.

Have A Sexy Reading Night

Pick up some racy books that you and your partner will get turned on by. Then, get naked under the covers and start reading each other steamy passages from the book. As you read, start touching each other and yourselves. Let her keep reading her favorite passages and try to act out everything she is reading. Before she gets to the climax part of the book she is reading, you will be able to throw your book aside and just continue on your own.

Getting Started With Sex Games

Most of these sex games are pretty simple and you don’t need a lot of tools or imagination to make them work. All you need are two willing partners and since you are reading this article, you are probably interested already. That just leaves her to be convinced that sex games will be fun and a turn on. If she’s a skeptic, start with simple things like the scavenger hunt game or the body paint game. If you start by asking her to dance like a stripper for you, she might feel shy and turned off. Break her into these games easily and before you know it, she’ll be making up her own games too!

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