Shackled Sex

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Many people are amazed when they hear about this way of sex but most of them haven’t got a clue what this involves. Here is the initiation guide to immobilization during sex.

How Shackled sex works

A simple definition of this concept leaves from the restriction of one’s movement. Many have tried to tease their partner by tying her with a pair of handcuffs or with a rope during the sex act and they discovered that it was very inciting and that it was a good way to spice up sex life.

The most important aspect of immobilization games is trust and this is because the moves of one of the partners are restricted and in this way he/she becomes vulnerable. You have to completely trust one another, or these types of games should never be played. The active partner should not use these sessions just to selfishly satisfy his/her fantasies, but must also think about the restricted, passive’s pleasure as well.

What is so attractive?

People are attracted to this game from various reasons. Being tied you can relax and concentrate on the pleasure you receive without being stressed that you have to give back pleasure at the same time to your partner. Others say that the pleasure to “fight” with their partners increases their adrenaline level and gives them a feeling of maximum excitation. Being blindfolded, the other sensations of the body intensify. The one that ties his/her partner, restricting him/her and making the partner feel vulnerable feels the pleasure of power, but of course one should not misuse this.

Funny ideas for the beginners

Tie your partner with a scarf and tease her. Afterwards, ask her do the same with you. Tie your partner with something that can easily be broken (like a thin chain) and after that ask her not to change her position in order to feel pleasure.

Blindfold your partner during sex, kisses, and erotic massage performed with scented oils. Use soft handcuffs to avoid the wrists being hurt, and large enough to avoid the blood circulation being stopped.

Tips for safety

There are some caution measures you need to take during these games, cautions that are about consensus, abuse, and insults. If you don’t feel comfortable about a certain thing, you would better not do it, as there are a lot of other things that you can do instead.

  • This game should not be tried with someone you have just met. You can’t know if he/she is trustworthy if you consider the fact that you have just met that person. No matter how charming her smile is, you need some time to get to know her.
  • Speak before trying anything. Tell her what she is allowed to do and what she isn’t allowed to do. These rules are sacred and shouldn’t be broke during the game. Choose a word before you begin, like a code, which you can use when you want your partner to stop. The active partner should stop at that moment and should release the passive one.
  • The active partner should never tie the passive partner around the neck with something that is not recommended in these types of games, to avoid wounds, choking or fatal strangulation. Gags are also dangerous.
  • If someone is tied, you shouldn’t left that person alone not just for a second. The active partner must make sure that the restricted one is comfortable, that he/she breathes normally and that there is nothing blocking the blood circulation.
  • If you have never practiced these games before, do not start directly with the practices that involve complicated and sophisticated equipment. These practices are for experts and they involve extra safety measures which you couldn’t understand.

The rule of safe sex apply here as well. Use a condom and do not consume any alcohol or hallucinogen substances because you are exposed to major risks.

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