Sex In Small Places!

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Too many times, sex is reserved for the bedroom which means that you’ve got to wait for her to get to the bedroom first before you can get your hands on her. But the problem with that, other than monotony, is that by the time she gets to the bedroom, she probably just wants to get ready for bed or go to sleep.

So, it’s time to get creative with where you are having sex. No place is too small (almost), so here are some suggestions about how to have sex small places!

The Car

The backseat of the car is a great place to have sex. First, it probably brings back memories of the first time you met your girlfriend, took her out on “dates” and made out in the car before you dropped her off back at home. Second, it’s spontaneous and risky which just adds to the excitement of the moment.

If you are going to have sex in the car, you should have a blanket handy so that the cold vinyl or leather of the seat won’t turn her off. There are also certain positions that are preferable to others. You can be sitting in the seat and she can straddle you or she can be on her knees facing the back window and you can fit yourself behind her for some backdoor action.

The Shower

Getting wet and wild together in the shower is another great small place sexcapade. When she’s stepping into the shower before work or before your night out on the town, follow her into the shower and offer to wash her back. Then, using the soap, massage her breasts. The slick and slippery water will turn her on and that’s when the fun begins.

Having sex in the shower is tricky because you don’t want to slip and fall. A good position then is to have her bend forward in the shower and you move in behind her, holding on to her hips for support. This way, your feet stay in the middle of the shower and not near the slippery curved edges were balancing may be difficult.

Twin Bed

Are you staying at a cheap hotel and could only get a room with twin beds? Or are you stuck at an aunt’s house over the holidays and you and your girlfriend are supposed to be bunking separately but have to sneakily have sex in the twin bed in the guest bedroom? Either way, don’t let the smallness of the bed stop you from having sex! When in doubt, resort to the old-fashioned missionary position when you’re stuck sharing a small bed. It’s simply, there’s enough room for both of you when you’re on top and if that’s not her favorite position, then make sure you satisfy her with oral sex to start.

Airplane Bathroom

Not that many people get the opportunity to join the “Mile High Club” but if you do, you’d better know how to have sex in such a small place like the airplane bathroom. There’s barely enough room in there for one person, much less two, so you’ve got to be quick and fast!

You’ll have to have sex standing up in this small place because there’s not enough room to sit or lay down. Plus, who wants to touch anything in those dirty airplane bathrooms anyway? So, you’ve got to get her legs wrapped around your waist and you will have to balance yourself with your back against the closed door. The other passengers may hear a little banging on the door, but they probably figured you were up to something when you both went to the bathroom together anyway!


Just like airplane sex, not that many daring and risky people get to partake in elevator sex but if you do get the opportunity, make sure you make the most of it! This may require some planning because you are going to need a tall building with a long elevator ride in order to get the most privacy. It would also help if your girlfriend was wearing a skirt because it makes for easy access and easy clean up afterward and just in case someone else is waiting for the elevator, you’ll need to be fast to cover up.

Depending on the size of the elevator, your range of sexual positions may be limited. Assuming that you are in a relatively small elevator, you may have to use the same position from the airplane bathroom, with her legs wrapped around your waist. Another good position is to have her face the wall of the elevator which allows for doggy-style sex, but while standing up.

On A Canoe

Are you on a camping trip with your girlfriend, paddling your canoe on the lake and are suddenly gripped by a desire to have sex? Well, if you’re careful, then there’s no reason you can’t have sex in the canoe, as long as you don’t rock the boat too much! To keep the balance, the best position is the missionary position. It will allow your weight to be distributed evenly in the middle of the canoe rather than only on one side. Once you are balanced and ready to go, just enjoy the fact that you are alone with your girlfriend on a peaceful lake with no one except the occasional loon to bother you. While you may have to be careful not to move too much, you can both make as much noise as you want!

So, next time you find you and your girlfriend in cramped quarters wondering how you are going to be able to get naughty together, remember that most spaces are big enough for you to figure out a way to get it on!

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