Is Your Sex Life Too Silent?

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There are many names for the type of girl who just goes through the motions in bed. There is no sign of pleasure or enjoyment in her; she is just staring over your shoulder at the ceiling. Some might say she is frigid; others might call her a prude.

Regardless of what you name her, she is generally someone that will not be at the top of your list of conquests. On the other hand, what do you call a man who simply goes through the motions without communicating any pleasure or enjoyment? Most women would refer to a man in this manner as boring in bed. Do you know how to express sexual pleasure in the bedroom or are you more likely to grunt a few times and call it an evening?

When it comes to increasing your pleasure and that of your partner, it is crucial that you communicate your enjoyment and sexuality. So ditch those insincere grunts and funny facial expressions and adopt a more mature and sensual means of expression in the bedroom.

Many men are used to hearing women’s sexy noises in the bedroom – the uninhibited moans, sighs, giggles, and groans that still echo in your ears in the next morning are one of the highlights of the previous evening’s sexual encounter. Many women are more comfortable making noise in the bedroom, or simply have a hard time controlling their sexy sounds. But when it comes to hearing pleasure from their partners, most women feel that men are way too silent during sex.

This absence of pleasurable sound makes it more difficult to gauge and share in the sexual experience. Sexual sound-making and pleasurable expression can take sensuality and intimacy to the next level – sheer joy. So ask yourself this – is your sex life too silent and what can you do about it?

There are many easy and enjoyable solutions to the problem of a sex life too silent. First of all, you need to practice. No, this does not mean moaning and groaning as loud as you can throughout your next evening of pleasure. Make no mistake, no woman wants your noise to drowned out her own.

However, she does want assurance that you are enjoying the sexual experience as much as she is. You might first want to practice when she is performing oral pleasure on you. As you feel your pleasure growing and building make some audible moans or make sure that you are breathing loud enough for her to hear you.

The some goes for intercourse – let her know that you are loving every minute of it by expressing yourself. If you are shy, then moan or whisper or breathe heavy in your ear – she will understand that you are in the throws of pleasure and will likely get even more turned on herself.

In their attempt to often conceal or control their sexual pleasure in bed, what many men don’t realize is that they end up making awkward, disgruntled and funny facial expressions. Have you ever had the experience of a woman not looking at you in the throws of pleasure? Chances are, your face is contorted beyond all belief, and she does not want that image burned in her memory.

Expressing yourself vocally or through breathing will help you to relax your facial muscles, no matter how worked up you are getting. Furthermore, practicing moans, sighs or breathing patterns will probably help you last longer, which will keep every woman in your life happy as pie.

If you still feel unsure about how to express yourself in bed, you might even look to some examples. Watch some soft porn and pay attention to how the cast of men engage in the sexual encounter with breathing, sighs, moans and language. You might want to avoid communications involving overly dirty or abrupt expressions, and focus on more sensual expressions and language. You can always work up to call her your dirty bitch, but it generally not a good starting point as you attempt to improve your communication skills in the bedroom.

What you’ll notice in most sexy examples is that men communicate the most when the woman is performing something special, especially when she can’t see your face. Oral pleasure, reverse cowboy moves or sexual maneuvers that remove her from the intimacy of being close to your head and mouth are the best time to express your pleasure in an audible manner. This communication provides reassurance, encouragement and stimulation to her as she provides you with satisfying sexual pleasure.

Most men will admit that the only noise that they make is with orgasm. Many women testify that men are not even aware of the sounds that “come” out of them with the release, and this is a good thing. Because women often have more trouble orgasming through intercourse than men do, the masculine noise that often accompanies the peak of sexual pleasure is often responsible for sending a women into climax if she had not done so already. So in the end, noise making whether it is planned, practices, uninhibited or sheer delight is almost always a good thing for all parties involved.

Make no mistake, there is also a time and place for silent sex. Like when you are sharing a hotel room or accommodations, or if you are having a quickie in a semi-public place… However, for the most part what women want to hear is that you are enjoying the sexual experience as much as they are. They should not have to ask you if you had a good time – if they do, then you failed to communicate your pleasure. While it is ok to be a bit mysterious during courtship or dating, most women do not appreciate mystery in the bedroom.

So stop holding back your pleasure and contorting you face, free yourself from those inhibited grunts that you are used to making with the release of orgasm, and enjoy the noise of sex on all its glory.

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