Start Your Engines! How to Have Great Car Sex

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Are you trying to jump start your sex life? Maybe you’ve tried all those Kama Sutra moves and it just isn’t working for you, or your girlfriend. Perhaps it’s time you just went back to the basics in order to spice up your sex life. Think about the time in your life when you were the horniest—chances are good that it was when you were a teenager, and you weren’t getting sex as often as you wanted it.

Do you remember where you spent most of your time with a girl during your teenage years? In the backseat of your parents’ car! Think back and try to remember how exciting it was to fog up the windows and try to rip each other’s clothes off in such a confined space. So, if exotic sex positions aren’t for you, then maybe some good old fashioned high school sex is. The good news is all you need to make these positions work for you are a willing partner and a car.

The basics of car sex

Before you and your girlfriend climb into the car and drive to a Wal-mart parking lot on a Sunday afternoon, you should try to remember the basics of car sex. The major reason that teenagers have sex in cars is because they don’t have anywhere else to go for privacy. That means car sex requires some secrecy, privacy and spontaneity. A well-lit parking lot is just simply not going to cut it for hot car sex.

Because you want privacy when you and your partner are looking to do it in the car, the best way to get it is by driving to a remote area. Live in downtown LA? Well, you will have to drive out to the countryside for some much needed privacy. Once you find your spot, you can set the mood by turning the radio on to something appropriate. Marilyn Manson may get some women hot and horny, but most would prefer something gentler to have sex to.

It’s also a good idea to turn off the car engine once you’ve parked; we all know that flailing arms and legs can be dangerous, and you don’t want to accidentally shift out of park in the middle of sex. You may also want to beware of the car horn. If you managed to find a sufficiently desolate place to make out, then no one may hear you, but it will still startle the two of you when it goes off – especially if it goes off prematurely!

Front seat fun

Now, for the positions. Too many people think that because of the limited space you have in a car, you don’t have many options when it comes to sex. Well, those people are simply wrong. Step up and be creative! Here are some ideas to spice up your sex life and get your creative juices flowing.

The front seat can be fun for couples, but the console in the middle makes it difficult to utilize the entire area. And then there’s the steering wheel to contend with. No one wants that smashing up against their butt when they are having sex. Instead, try moving over to the passenger side, with the man sitting in the seat. Recline the seat back as far as it will go so that you can maximize space.

The woman should be on top because it will be easier for the both of you. She can use her legs to move up and down on your penis, while your hands are free to massage and caress her wherever she might need it. Plus, with her controlling the pace, you may end up lasting a lot longer than you were used to when you were a teenager.

Back seat boogie

If you would rather get it on in the backseat so that you don’t have to worry about the car horn or anything else, hop over and get cozy. The great part about having sex in the backseat of a car is that you have many more options when it comes to sexual positions. You can both stay in the sitting position with her on top of you, similar to what you would do in the front seat. Or, you can leave one car door open with her back down on the seat, and proceed to make love to her as though you were in a bed. Alternatively, she can stand on her hands and knees with you behind her, doing it doggie style. You success is going to depend on the size and style of your vehicle, so try out each position and find out which one works best for you.

The hood hump

This position works best if you are in a remote area with no risk of being caught by a passerby. The reason you will want more privacy for this position is because it involves you having sex on the car. A good tip for your girlfriend is to wear a skirt for easier access before you head out to the country. You’ll also want to make sure that the hood isn’t too cold or hot. A good idea is to bring a blanket to place on the hood of your car before you go at it.

Simply have your girlfriend stretch out on the hood of your car, face up. Lift her skirt and start working your magic. You can either keep your feet on the ground for traction, or you can get up higher and use the bumper to place your feet on. Either way, you should be able to thrust freely. Just make sure you don’t damage the car!

Rear window entry

The last and hottest car sex position also has you out of the car. In this one, the car is really just a prop. Here’s how it works. Open one of the back windows of the car and have your girlfriend lean into the car through the window from the outside. She’ll be positioned as though she is being searched by a police officer (this works well for role playing too).

You come up behind her, reach up her skirt and pull her panties down. You are then free to have sex with her from behind, while she is pressed up against the car. For added intensity, you can have her put only her hands through the open window then close the window partly so that she is “trapped” and cannot use her hands to resist your moves.

There you have it. Hot sexual positions for when you are in the car. Of course, this list isn’t exhausted. You should try to come up with your own positions too. Just don’t get caught by a police officer shining his light into your car to see what’s going on behind those foggy windows!

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