Some Like It Rough


Believe it or not, there is something very sexy about fighting with a woman. Play fighting that is, as well as wrestling. Not the type of wrestling that involves two men in leotards scrambling around a ring. This type of wrestling involves you, a woman, and – if you are lucky – some very hot sex. If you have yet to initiate rough foreplay with a woman you are definitely missing out. However, you must understand exactly how to approach the sexy encounter. There are some general rules to follow and dangers to avoid in order to ensure that your experience is a positive one.

In most situations, foreplay involves gentle caressing, kissing, maybe even some fondling. However, if your sex life is ideal, foreplay includes a lot more than a simple make out session. In order to initiate rough foreplay you must be somewhat cautious. Not all women like it rough, and “rough” can be interpreted in a variety of ways. In order to maximize your opportunities and experiences with rough foreplay, there are four elements that you need to be aware of: playfulness, power, pleasure and perspective.

One of the most important elements of rough foreplay is playfulness. Playful tickling or touching games help to create a comfortable environment between a couple. Nothing makes a woman feel better than giggling and laughing like a little kid – so when initiating rough foreplay, remember to keep it playful and fun. Even after the tickling or touching games become wrestling or play fighting, it is always important to make sure it is all in the name of playfulness.

Another important element of rough foreplay is power. Nothing is sexier that a man who takes control of a woman physically. As long the couple are in a trusting relationship, it is an invigorating and stimulating experience. At the same time, most men like it when women put up a little fight. In the end, the man almost always wants to control and the woman almost always wants to be controlled (no matter how hard she might try to hide it). During foreplay, there are likely to be some exchanges of power back and forth. Typically, the control returns to the man before intercourse begins, but it can go either way – so don’t be shy about giving up a modicum of control once in a while. It feels great!

The third element of rough foreplay is pleasure. There is an aspect of fantasy involved in rough foreplay, and it is exciting because you never know what your partner will do next. Either of you may be acting out of character – she as a dominatrix, you as the domineering male. Take the opportunity to do things to her that are the opposite of what she expects from you and it will drive her mad! To gain even more pleasure from rough foreplay, you might ask her questions as if you didn’t already know the answers: You like it rough? You want more? You think you can handle it? She may not answer – but her silence should be taken as a “Yes!”

The final element of rough foreplay to be aware of is perspective. You need to take several things into consideration before participating in rough foreplay. As well, you need to maintain perspective on the encounter as it proceeds. First of all, make sure that you are in a trusting enough relationship – do not, for example, initiate play fighting on the first or second date. If she initiates, there is some room for leniency, but not a lot. Second of all, consider what the implications are of play fighting and wrestling – love bites, small bruises, etc. – and whether or not these battle wounds will be in obvious locations on your bodies. No matter how much you would like to go to the gym bragging about her bite marks the next day, no woman wants to go to work having to explain a large bruise as an “accident.” Also, its not the best idea to engage in rough foreplay all the time – keep it exciting by keeping it unpredictable. You also don’t want to start expending all of your energy on the playful foreplay sessions, when there is plenty of fun to be had during the main event.

So what happens after all the rough foreplay? All the fun usually translates to even more fun – hot, hot sex. How should you make the transition? Chances are, after some intimate and rambunctious foreplay, it will happen quite naturally. Otherwise, it is a pretty safe bet to start taking her clothes – maybe even as the foreplay is progressing. A dominant and submissive role might also transpire during foreplay, in which case she might start taking your clothes off, or her own. However it works, everyone wins!

Now that you understand all the important elements of rough foreplay, it is time to discuss the dangers. Number one rough foreplay danger: taking things too far. Women are more sensitive than men and it is sometimes difficult to predict or gauge their reactions. Therefore, you must be very cautious about how rough things get. If you are play fighting, avoid grabbing her sensitive areas (breasts and below the equator) – if you lucky she will do the same. Also, know what her limits are. Some couples suggest having an emergency word because during the heat of rough foreplay, “stop” or “no” can sometimes mean the opposite. Having a word that means “timeout” will help you avoid taking the roughness too far for her comfort level. Also, be careful to draw the line between rough foreplay and rough sex. Rough sex takes things to a whole other level, and fewer women are generally comfortable with rough sex.

Remember the four elements of rough foreplay and you will be well on your way to one of the greatest adventures of your life. The key is to ensure that the encounter proceeds with someone you trust, and who trusts you back. Good luck – and may the force of rough foreplay and hot sex be with you always.

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