Sharing Your Favorite Secret Habit With Her: Female Friendly Pornography

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A large portion of men hide their favorite secret habit from women. In most cases, they are afraid of how women will react. What many men don’t know, however, is that women can also appreciate and enjoy pornography – it just has to be the right kind. Are you ready to share your favorite secret habit with women and enjoy all the benefits that will ensue?

Before you do so, make sure to pay attention to this list female friendly pornography do’s and don’ts. It could mean the difference between a slap in the face, and an all-night encounter of sexual satisfaction.

Before you open the vault of pornographic enjoyment with a woman, you must have a strong sense that she is the type of woman who will enjoy it. How can you tell? Women who enjoy pornography are usual those who are comfortable with their sexuality, adventurous in bed, and open to new things. They are usually not the religious, virginal type, though you never know – the “girl next door” can sometimes be the dirtiest girl on the block!

You need to get to know a woman before you dare to share in your favorite secret habit with her. Depending on her character and personality, and the nature of your relationship, you must judge if she sold be a suitable candidate. Once it comes down to putting the pornography plan into motion there are some basic rules that you must be aware of:

Do talk about it in advance. Make sure that you are both on the same page when it comes to your interest in sex. Ask questions and pay attention to the answers. See if she brings it up, and make sure that she does not feel like you are pushing the idea on her.

Don’t make her go to the movie store instead of you!

Do make sure to ease her into to big event. In other words, don’t bust out the fourth installment of an anal adventures movie right off the bat. Begin with something soft, and work your way up.

Do some preparation in advance. Before you start throwing random movies in to play, consider all that they entail. If there is a portion a flick that you may feel is slightly excessive, she is likely to agree.

Don’t get distracted from her too much during the process. If she feels like you are more into your secret habit than you are into her, she will react badly. Also, turn off the phone and don’t answer the door. She will expect complete privacy for the evening!

Do help her get relaxed. Make sure that you have something on hand that will help like champagne, or wine, or better yet – gin.

Don’t try to make her keep watching (or participating) if she has a bad reaction to something. She may need time to settle into things, or she may have pushed herself too far beyond her comfort level.

Do respect her boundaries. Be sure she is comfortable and enjoying the moment. Don’t go trying to re-create too many adventures that you witness. She may not want to feel like she is staring in a movie all of her own.

Do encourage feedback from her. Ask her questions about what she likes and dislikes. Get to know her preferences and gauge her reactions to things. You want to make sure she feels like she is being respected.

Don’t get hung up on one thing. Even if girl on girl action is your most favorite thing in the world, don’t expect it to be hers. Explore different types of movies and try different things. This is about both of you finding out what you like.

Do ease her into props and toys. Make sure that you don’t spring a giant dildo on her before she is ready for it. If you are unsure, you can always ask. At this point, there should be little left unsaid between you.

Don’t ask her to bring a friend. Be realistic.

Do encourage her to dress up sexy. When women put something on that makes them feel sexy, they are likely to be more confident and comfortable in trying different things and enjoying them.

Don’t go telling all your friends about it. While she may be comfortable sharing your favorite secret habit with you, she is probably less likely to want everyone to know about it.

Do create a comfortable, relaxing and sexy atmosphere. If she feels like it is just another night of laying around on the couch, she will be less inclined to appreciate the adventure.

Don’t overdo it. Remember that even though you appreciate pornography and are now sharing it with a woman – you are not a porn star. Keep your ego and libido in check.

Do know when to call it a night. Pay attention to her interest level. Even if you feel like the energizer buddy, make sure that she is in the same mood.

If you play your cards right, sharing your favorite secret habit with a woman could turn into one of the best nights of your life. Just make sure not to abuse the privilege. Just because a woman is open to it once in a while, does not mean she wants to explore every side of your collection or habit. Remember that some things are best kept secret!

Generally women are less visually stimulated then men and some of them find men’s interest in pornography to be downright puzzling. Also, don’t stereotype women into “porn-friendly” or not. Some women will try anything once, others may be curious a few times a year. She will likely let you know, so pay attention.

A successful night of female friendly pornography with a woman involves picking the right moment, the right woman, and respecting the do’s and don’ts. If you are responsible about it, this might turn into an evening that neither of you will ever forget. Who knows – down the road you might find her willing to become the star of your own show, and maybe the woman of your dreams. So dream on…

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