Sexual Advice for Couples Who Want to Conceive

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Have you and your partner decided that it’s time to start a family? Too many people worry that having children will decimate their sex life altogether. Instead, they should simply enjoy the act of making babies while the getting’s good. So, if you and your girl have made the decision to try to conceive children, say goodbye to condoms and hello to some of the best sex you will ever have in your life!

Making babies means you get to have sex…and often!

Think about it. Up until now, you and your partner have probably been trying to avoid having children altogether, and if her period has ever been late, you’ve experienced some of the most stressful days of your life, wondering how you would deal with an unwanted pregnancy. But, now that you’ve decided you and she are ready to conceive your first child, you can forget about birth control and the worries that come with not being ready to bear children.

Let’s say that your partner has been on the pill for several years. Chances are fairly good that she won’t get pregnant as soon as she stops taking birth control; rather, couples trying to conceive a baby might only be able to get pregnant after a few months of trying. This is great news on the sex front because it means that you will be getting laid pretty regularly.

Conceiving a child will mean that you and she are going to have sex, and lots of it. Because there is only a short window of time during which a woman can conceive, it’s important to try to have as many opportunities for her egg to be fertilized, and that is where you and your little soldiers come in. No longer will condoms prevent you from experiencing the great sensations that sex without rubbers can bring! Say goodbye to stopping hot foreplay to tear open a condom package and fumble in the dark as you try to put it on!

Great positions for couples wanting to conceive

Trying to get your partner pregnant means that you get to experiment with different kinds of sexual positions that are designed to optimize your chances of conceiving. Plus, new sexual positions will be physically stimulating to both you and her, so having “conception sex” can make it feel like you are having sex with each other for the first time all over again!

It’s true that there’s no one position that will guarantee pregnancy, but here are some that are believed to increase your chances of getting pregnant, so grab your girl and get to the bedroom!

1. The missionary position

The standard man-on-top position is one position that is believed to be one of the best for conception. This is because the woman’s vagina is positioned in such as way as to allow for maximum penetration by her partner, and once the man ejaculates, the sperm will travel to the cervix, a journey necessary for conception to take place.

But you are probably wondering how to make tired old position exciting and new, so that in addition to conceiving a baby, you and your partner will enjoy yourselves to the maximum. And, since you are going to be having sex a lot, you will need to know how to make this position exciting for both of you.

First, always keep in mind that most women require direct clitoral stimulation in order to have an orgasm, and giving her multiple orgasms should be at the top of your priority list when you are having sex! A good way to provide her with direct clitoral stimulation while you are on top is to move up and down while you are inside her and pressed against her, rather than simply thrusting in and out. This will maximize the friction against her clitoris which will arouse her.

2. The rear entry position

Rear-entry sex, or doggie-style sex, is another position that is good for conceiving a baby because it allows for the man to ejaculate deep inside the woman, and close to the cervix.

This position is more flexible than the missionary position when it comes to different ways to pleasure her because it doesn’t involve your entire weight being pressed on top of her as is the case in the missionary position.

The great thing about rear-entry sex is that it allows you to be able to caress her breasts, massage her rear, or stimulate her clitoris from behind. And, using her hips as handles, you can control the speed and depth of penetration, keeping in mind that the deeper the penetration the better for conception.

3. Side-by-side positions

Another great position for couples wishing to conceive, side-by-side positions are also good positions for those wishing to have intimate, loving sex. With you behind her, you can enter her from behind, leaving your hands free to caress her clitoris. You can also use this position as a good way to plant kisses on her neck and shoulders. The man can achieve deep penetration in this position, making it ideal for couples who want a romantic position with which to conceive a child.

Enjoying conception sex to the fullest

Feel free to try out as many different positions as possible when you are attempting to get your partner pregnant. Just keep in mind a few things when you are experimenting: First, the deeper the penetration the better because deep penetration allows the sperm to travel through the cervix to the egg.

For this reason, the woman-on-top position isn’t the most effective when it comes to conceiving a baby. This is due to the fact that with gravity, sperm will leak away from the cervix and out of the vagina after ejaculation. And this is unfortunate for most women who enjoy being top because it allows them to control the speed and depth of penetration while at the same time having access to their clitoris for stimulation. Second, it’s important to ensure that she is having orgasms because there is research that indicates that a woman having an orgasm increases the chances of her getting pregnant.

Most of all, just enjoy yourselves to the fullest! Get romantic, get spontaneous, and get raunchy! Have sex on the kitchen table; have sex in the bathroom, have sex when you wake up in the morning and again when you go to bed at night. Conceiving a baby should be a great way to have excellent sex without the worries of unwanted pregnancies, so make sure that you relish every moment of it.

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