Sexual Makeover: Turn Your Girlfriend into a Sexpot

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There’s something about sexy women that is very alluring. They get attention from both men and women of every sexual orientation. But what does it mean to be sexy? Do you have to be born with the innate ability to be sexy, or can you learn how to be sexy? Guys, it’s time you turned your cute, nice girlfriend into the kind of sexy woman that makes heads turn. Here’s how you can “sexify” your girlfriend with these sexual makeover tips.

What is a Sexual Makeover?

According to Dr. Laura Berman, experienced sex educator, all women can undergo a sexual makeover that can change their sex lives forever. Her book, The Passion Prescription, details ways that women can improve their sex lives and become sexier beings in as little as a few months. The book includes quizzes that can help women get to the bottom of sexual issues they may be dealing with, and it also delves into how vibrators can help women improve their sex drives.

But a sexual makeover isn’t just about having better sex—being sexy involves many aspects of your personality and every woman has it in her to be sexy; it just takes a little coaxing to get some women to fully embrace their sexy side. And that’s why you are there to encourage your girlfriend to be as sexy as she can be.

Dressing Sexy

If you were to ask your friends what makes a woman sexy, you would get a variety of answers, but one common reply would include dressing sexy. While clothing doesn’t make the woman, it certainly can add to her sex appeal and allure. If your girlfriend is more comfortable in baggy jeans and an oversized sweatshirt, but you know she’s got a killer body underneath, don’t be afraid to buy her sexier clothes as a gift. For example, a nice tight pair of blue jeans is the epitome of casual sexiness, so encourage her to indulge in clothes that show off her curves. Pair this with a low-cut shirt that shows off some cleavage and a pair of stiletto shoes, and you have instantly increased her sexy factor by 100.

Whatever you do, don’t be afraid to let your girlfriend know that it would turn you on to have her sporting sexier clothes. When she does don that sexy outfit, she will immediately notice the difference in how much attention she will get from men. Your friends will be falling all over themselves when they see the transformation.

Moving Sexy

Dressing sexy is just one little part of any sexual makeover. Knowing how to move your body in a sexy fashion is very important to the overall sex appeal of any woman. But what does “moving sexy” mean? Exuding sexiness through your body may not come naturally for all women, but a little practice will make perfect.

For this step in the sexual makeover, you should get your girlfriend to take stripper aerobics. Not only is it a good exercise that will keep her fit and toned, it will also teach her sexy new moves that she will later have the confidence to use in the bedroom. Cardio Striptease is one brand of this “sexercise” phenomenon and it promises to tone the important muscles (thighs, buttocks and abs) while teaching women how to embrace their exhibitionist side. In these classes, women are encouraged to take off layers of clothes as they dance, and in the process, they become familiar with their bodies and feel sexier and more confident as a result. And when your girlfriend starts to explore her sensual side, you will be surprised at how sexy she will become in the bedroom.

Talking Sexy

Some men are very turned on when their partners engage in sexy bedroom talk, yet many women feel insecure about talking about sex in the bedroom. Is it possible to bridge this gap? Of course it is, but you can’t simply start by telling your girlfriend that you want her to call you Daddy in the bedroom while she uses anal beads to pleasure you.

Start out slow and easy. When you are in bed, tell her how good she looks and how nice she feels. Then ask her what feels good to her. For example, ask her if she likes it when you lick her nipples or when you go down on her. Once you start to pleasure her, it will be easier for her to forget her insecurities and will start to give in to her instincts of moaning, writhing and telling you how to touch her. Plus, the more often you talk dirty and sexy to each other in the bedroom, the more natural it will seem, and it may soon become second nature to her.

Get a Sexy Attitude

It is easy to pick out someone who is trying to act sexy and feign a sexy attitude because it looks like they are trying too hard. Being able to develop a sexy attitude and personality is probably the hardest part of the sexual makeover process, but with time, your girlfriend will be able to perfect that sexy attitude. Having a sexy attitude can mean a lot of things. Here are some examples of what a sexy woman should act like:

  • She should make meaningful eye contact with men, including your friends and strangers on the street. That sizzling look a beautiful woman can shoot you as you pass by her is enough to make men drop to their knees.
  • She should have a genuine smile and interest in what you are saying. That blank blow-up doll stare isn’t sexy; being able to have a conversation with a beautiful woman who is confident and interesting and genuinely interested in what you are saying is sexy.
  • She should be able to allude to her sexuality without blatantly talking about it. If all she can talk about is that time she got really drunk and had an orgy, she’s missing the sexy boat. Subtlety is the key to sexiness.

Now that you know what you have to do to make your girlfriend sexier, go to it. She’ll thank you for it later. And those will be thanks you’ll be welcome to receive!

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