Soul Mates: A Match Made in Heaven?

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Judging by the huge number of romance novels that sell each year, it appears as though many women have been suckered into believing the whole idea of “one true love”, hook, line and sinker. You know the scenario: a couple’s eyes meet across a crowded room and there’s an instant attraction—suddenly, she knows that she’s just met “The One”, her soul mate. Is this just a romantic fairy tale or could there be a nugget of truth here?

If you’ve got an open mind, you might just find that there’s something to this theory.

Love at first sight is a cliché, but it got to be a cliché in the first place because it actually happens. The whole concept of love at first sight stems from realization that you’ve just recognized someone you loved in a past life. But to believe this you’ve got to believe in reincarnation or none of it makes sense.

What is a Soul Mate?

First off, lets clarify that there is no one firm definition of soul mate, but generally speaking, a soul mate can be thought of as your spiritual twin, your other half who helps you reach your goals in life and teaches you some valuable lessons along the way.

A soul mate is someone we feel a deep connection with, as though a higher power has reached out and brought this person directly to you. Some will argue that this immediate sense of connection comes straight from our unconscious memories of past relationships. A soul mate is seen as someone you have loved in a past life—they might not be the only person you’ve loved in the past, but could be one of many. Just as you’ve loved many people in this life, it’s reasonable to believe that you also loved many different people in past lives too.

This possibility of have multiple soul mates certainly helps to the pressure off you this time around, since you don’t have the search the world over for your one and only.

Recognizing Your Soul Mate

Meeting someone and having a very positive attraction to them right away is a sign that this is someone you had a good relationship with and loved a lot before. Likewise, when you meet someone and immediately dislike them, this is sign of a bad past relationship—your unconscious mind is warning you to stay away from more pain.

As much as you would like to have great loving relationships in this lifetime, you can’t spend all of your time searching for lovers from the past—it’s a big, big world and no matter how hard you try, you may never re-connect with your great love from two hundred years ago!

You have to make the most of this time, so even if your relationships don’t seem to be going anywhere in this life, you could be building the foundation for a great relationship in the future. It’s up to you to create your destiny, not simply wait for it to happen to you.

Finding Your Soul Mate

Remember—what you think about, you bring about. The law of the universe says that what you focus your attention on is what you become. So, in order to find the perfect person for you, you have to focus your full attention on this goal. By concentrating on the kind of soul mate you want to find you can help bring this person to you.

So have you run screaming from the room with all this new age mumbo-jumbo? Relax and lighten up a bit. All this means is that you need to zoom in on what you really want to find in a person and begin to eliminate all the bad traits you don’t want to find. When you consciously think about what you want to have in a partner, the universe responds by giving you whatever you’ve asked for.

What could be better than finding the perfect person? Why wouldn’t you want to find someone who loves you, understands you completely and roots for you at every opportunity?

Of course, you don’t have to dwell on what you want in a soul mate 24/7, but you should set aside at least 30 minutes per week to visualize exactly what you want in a partner and then toss this request out to the universe. How do you want your soul mate to look? What characteristics would they have? Do they like to experience lots of different types of activities or are they a homebody? Finding your soul mate takes work—and you’ve got to know yourself inside and out before you can attract the right sort of person into your life.

Get the picture now? Creating your soul mate should be fun—it helps us clarify what we really want out of life. But this list could change over time, just as we are constantly changing, so will our idea of the ideal partner change too.

Why We Need Soul Mates

We naturally attract people into our lives to show us the parts of ourselves that need work. These soul mates come along to help us heal our past hurts, open us up to new possibilities of what we could become or show us what we truly want or don’t want in our lives. In effect, these different soul mates teach us that there are no mistakes in life, only opportunities to learn, grow and heal.

The entire reason for most relationships is to help you improve yourself in some way. Each relationship helps you learn and grow, enabling you to be the right kind of person—and the more right with yourself you are, the more likely you will attract the kind of person you want.

When you first meet your soul mate, this woman will seem very familiar to you, as if you already know her. You can have a wonderful relationship together, but don’t expect it to be a bed of roses—every relationship takes work. And it might not last forever—this person might come into your life for only a short time to teach you something important, and then be gone again when you’ve learned your lesson. Then you start the whole process over again and begin searching for your next soul mate. And when you find her, you’ll know.

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