Sshhhh!!! Secret Sex Is Better

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What’s better than a night of mind-blowing sex with a woman that makes you walk funny as you think about sex all the next day? A night of secret mind-blowing sex with a woman that makes you walk funny as you think about sex all the next day! This is not a trick question. Anyone who has had sex that is completely secret from any or all other people knows the exhilaration that it can add to an evening (or afternoon, or morning…) of pleasure! So what really makes secret sex so hot, and how can you be assured to get yourself some?

When you think about the concept of secret sex do you envision doing it in the supply room with a secretary? Or meeting the waitress from the bar in the back alley after work? While these are some great examples of secret sex, there are also many other ways of keeping sexy activities secret that don’t involve trying to maneuver around staplers or parked cars. Secret sex happens every time that you have sex and don’t tell anyone. Even better, secret sex remains a secret even if you hint at the occurrence of the sexy rendezvous.

Like when they ask you why you look so tired at the office in the morning and you answer only with a great big smile. Or when you take a friend to lunch and your favorite waitress winks at you, but you deny knowing her at all. The satisfaction that comes from having sex in secret is almost oozing from your pores, and even though you are dying to tell someone you know that the pleasure of the secret is much greater than the pleasure of disclosing it to others!

So how and when should you initiate secret sex, and how can you be sure to maintain secrecy around the occasion? First of all, you need a partner with the same interests in mind. This woman is not the one who will be dying to take you home to her parents, or expecting you to take her out to the movies every weekend. She is looking for a thrill of the moment as much as you are.

Many secretive sexual relationships happen by chance – maybe you get a little tipsy one night and find yourself in the closet with your friend’s little sister. Or your workout buddy teases you into the ladies locker room because she wants to take your workouts together to the next level. Whatever the occasion, your chances of kicking off a secret sexual affair increase the more you surround yourself with women – even just as companions, co-workers or friends. You never know when the desire for secret sex will strike, but your chances are always increased when you are in the presence of sexy ladies.

Depending on the circumstances under which your secret rendezvous gets started, it may or may not be understood that the encounter is to remain “underwraps.” Nevertheless, there is no harm done in pointing out to your partner that it would be way hotter to keep it a secret both this time and the next. This suggests that you had a great time and want to enjoy it all over again, but that you would like to keep it as intimate, personal and secretive as possible. Sshhhh! Secret sex is better! If she seems unconvinced, suggest that you try it as a secret at least for a little while. Chances are, she will find the exhilaration of her new secret sex life exciting and hope to continue it even longer!

Another great part of secret sex is that is can exist without concern about relationships and future plans of dating. You know that the sex is great, and it is so great that you are satisfied in just knowing that you are having it and not telling anyone about it. For many men and women, sharing the gory details of a steamy sexual encounter is one of the best parts about the encounter. However, if you get involved in a secretive sexual encounter and feel pleasure not to tell people about it, than consider yourself lucky and make a good effort to keep your mouth shut!

The longer a secretive sexual relationship goes on, the steamier it usually tends to get. Maybe the first or second times were new and exciting and wild. However, once you share the bond of sex and the secret of it, the sex is likely to get even more wild and uninhibited. This is your chance to really throw your cares and inhibitions to the wind because no one else even knows about it. You can encourage her to do the same. The kinkier the better, but beware of the size of your smile the next day at the office – people are really going to start to get suspicious of it!

The circumstances of your secret affair can, however, get more difficult over time. How long can you avoid both of each other’s houses and neighborhoods? If the effort of always planning secret meeting spots becomes tiresome, you are likely to get lazy and wind up doing it somewhere more obvious than you ever intended. In the end, it is fairly difficult to keep a secret sexual relationship completely private for an extended period of time. People know people everywhere and love to share in the juicy details of others’ live.

So unless you are committed to ensuring that your relations are secretly smart with every chance sexual encounter that you have, expect the skeletons to come out of the closet eventually! This can be either a good or bad thing, depending on your intention with your sexy secret friend down the road. Maybe once the secret is out, the magic will be gone and you will go back to being co-workers or workout buddies. On the other hand, maybe your steamy secretive sex sessions were enough to bond you together into a commited relationship – who knows what the outcome will be. Regardless, secret sex is worth the risk and remember… sshhhh! Someone night hear you!

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