Sexual Mood Swings: How To Ride Out The Highs & Lows

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Every man is familiar with those 6 disappointing words occasionally uttered by woman around the globe: “I’m just not in the mood.” Men’s first reaction is often disbelief – how could she possibly not be in the mood for sex with me?? What many men don’t know is that there are ways to gauge women’s moods and change them for the better. These tactics will help you turn her no’s and maybe’s into yes! yes! yes! Likewise, knowing more about her sexual mood swings will also help you to master your own – in case you are ever not in the mood yourself one day…

The art riding out her sexual mood swings takes patience and understanding. The primary key to changing her mood is understanding the cause of it. Is she in a bad mood because of workplace stress? Did she have a tiff with a friend or family member? Is she still pissed that you stayed out late with the guys last weekend and came home smelling like a brewery? These causes of moodiness are fairly easy to dispel. The more uncertain causes, however, can be challenging to overcome – like when she seems to be withdrawn, bitter, or spiteful towards you. Many men chalk serious mood swings up to women’s menstrual cycles, and quite appropriately so. There is a time of the month for women when their hormones are raging, and their emotions tend to follow suit. While you can try your best to dispel these moods, it is also be up to her to know and manage the changes in her own body. You can only do so much…

Once you have gained some understanding of her mood, then it comes down to changing it. If you are with a woman who appreciates you and enjoys sex as much as you, it really should not take too much effort at all. The first trick is to make her laugh. Do whatever it takes – make fun of yourself, act like one of her pets, wear the lampshade on your head… you get the idea. This can be a pride swallowing endeavour, but if she even cracks a smile you are on the right track – your chances of changing her mood for sex have just increased dramatically!!

The next step in riding out her low mood is seduction. In order to seduce a woman who has convinced herself that she is not in the mood for sex, you will need to be fairly patient. This is not going to be one of those quick rip-her-panties-off passionate rendezvous’ on the kitchen counter. It will likely involve more intimacy, so plan to put some time in here…

The best way to start off seducing a moody woman is to help her feel good about herself. Compliment and flatter her, tickle her favorite body parts, tell her how much you like to look at her naked body. Be careful not to get too crude here – she might not be ready to hear how much you want to do here, or how much you would like to come inside her. For now, it is about her not you!


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