Sex Types: Shopping for What You Want

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For many men, asking if any sex is worth their time is a redundant question. If it’s sex, and there is another warm body involved, chances are that it is worth a try. However, getting lucky is a delicate dance and sometimes it is nice to know what you are in for, how far you can push the envelope, and where you are going to end up at the end of your pursuit.

When you are getting to know a new woman, whether it is over time, or simply over beer one night, it would be great to have a crystal ball so you could look ahead and predict certain important things. For instance, it would be great if women walked around holding up signs that shouted out their sexual predilections, like “I swallow,” “Have whip will travel,” or “Not without a ring.” This would clear up any misconceptions and save hours of time, and possibly money, spent wondering if you and your new interest are going to be compatible for the night, or for the long haul.

While printed signs are not terribly common, there are certain signals that will indicate what kind of lover your new interest will be. While any sex is good, great sex can’t be beat, so you might as well hedge your bets and learn to read what a potential lover is going to be like in bed.

Whether you are looking to build a long relationship with a girl, or just one long night of toe-curling raunch, is going to factor into your selection process. If what you are looking for is immediate gratification and a little experimentation, there are certain girls to zero in on.

The Party Girl

This girl is the life of the party and is going to put on a show to let you know just how much fun she is going to be. She will be dancing, tossing back cosmos, and generally raising a ruckus. She wants to be noticed, and showing your interest will not go unappreciated. She is out for a good time and isn’t afraid of letting you know it. Gropes on the dance floor and make out sessions against the wall are a sign of things to come.

This girl will be readily available and might even take the lead in suggesting you guys find a place that’s a little more private. Due to her party predilections, this girl will most likely be up for almost anything, from a quick romp in the back lane, or in your car, to a good couple of hours of raunchy, messy drunk sex. Which one will depend if her intent is staying on at the party or going home with you. If you two are heating it up early in the evening, a quickie could be just an appetizer of things to come, or it could be the main attraction.

Mrs. Robinson

The beauty of the older lover is that older women are much more comfortable with their bodies, and therefore a lot more free and experienced. They generally know what they want and are fairly intent on getting it. This means way less work for you, and that much of the guess work is taken out of the equation. If you want to know what you are in for, the older woman is not above leaning over and whispering in your ear exactly what to expect.

This is one case in which respecting your elder could lead to rewards you have not even dreamed of. An experienced woman has most likely had several partners, with whom she has experimented. She knows what she likes, she knows what she will—and will not—do, and she will be happy to tell you. If an older woman is on the prowl, she will probably be fairly blunt about where a night with her will or will not lead. While an older man scoping out a younger woman may be interested in arm candy, younger men, for older women are usually much more temporary, a way to get off and then get on with their lives. If you are really lucky, she’ll teach you a thing or two.

Alternative Girl

There are a few types of alternative girls, two of which are on opposite ends of the sex spectrum. One type is the sweet nerd-rock girl and the other is the rebel who will likely wear her rebellion (and her predilections) with pride. The cute, nerdy alt-girl is the kind that you might feel you want to treat with kid gloves. She could be anything from shy to sweet to experienced in bed. She is a tough call, and will probably need some sweet platitudes to get her into the sack, because her counterpart is the sensitive, insecure nerdy alt-guy.

The other type of alt-girl is the one who wears her style and her politics (sexual and social) like a banner. If she has multiple visible body piercings, there is a good chance she may have body piercings and tattoos in places her mother doesn’t know about. Body art is a mode of self-expression, but it’s also a good indicator of sexual freedom. While this does not necessarily mean that she is going to fall immediately into the sack with you, once you get there, you could be in for some freakiness.

Part of the body modification alt lifestyle is experimenting with how your body responds to different sensations and the link between pleasure and pain. This does not mean that you are going to walk into her house and find a torture chamber, but it does mean that you may be able to try some new things with this girl that you might not get from your more vanilla experiences of the past.

There is a shopping list of types of girls, and though their sex lives may not be worn like banners, there are always indicators. In the end, one of the best parts of sex is the unknown leading up to seeing a new girl naked, finding out what she smells and tastes like, finding out what she is capable of, and maybe what she can teach you. It doesn’t hurt to go in feeling a little confident that you reading her signals correctly, just don’t ever assume. You never know what is lurking behind those dark rimmed glasses or that tightly buttoned shirt.

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