Sex Tips from Lesbians

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A lot of men like to think that the ultimate sexual fantasy for both women and men is lesbian action. But since your girlfriend probably isn’t a lesbian (or bi-sexual), you’ll need to take it upon yourself to make sure she isn’t missing anything in the bedroom. Don’t get too excited—you won’t find out about the secrets of lesbian sex through hands-on practice with lesbians; instead, here is a compilation of hot sex tips from lesbians to help you and your girlfriend have the best sex ever!

What is it about lesbianism anyway?

Why are men so curious about lesbianism? What’s the deal? What could men possibly find so interesting and exciting about watching two women go down on each other, rub their breasts together, and strap on dildos for hard-core action? Who am I kidding? Ladies, we know why men find lesbianism fascinating and stimulating, and part of the reason is that famous lesbians like Portia de Rossi heat up their lesbian fantasies. But enough about that—let’s get to our list of hot lesbian sex tips!

Tip #1: Oral sex is the key to great sex

This is probably the single most important sex tip that men can draw from lesbians: most women love oral sex! Oral sex encompasses a lot of what lesbians do to arouse and stimulate each other. Licking, sucking and tonguing combined with your fingers is an excellent way to stimulate a woman because it builds excitement, and enables her to reach orgasm over and over again.

But, oral sex is only going to be a success if you know what you are doing. First of all, if you are one of those men who finds it “gross” to go down on a woman, you might as well stay at home because you are never going to make a woman as happy as she wants to be. Lots of women have their most powerful and intense orgasms during oral sex, so you can imagine how lesbians soak the sheets when they’re together.

Before you head south, know that going down on a woman is a commitment, and I don’t mean that you’ll have to marry her. When you go down on a woman, it’s a process that can take a long time. A quick lick of the tongue is only getting her started, and even when she reaches orgasm, it’s not game over gentlemen. Every time she moans and writhes, you are only beginning, so keep up the good work.

And while you are down there, use your fingers to explore her G-Spot. You might not find it right away, but she’ll be happy you tried, and practice makes perfect, right? If you and your partner like to use sex toys, consider using them as something to supplement the fun she’ll already be having. A dildo will feel great inside of her when you are sucking and licking on her clitoris, so be creative and enjoy the time you are spending down there.

Tip #2: Multiple orgasms are her friend

Unlike most men, women can achieve multiple orgasms during sex. This is one of the reasons that lesbians can spend hours making love—it’s not over until it’s over. So, learn from lesbians and make it your goal to assist your partner in reaching as many orgasms as she can. She will let you know when it’s time to stop, so don’t worry that you may be wearing her out. In most cases, you will tire out long before your girlfriend.

Another thing that men should know about female orgasms is that penetration is not required in order for them to happen, which shouldn’t come as a surprise, since lesbians probably have better non-penetrative sex than most women in heterosexual relationships. So, one of the best sex tips that lesbians can offer men is to remember that your penis is not always necessary for her to have pleasure, so stop thinking that the harder you thrust, the more she will come. While this might make you feel inadequate and ineffective, don’t worry; your girlfriend isn’t going to dump you for a lesbian after reading this article. And, you can guarantee that you will keep her a satisfied and happy girlfriend if you spend more time treating her to multiple orgasms through oral sex, than by bending her over the bed and doing her from behind.

Tip #3: Learn how to touch her body

Too many men concentrate only on certain parts of a woman’s body—her breasts, her rear, and her vagina. But there are lots of other parts of a woman’s body that you should also pay attention to because she will love you for it. It will show her that you are interested in her whole body and not just a few select choices of “meat.” So, instead of grabbing her breasts in bed, take the time to caress and enjoy the entire landscape of her body and she will feel sexy and confident.

When you are in bed with your partner, touch her arms, legs, neck and shoulders. There are many areas of the body that are ignored or neglected on a woman’s body, so when you take the time to explore her body slowly and sensually, she will be turned on, and that will mean great sex for both of you. So, when you see your girlfriend naked in bed, don’t just count down the minutes to when you can be inside of her. Enjoy the way she tastes, smell and feels before you even think about the actual act of intercourse. And remember to warm her up with oral sex before you even consider your own needs.

If you follow these lesbian love tips, your girlfriend won’t even be curious about what she’s missing by being heterosexual. Keep her satisfied and she will keep you happy because her libido will be in overdrive and she won’t be able to get enough of you in the bedroom. Whatever you do, don’t think that you will be emasculated by taking advice from lesbians—they know how to please a woman so take all the advice you can get!

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