Sex Positions for the Well-Endowed

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We all know that the fantasy of the huge phallus is one that dates back to our ancient ancestors. There have been fertility statues sporting massive erect penises since the beginning of modern history. In the ancient Greek world, the Greek players would wear 3 foot phalluses while performing in their comedy festivals. The large erect penis has come to mean many thing to many cultures: it represents power, prowess, fertility and masculinity.

Since women started coming out of the Puritan closet and talking about sex more often, the size of their lovers and the effect of size has always been a hot topic. There are always those who insist it’s what the man attached to the penis can do with it that is important, while there are many, affectionately known as “size queens,” who worship large penises.

You can usually tell if you are one of the envied men who has a larger-than-average sized penis by the reaction it gets in bed. Once you start sleeping with women who have had a little bit of experience in the sack, if you have a penis of exceptional girth or length, the reaction of your new lovers can range from delight to anxiety, depending on her previous experience. Usually 7 inches in length and up are considered larger than average, but a lot depends on the girth of your penis as well.

There are several factors to take into account when introducing your huge penis to a new partner. The first is if your partner has had any experience with a penis of your dimensions before. If she has, then she has probably worked out a few techniques of her own and knows her limits and comfortable positions. Second, find out if it has been a while since her last partner. This might be a delicate subject, but if it has been a while, you might have to take some extra time working her up to your full potential.

Before giving you some ideas of what kinds of positions are going to help her get accustomed to your proportions without scaring her off, know that, at first, unless she has some experience in this regard, you are going to have to go slowly and carefully so as not to hurt her. This is especially true if you have a very long penis. If you are bumping against her cervix, it can be painful for some women. If your penis has more girth than length, then it will be introducing it to the vagina that will take a bit of patience and a lot of lube.

The first, and most important, tip is that you are going to have to commit to a good amount of foreplay. Two things that are going to be important in not hurting your new partner are lubrication and her level of arousal. Her own lubrication is best, but in case she produces little, have some lube on hand. Foreplay’s second benefit: the more aroused a woman is, the more her vagina expands. This means that if she can have one or two orgasms before you even enter her, she will not only be aroused, but her vagina will also very relaxed and ready to receive you.

During foreplay, if you are manipulating her manually, try not to insert your finger (unless you are are inserting all of them) into her vagina right before you insert your penis. The muscles in the vagina will contract to the circumference of your fingers, giving you some more work to do when inserting your todger. Once she is warmed up, relaxed and very wet, here are some positions to start out with:

Her on top: This might be a good one to start with since, in this position, the woman can control both the speed of penetration and how much she can take in. She can ease herself down onto your penis and work her self down at her own comfort level. Try not to thrust up until she has given you the signal that she is comfortable, and then keep it slow. If she wants to speed up, she will. While she is up there, tell her how amazing her looks. Nothing turns a girl on more than feeling sexy.

Straddle: This is a modified version of her on top that gives the two of you a little more bounce. The man can sit on the edge of the bed (or a chair) with his feet on the floor. Have your partner straddle you, sitting on your lap with your knees together (don’t squish the berries in there though!). This position will allow good penetration, but again, will not allow you to get too out of control with the thrusting so she has some control over how deep you go.

Side by side: This is one of the most widely suggested positions for well-endowed men. In this position, you lay side by side, with you spooning her from behind. Your bodies will be in full contact and you can penetrate her from behind, allowing for more shallow, less forceful penetration. Once inside, you can modify this position by having your partner angle forward, away form you to allow deeper penetration. Once you get going, she can also throw her top leg over your top thigh for a different, deeper angle. This position is good for long love making sessions, and also for men who sometimes experience premature ejaculation.

There are a couple of tips for women to follow as well. The first is, whatever the position you are in, try to keep your knees and thighs together. This will not only make the fit more snug, it will allow you to control penetration somewhat. Another tip is to keep your hand at the base of his penis as he thrusts in and out. This will not only stimulate his full length, but it will keep him form going deeper than is comfortable for you.

Depending on the size and shape of your penis and the size and shape of her vagina, you may fit together immediately with few problems. Make sure that you are attentive to her face, which will register any pain she is too shy to share. The best way to give her confidence in handling a large member is to let her take the reigns and explore what she can do with it. Once she is comfortable, everybody wins!

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