Sex Terms 101 – Part 3

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If you’ve been following along for the last two articles (Part I and Part II) on unusual sexual terms, your sex vocabulary is probably thriving by now. But, let’s face it, you can only toss around the same 30 words for so long before even keraunophilia gets stale. So never fear – we’ve got a whole new roster of polysyllabic words to amuse your friends, wow your girlfriend and impress your boss (or at least keep you entertained).

Nyctophilia – Sometimes, keeping the room dark during sex has nothing to do with body consciousness or embarrassment – in fact, for some it can even heighten arousal. For a nyctophiliac, nighttime and darkness are both a huge turn-on – so the next time she wants to turn off the lights, you might be happier if you don’t argue.

Oligospermia / Oligozoospermia – In the grand tradition of sexual terms you’ll have a hard time pronouncing, we bring you oligospermia, also known as oligozoospermia. Lucky for you, these aren’t terms you’d throw around on a night of passion – Oligospermia refers to having a sperm count of less than 20 million. This is technically known as a low sperm count, and would be enough to cause some fertility difficulties.

Omnisexual – There’s a bit of a debate on the precise definition for omnisexual. Some say it’s a synonym for bisexual – someone who will have sex with both men and women. Others say the term refers to someone who will have sex with a person of any sexual orientation – male, female, androgynous, etc. And still others say that the term is more important in viewing sexuality as something that isn’t static – that people can be gay, straight or bisexual at different points in their lives. Not to say you shouldn’t use the word – but be aware that it’s a tough one to pinpoint.

Onanism – Shouldn’t any good sexual lexicon contain some reference to the bible? Actually, that might be up for debate. But for the open-minded, let us introduce onanism, a term referring to either masturbation or coitus interruptus (removing the penis from the vagina before ejaculating). Onanism comes from Onan in the book of Genesis. In typical Old Testament thinking, Onan was ordered by his father to have sex with his dead brother’s widow so she could raise children. However, Onan practiced a little coitus interruptus in order to prevent pregnancy – hence, Onanism.

Outercourse – There are some sexual terms we tend to take for granted – take intercourse, for example. This is why it’s so strange when an almost-familiar word like “outercourse” comes onto one’s radar. This is an easy one – outercourse is, logically, the precise opposite of intercourse. In other words, any sexual act that doesn’t involve penile insertion into a bodily orifice.

Pansexual – Here’s another tough one, up there with omnisexual. Some sources say there’s a subtle difference between pansexual and omnisexual (though we couldn’t determine precisely what that difference is); however, others say that the two words can be used interchangeably. This one’s up to you.

Paraphilia – Ever wish you had a term you could apply to all atypical sex practices ranging from to kakorrhaphiphilia to vaccinophila? Well, such a term exists. So the next time someone’s mentioning how strongly they’re aroused by watching football games on television, you can nod seriously and say “that’s an interesting paraphilia” (which is a far better response than raising your eyebrows and saying “that’s pretty weird.”)

Penile Detumescence – Here’s a flowery term you can use every time you have sex (although you might not always want to say it out loud). Penile detumescence refers to a penis returning to its usual flaccidity following an erection. However, use this scientific term with caution – “honey, observe my penile detumescence!” doesn’t make for great pillow talk.

Piquerism – Like so many sexual terms, dictionaries seem to differ on the exact meaning for piquerism. The standard definition for piquerism seems to be sexual arousal obtained by bleeding, typically caused by cutting the skin. However, some say this term just means being turned on by shedding blood. Still others contest that piquerism simply means arousal by any type of penetration (which could include a blade). So this might be an example of one of those words that’s good to know, but difficult to use.

Pocket Pool – All we really need to say about pocket pool is that it’s definitely more fun than your typical game of billiards. Pocket pool is slang for the always-fun trick of touching or fondling genitals through the pockets on a man’s pants. Yet another fun way to make phrases like “eight ball in the corner pocket” extremely sexual.

Polyamory – Polyamorous people operate on the principle that more is more. In fact, polyamory is a term used to describe relationships – romantic or sexual – involving more than two people. In polyamorous relationships, all parties have full knowledge of the others and agree to the practice, which, one would think, could do wonders to limit sexual jealousy. Not so good if you’re a zelophile, but we’ll get into that in another article.

PPA – Not to be confused with strap-on penises for women, a PPA (prosthetic penis attachment) is a way for a man to synthetically increase the size of his penis during sex. Described by some as a “penis extension,” A PPA typically fits over a man’s own penis to increase its length or girth. Most models can be used with or without an erection.

PUD – This sounds like a whole lot of discomfort encapsulated in such a little acronym, but to each his own. PUD is the short form for Penis Uncircumcizing Device. Essentially, this involves making the foreskin longer (which can be done in a variety of ways) or ‘making’ foreskin where it didn’t exist before, which usually involves stretching the existing skin.

Red Wings – Based on our intensive research, this practice involves performing oral sex on a woman while she’s menstruating. By doing so, you’ve “earned your red wings,” so to speak. We’re not sure how the Detroit Red Wings feel about this term (or how much say they had in coining it).

That’s it for this roster of unusual sex terms – keep your eyes peeled for part 4, when we’ll round out your sexual dictionary with another set of steamy words you may not have encountered before.

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