Sex Terms 101 – Part 1

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There’s a whole world of unknown sexual terminology out there, and for the average man, there’s the hidden fear that one such unfamiliar term will pop up during sex. Thanks to syndicated talk shows, we’re all familiar with terms like nymphomaniac. But what will you do if your sexual partner confesses she’s a die-hard ablutophiliac? What does that even mean?

In this article, we’ll offer you a beefed up dictionary of the best and most unusual sexual terms, from golden showers to daisy chains. So the next time your partner tells you she’s really interested in trying out the angry dragon, you’ll know just how to respond. And stay tuned for more articles on the sex terms you’ll soon know and love (or at least know).

Ablutophilia – If your girlfriend recently confessed that she’s a severe ablutophiliac, you might be tempted to run. Relax! Ablutophilia – while somewhat unusual – is a sexual term you might find more enjoyable than you think. An ablutophiliac is someone who takes intense sexual pleasure from bathing or showering. So before you slam the door behind you, why not ask if there’s room in the shower for two? And while you’re at it, be careful not to confuse this condition with ablutophobia – a fear of showering or bathing.

Acrophilia – There’s more than one reason to see the Eiffel Tower in your lifetime, or taking that long-delayed trip to Colorado, especially if you’re an acrophiliac. As you might have guessed, acrophiliacs are sexually aroused by being in high places. Never has mountain-climbing been so much fun!

Angry Dragon – Though it sounds like a children’s toy or cartoon character, this sex term is definitely more adult than that. And it’s just as strange as it sounds, if not stranger. “Angry Dragon” is apparently a slang term for the sticky situation resulting when semen comes out of one’s nose or mouth, usually following oral sex.

Aphallatia – If the hottie sitting across the bar tells you she’s practicing aphallatia, don’t get too excited. Despite the intriguing and sexy name, aphallatia is actually the opposite to all that is sexy. In fact, it’s all about avoidance – of sex, that is. Aphallatia is actually another word for celibacy.

Around The World – This particular definition sounds more like an amusement park ride than a sexual term. What it refers to is kissing someone all over their body before having sex. So the next time she invites you on a trip around the world, hold off on packing your bags – at least until the next morning.

Asphyxophilia – Here’s a particularly kinky turn-on, and one that’s become a little more well-known since the advent of television crime scene investigation shows set in seedy Las Vegas nightclubs. Asphyxophiliacs are turned on by strangulation, up to the point of passing out. This makes this method a little risky, but oddly for some, definitely worth it.

Autocunnilingus – There are a whole host of definitions involving the prefix “auto” – which means, essentially, do-it-yourself. Based on this little phrase, you can probably guess that autocunnilingus involves a woman performing oral sex on her own vagina. This rule also applies to autofellatio, which should require no explanation. Unless you’re a very adventurous contortionist, these definitions likely aren’t going to surface in your life any time soon.

B&D – Though pop culture has made S&M (sadism and masochism) a well-known term, the acronym B&D isn’t so well-known. The letters stand for Bondage and Discipline, a sexual activity that can involve slave training, bondage and the use of sex toys like whips, handcuffs or chains.

CBJ – Here’s an abbreviation you probably won’t be seeing in a newspaper advertisement any time soon. A CBJ is probably one of the more simple of the sex terms discussed in this article. It stands for “covered blow job.” Just like it sounds, a CBJ is a blowjob experienced while wearing a condom.

Chremastistophilia – As far as sexual fetishes go, chremastistophilia is probably one of the strangest. Strictly speaking, a chremastistophiliac is turned on by being robbed, which just goes to show you that it’s not always about having the money – sometimes it’s about losing it.

Chrysophilia – Speaking of money, the next time you’re around a chrysophiliac, don’t be afraid to bring out the flashy gold watch and chain your old girlfriend pegged as tacky. A chrysophiliac is turned on by anything gold (or gold-coloured). It gives a whole new meaning to the term “Midas touch.”

Daisy Chain – Not everyone will get a chance to experience this whimsical sounding sex term in their lifetime. A Daisy Chain is an act in which a number of people sexually stimulate each other at the same time, connected face to genitals in a continuous chain. For those who do happen to try this one out, they’ll probably never look at wildflowers in the same way again.

Femdom – No, this isn’t referring to a kingdom run by women (although we’d probably enjoy that). “Femdom” is a term typically found in B&D practices. It’s used to describe the dominant women in the B&D activities. She might also be known as the Domme or Dominatrix.

Fluffer – Ever wonder how male porn stars are able to perform on command? Well, it turns out they get a little help from their friends – namely, the fluffers. Ignore the cuddly sounding-name. Fluffers are the men or women who prepare an actor for his big role, often by performing oral sex on him. Hey, everybody’s got to make a living!

Golden Shower – Here’s another unusual activity with an unlikely but appropriate name. A golden shower involves one partner urinating on the other during sex, foreplay or afterplay. Another variation on this is the golden screw, in which a man urinates inside a woman during sex. Very strange indeed. No word on whether chrysophiliacs are known to enjoy this particular activity.

Gynotikolobomassophilia – To end this article, we’d like to introduce you to gynotikolobomassophilia, an extremely long word used to describe a very small part of a woman’s body. Yes, we’re talking about those people who are turned on by earlobes. So if you’ve ever found yourself inexplicably drawn to earlobe nibbling during sex, you might just have a new word to describe yourself – if you can pronounce it, that is!


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