Sexy Muscles: Muscles People Spot!

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If you are like most guys, chances are you don’t have 2 hours extra each day for your workouts. And even if you do have the time, you might be wondering why you even bother. This article is going to guide you to a whole new world of directed workouts! T

oday we are going to look at the sexy muscles, or the muscles that people look and then go Hmmmm…or Mmmmm. We are also going to tell you how to develop those muscles, and how to flaunt them once you got them. So keep reading, and get ready for some sexy-rip!

Muscle Group: Biceps

These are the big muscles in your arm, often referred to as ‘pipes’ or ‘guns’. When you flex them, a satisfying bulge appears between your elbow and shoulder.

People Notice Them…

  • When you’re doing any kind of physical activity that involves you flexing or curling your biceps.
  • When you lift small children off the ground with your flexed arm.
  • When you strategically drink, smoke, or do anything that allows you to curl those pipes! (The female equivalent of flipping long blonde hair out of your eyes.)
  • When you are wearing tight, short sleeved shirts, or no shirt at all.
  • When they have to grab or touch your arm. (Make sure this happens!)

How To Flaunt Them

  • Tank tops or muscle shirts – they are back in style, but don’t wear them all the time!
  • Playfully challenge friends to an arm wrestling contest.
  • Sit with your hands behind your head, while casually flexing.
  • Only play sports that involve you to use your arms (Frisbee, darts, etc.)

Alternating Free Weight Curls
You can do this while sitting or standing. Select two free weights of the same weight and then alternate the curl, bending from your elbow up. Do not let your arms go slack, and do not hyperextend your elbow on the way down.

Barbell Curls
Similar to the above, in this exercise you use a barbell. You can also do this while sitting or standing, and you can usually curl more weight using the barbell. The advantage is the added weight and stability, but you lose the individual muscle workout that you gain with free weights.

Machine Curls
All the universal-type machines in your local gym will have either a multi-use weight machine that can be used for curls, or you they will have some sort of stationary weight curl machine. Although not as good as free weights, the machines offer a concentrated workout for specific muscle groups. You might want to use a machine in conjunction with free weights in order to achieve maximum potential.

Muscle Group: Chest

Guys usually refer to them as ‘pecs’, which is a shortened version of the official name for this group of muscles. The shirt-straining chest beats the shirt-straining stomach all to hell, and a large chest will help distract anyone from examining the rest of your body too closely.

People Notice Them…

  • To put it simply: the way you fill out that suit, shirt, sweater…whatever!
  • When the accidentally touch your rock hard pecs of steel!
  • When you slip off your shirt to jump into the water.
  • When you are standing next to their skinny, un-muscular boyfriend.
  • When you are visually scaring off foes.

How To Flaunt Them

  • Always wear tight shirts. Not so tight they look uncomfortably small, but snug so they fit you like a glove.
  • Get into the habit of pounding your chest, or chest ‘bumping’ your friends whenever anything good happens (goal scored, you win a bet, etc.).
  • Have chest-punching contests with your friends!
  • V-neck and/or low-neck shirts will emphasize your chest even more.

How To Get Them

  • Bench – standard for any exercise regime. The bench press involves a flat bench with either a barbell or a machine. You should be doing at least 3 sets, and always be increasing the weights.
  • Incline/decline – Same as above, but this time you are on an angle. This makes the exercise more challenging, and it works different muscles within the chest. Free weights work well for this exercise.

There are many ways to do flys – flat bench, incline/decline bench, fly machines – but try doing them with free weights in a standing position. This will help to strengthen your back and posture, which will help you cart around that big chest!

Push-ups are one of the greatest exercises, mainly because they don’t require any fancy equipment and you can do them almost anywhere. For best results, make sure you alternate the angle and intensity of your push-ups. You can use exercise balls and free weights, which will change up the angle and resistance. The key here is to do LOTS of them. They are a great addition to your chest routine.

Muscle Group: Abdominals

Oh those sexy abs! We all want them, but man are they hard to come by! Also referred to as six-packs or washboard stomachs. A flat stomach will more than make up for your lack of muscles, as the six-pack is something the ladies really appreciate.

People Notice Them When…

  • Your shirt ‘accidentally’ creeps up and exposes your muscle ladder.
  • You are at the beach, pool, lake, or ocean.
  • They are intrigued by your skinny profile.

How To Flaunt Them

  • Always try to come up with some excuse to take your shirt off – always!
  • Never tuck in any shirt ever! Chicks live ad die for the accidental ab exposure.
  • Wax all non-essential hair off the front of your body.

How To Get Them
We aren’t going to lie to you – six-packs are tough to get. There is no quick way to get them, but patience and dedication will produce some awesome results.

Sit-ups & Crunches

  • You can’t do enough of them! The key to your six-pack is countless repetitions, and changing things up frequently.
  • Make sure you warm up and stretch before and after, and never rest your weight during your sit-up or crunch. You only need to achieve about a 30 degree differential in order to work your abs.

Final Thoughts

You can always be the guy that goes to the gym for 12 hours each week, but by focusing on the sexy muscle group you want to attain, you can build up what you want and forget the rest. Plus, no matter what batch of muscles you focus on, you are still getting a workout.

So hit the gym, stay focused, and get ready for some appreciative looks from the ladies.

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