Sex in Unusual Places

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When sex in the same old place starts becoming dull and predictable, it’s time to start branching out and venture out of your love nest. A truly adventurous and erotic playmate will add spice to a long-term relationship by initiating lovemaking outside the bedroom. Explore varied and unusual places, and at unexpected times. Men love variety and the thrill of unexpected or ‘dangerous’ sex is a turn on for most men and some couples, and it is worth every effort or inconvenience it may cause. However, make sure you and your partner stay out of jail and the newspapers before you get it on.

For all those who have fled the ‘normality’ of the bedroom to experience something precarious and exciting elsewhere (or thought very hard about it), this one’s for you.

You can organize an outing to some untried or exotic spot where you are in the danger of being discovered but no quite if you play it right. These are the highly charged moments that are not too hard to create and once experienced, will be etched in your erotic memory forever.

What’s it all about?

Sex in unusual places is about getting it on outside the box. The more creative you are for you, the better the buzz. According to a survey, the most common place for adults to have sex outside their bedroom is in the car (50%), followed by toilets (39%), parent’s bedroom (36%) and the park (31%).

Ok, I have to add the fact that the word ‘unusual’ can be perceived by some people in a different way. That is why if you ask a college girl which is the most unusual place in which she had sex she would say the dorm bathroom and if you ask a heavy metal fan the same question he would say that a cemetery was the most unusual sex location he has tried. So…it depends to the person and the fantasies.

But the potential doesn’t end there. Sex in unusual places can be divided into several categories…

Category 1: ‘Particularly Undignified’

This generally involves small spaces, fumbling with zips, falling over one’s own knickers and getting caught on gear sticks, broom handles or inside when they lock up for the night. Likely venues include cupboards, staircases, stock rooms, stationary vehicles, toilets and cinemas.

It may turn out to be quite a nice adventure once you get the chance to try it out.

Category 2: ‘Going Back To Nature’

Throwing caution to the wind and underwear into the bushes, there are many who love being liberated from the confines of bricks and mortar. Likely venues include hilltops, the sea, fields, woods and beaches (airfields, cemeteries, playing fields and balconies also fall into this category and are particularly popular at night).

The great outdoors is a lot of fun and adventure but it does not mean you can be wild and forget about safe sex. Be prepared and stand-by a pack or two and have some tissue handy for cleaning up suspicious damp spots.

Category 3: ‘Around the Home’

It may be that sex in unusual places 3 is the first tentative step on a slippery slope that will end up out the front door, but for the minute – perhaps they only just moved in – indulging passions on the parquet flooring with no risk of interruption is good enough. Other venues: the washing machine, in the shower, in the living room…. Actually, you can probably guess the rest yourself… (interestingly, toilets are unlikely to feature).

Category 4: ‘Miscellaneous’

If two people are really into the idea of having sex right here, right now, there is little to stop them – except the law. Unlikely venues: offices, moving vehicles, libraries, climbing frames and swimming pools. If you feel like it, don’t let anyone stop you. find a nice place and get to work. Make sure that you choose an isolated place for your little escapade.

Category 5: Elsewhere

If you can’t venture outdoors for some reason, try moving to somewhere not exactly outdoors. Ravage your partner whilst stuck in the lift but make sure you don’t get caught. How about surprising him at his office? Bring a picnic lunch and get the secretary to hold all calls, close the door and treat him to a desktop delight. If he’s the boss, you could play the naughty secretary. What about your own back garden? Have you tried the kitchen counter? One of the simplest changes of scenery you can make is to move your lovemaking into another part of the flat or house. All are incredibly erotic spots for love tryst, if you make them to be.

Why might I like it?

With so many potential locations, each experience can be quite unique. For some people, it’s the degree of discomfort and the concentration required to make it happen at all that gives them a thrill. It focuses the mind beautifully on the physical. Al fresco frolicking carries with it a sense of freedom, of air on skin, of being primal and primitive, of getting muddy, sandy and bitten by insects.

Risk junkies are drawn to sex in unusual places, too. The threat of discovery and the need for urgency, speed and a blasé attitude to coming up with implausible excuses are all it takes to get the blood pumping.

Any tips on getting it right?

Usually sex in a very public place will get you charged with public order offences before you can say ‘I’m sorry officer but the tent must have blown away…’ However, if you pick an isolated spot with a reasonable expectation of privacy, you aren’t actually breaking any laws – you just have to convince the police that you really weren’t expecting to be seen. But don’t have sex in public toilets – that is illegal – and beware of getting risky frisky abroad as different rules and attitudes apply.

Sex while you’re behind the wheel of a car, as well as being awkward, is also a big no-no – unless you get excited about being done for dangerous driving. The law aside, in that frenzy of lust, you’re unlikely to be dwelling on the enormous potential for embarrassment, but it might be worth just a tiny thought.

Sex in unusual locations can be sometimes very challenging. Why – just because you need to plan your little escapade in every single detail. Also you have to avoid getting caught by someone. It is only up to you to let your imagination work and to come with ideas that may change a little the routine of your sex life.

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